HeadShot Elemental Presents

Ninja Quest X

    You are a ninja. After years of oppression from the evil FlapJacks da Pirate your master has discovered a secret passage that he hopes leads to FlapJack's secret hide-out. FlapJacks has put many evil monsters in the passage, but he is careless and has left many weapons in it as well. Good Luck!

    Ninja Quest X is an addictive open source adventure game. You play a ninja in a dungeon, exploring the many passages and fighting many fearsome monsters (beware the dreaded potted plant!). Built to have the feel of a text adventure but with full graphics and a complete ninja-style look, NinjaQuestX is fairly simple, yet challenging and fun to play. It's open source java, so it runs on anything with the java 1.4.2 or above virtual machine, which is pretty much everything. If you need java, or just a java update, it's here. Download NinjaQuestX here.  If your monitor is not at least 830 tall (such as a macbook) try NinjaQuestXtraWide, which was kindly sent to us by DJB. All contributions, source code, images, ideas, and comments are welcome. Contact us any time at NinjaQuestX@gmail.com. 

Version 1.1 is Here!

We have added a map that fills in as you explore, and fixed some errors with the levl that had blocked off some rooms. NinjaQuestX now is fully compatible with Linux as well.


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Keep the "resources" folder in the same place as NinjaQuestX.jar. (Or in your home folder in Linux)  Otherwise, the universe breaks.


Download everything (zipped, 2 Mb) DOWNLOAD HERE 

The download above runs perfectly on all OSes, but apple.com really wants an app, so it's here 

IF YOUR MONITOR ISN'T 830 TALL, (macbook people) try NinjaQuestXtraWide


We've got a really weird error. On some newer machines, the words do not appear in the popups. They still work, and the words that should be in them are always added to the text output panel and the titles of the popups anyway, so you can read them there, but it's really annoying, and we can't figure it out. PLEASE HELP.