Free I.T Support

Welcome to ninjITso!

Come in.
Make yourself at home.

Now that you're settled I would like to introduce you to our cozy little part of the internet... Well, I say ours, I mean Google Sites cozy part of the internet, because we are cheap gits and free stuff makes us happy, which brings me neatly to our concept...

Our Concept.
We are a couple of qualified I.T engineers looking to offer our services where necessary, for free.

Because we are bloody lovely, that's why.
All we ask in return is your gratitude and for you to spread the word when someone you know is having computer problems! Oh and maybe a little donation if you are a returning user and find our services helpful, but that's only if you really want to. If not, we don't mind at all and we will still continue to help regardless.

We are both based in the UK just north of London, but seeing as our services are primarily web based this doesn't make any difference to you whatsoever, because it means we can try to help you out no matter where in the world you are.

How? There are countless free applications out there for communicating, remotely accessing, file sharing and a plethora of other tasks. We simply take advantage of these services (whilst offering them some free advertising) to resolve your issues.
We now have a form for you to fill in which will send an email containing your contact details and your issue to us here at our Dojo (my garden shed), which we will then put into our queue and reply to as quickly as possible.
Obviously there are, at this time anyway only two of us and we have other things to do besides fix your broken stuff, like fix our own broken stuff, go to work, sharpen our ninja swords and sit around in our underwear playing computer games so please don't get upset if your query isn't answered straight away.

Okay, so I have a problem. What do I do now?
Well, after restarting your computer and checking to see if the problem is still there obviously, send us a message!
Try to include as much of the following as possible...

  • Name (If one isn't provided we will make one up for you)
  • Location (For time zone purposes)
  • Any messenger/ VOIP service account (So we can contact you in real-time - Skype, XFire, Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, GTalk)
  • Operating System / Platform if applicable (Windows version. MAC OSX Version. Linux Flavour. Router/Switch Firmware version etc.)
  • Hardware if applicable (Include model numbers, serial numbers and upgrades if you think they are relevant to your issue. Networking equipment, consoles, phones etc.)
  • Software if applicable (The programs you are having problems with if it is a software fault with version numbers if possible)
  • Your issue (Try to describe it as clearly as possible. This will help us resolve your problems quicker. Also include any links you have found to forum entries that you think relate to your issue)

That's it really!
Not that we are wishing you a broken computer, but...
 We look forward to hearing from you!


A thank you to Dawn for the excellent cartoon tutorial  :)