Data Recovery

Data recovery services are expensive for the client (read; victim).
Photos, documents, music libraries etc. are precious to most people, irreplaceable to some and essential to others. Data recovery companies play heavily on this fact by charging excessive prices for that which is, in reality to a computer engineer, usually a fairly straightforward task.

Put simply there is only one question to take into consideration when it comes to recovering data:
Is it a hardware or software fault?

What's the difference?
A software fault, in my opinion is anything to do with the partitioning of the drive, whether or not there are corruptions stopping the drive from booting or being able to be mounted in any common respect as well as virus damage. Anything along those lines.

A hardware fault, as you may have guessed relates to an actual physical issue with the device such as clicking, clonking, ticking noises or any of the million other 'ing's that I have been known to scream at failed drives. If the drive is not spinning up, has been dropped, submerged in a beverage of some description or had a nail through it chances are it comes into the hardware fault category.

Companies that offer professional recovery services charge an inspection fee generally in the region of £70. This is to give you a rough idea to the amount of information that can be recovered.
After paying that fee your answer may be disappointing.

If they do manage to find the information you are looking for, the price for software based data recovery starts from at least £100 and goes up depending on the time the recovery takes and the amount of information they manage to save.

Hardware based data recovery however is far worse. A market leader recently quoted one of my customers (who ended up bringing his hard drive to me with a controller board fault) between £495 and £980 based on a 160 GB laptop hard drive which he wanted his photo library saving from.
A swap of the controller board with a close to identical one got the drive running long enough to retrieve what was needed.

If you have information you would like retrieving from an old drive of any description but didn't want to fork out the ridiculous prices asked, why not send us a message? You have nothing to lose by enquiring and if we can't recommend anything to try remotely I am sure we can come to some sort of arrangement to help in person!

We offer data recovery on all types of media including but not limited to:

  • Hard drives (external or internal, SSD or standard Hard Disks)
  • Camera, mobile phone and handheld media cards (all types. SD, CF, XD, Memory Stick etc.)
  • USB Pen Drives

... basically anything that has or at some point had information on it we can attempt to recover for you, even files you deleted by accident and thought you had lost for good, there is always a chance that we can save.

Include in your message the type of media (hard drive, memory card etc.) you would like data recovering from, the problem you are having with it (software / hardware as described above), storage size of the media (80GB, 1TB etc.) and any thoughts you may have on what caused the failure.

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Look forward to helping!