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                 "Tricks well mastered are called techniques. Techniques half learned are merely tricks"
             Sweat In Times of Peace, Don't Bleed In Times Of War 
Stealth Walking Help
                                                                            Practise on dogs and cats while they are sleeping or just laying around.
Maintain balance control by allowing your body weight to sink and be carried by deeply flexed knees. Remember to breathe along with your movement. Unconsciously holding your breath can produce unneeded muscle tension, and could result in release of breathe if you are startled or accidentally unbalanced. Stay alert to the entire time. Do not become so engrossed in watching your feet that you do not notice other people and elements entering the surroundings. Use all joints for movement, emphasizing fluidity through the engagement of the ankles, knees, and hips for stepping. Avoid the lazy and dangerous habit of stiffening knees and swinging the entire leg from the hip. Maintain your weight and balance on your grounded leg while you move the other leg into position to bear the weight. When absolute silence is a must, avoid distributing your weight over both legs at the same time. If practical, allow your hands to float lightly in front of and beside your torso, one arm higher and one arm lower, to detect possible obstructions before your committed body weight encounters them. Pause and hold your position if you feel that you have accidentally caused too much noise. Listen for signs that you were heard, such as the movement of others or the immediate silencing of background noise following your slip. Sink a little lower on your knees to physically relax that could normally jump into your body with alarm. Take a deep breathe and release it slowly to further relax. Continue your pause for as long as you feel is necessary to regain composure and allow possible listeners to decide they did not hear anything after all. Be as patient as possible. If speed of travel is not important, take as much time as you can. Impatience and the resultant hasty movement that it encourages are the greatest dangers to the person who must move silently without detection. Keep your movement appropriate to your surroundings. Do not go to greater lengths than necessary to conceal your movement, while at the same being aware of what others entering the area may see if they cannot hear. Total silence may not be needed when moving through wooded or densely populated areas where scattered noise is a natural part of the environment. Also be aware that low profile crawling or sliding ma be the only way to move silently without being seen in some locations.
Adapting To The Dark
Once in the darkness, the light sensitive eyes increase its sensitivity at a rapid rate. In the first 5 minutes the eye is exposed to darkness, the retina becomes 10 times more sensitive to light. Within 20 minutes the eye has become 6,000 times more sensitive to light. And after 40 minutes in darkness the eyes have reached their full potential, your eyes would be 30,000 times more sensitive to light. What takes 40 minutes to get only takes a split second to lose. So my advise is to avoid any form of light unless there is no other way to fulfill your mission. Ninjas usually spent 24 hours to get their night eyes prepared, most of the time in caves or lightless rooms.
Shadows on Structures
1.  Provided that the moon is not directly over you, one side of the structure will always be in shadow.
2.  Light coming from inside a structure can desroy shadows created by a structure outside.
3.  Smaller and shorter structures remain in shadows when eclipsed by a taller building.
4.  Small buildings produce their own shadows on sides away from another building.
5.  Any area between 2 structures will form an alley of shadows, only if the moon is not overhead and if there
     is no light coming out of the building.
6.  Overhangs produce various sized shadows while the moon is rising / setting, they produce full shadow       
     when the moon is directly overhead.
7.  Trees and large shrubs cast shadows that you can use very effectively.
                                                                                                                           Using Light as an Ally
Since you know light can destroy your night vision you can use it to your advantage. Why do you think police officers flash there light in your face repeatedly. 
Think about the temperary blindness after a camera flash. Or have you ever lite a cigarette at night and you can't see because of the light of the match/lighter for a few seconds after. Knowing how to minipulate light can greatly improve your chance of success. So next time you see someone light up a cig you know you have a few seconds to move before their vision starts to regenerate. Same goes for cars or anything. Just mess around with it and you will see how effective it really is.
Next time you have a campfire, must be at night, have a friend sit on one side of it and you go on the other in the darkness just out of the light and see if he can see you, if not, come closer until he can see you then you will know the limits of a campfire and certain lighting situations. Such as if you are outside a window that has a light on inside, if you are not in the light that is projecting out of the window, it is almost impossible to see you. Unless there is someone paying attention or looking for you. Remember to avoid light in the eyes. And if you do get hit by a light, just take your hands and ball them up so you can look through them "like binnoculars" but make the hole to look through small "so you can barely see through" and your night vision will come back faster.
And try to use Peripheral Vision alot to inhance it. A very valuable thing.
                                            Stealth Weapons Assesment  1 being lowest, 10 being loudest 
     Weapon                                  Distance                            Noise                                Advantage                                             Disadvantage
 Silenced Firearm                   contact to many yards           1-5                               Distance effieciant                         muzzle flash, spent cardrige, trace
 Bow & Arrow                                  Yards                                   1                         Cuts through bulletproof vest                  Bulky
 Crossbow                                      Yards                                 1-2                      Knockdown Power, ease of use                Bulky
 Garotte                                         Contact                                1-3                               Mutiple Methods                            contact with enemy,time to master
 Blade held                                   Contact                                1-3                                Mutliple uses                               contact with enemy
 Blade thrown                          few feet to yards                     1-5                                Distant Attack                              low impact
 Shuriken "ninja star"             contact to yards                      1-3                 Distant attack,poisoned,close combat            Non Lethal unless poisoned or hit of vital spot
 Blowgun                                        Yards                                  1-5                                 Poison Darts                                Time to master, low impact
 Stealth Rolling and Crawling                  
                                                                                                             The 8 Roll Diagram                               
Just practice doing rolls in these 8 direction as silent as possible and then start adding diving rolls in to the mix. Do it anytime you are bored it is fun training.
 Same goes for crawling, to be truley invisible I highly recommend these practices to anyone willing to seriously devote themselves to The Art of Shadows.
 I will make a few demonstration vids on this subject to those out there that just need something to see to learn. 

Ninja Tips

Making Blinding Powder
    Ingredients: Sand
                         Black Pepper
                         Cayanne Pepper and Seeds
                       <Baby Powder for more Cloud> optional
                       <Metal Shavings for permanant damage> optional
   My Stealth Shoes
      If you can't afford or find Ninja Tabi boots like me, you can purchase a pair of water shoes which work so well that I dont care to buy Tabi for functionality. You can get them at Wal-Mart for about 6 dollars, so I usually buy 2 or 3 pairs at a time. They have a none slip surface they are thin so you can feel what you are walking on, light weight and still have enough sole to not hurt your feet. And when you go out you will see how quite they are compared to tennis shoes. But still the best stealth shoe to me is black socks with a gel insole inside. Here is a pic of what to look for.
 Making Smoke Bombs                                                                                                          
Smoke Bomb Materials

  • sugar (sucrose or table sugar)
  • potassium nitrate, KNO3, also known as saltpeter (you can find this at some garden supply stores in the fertilizer section, some pharmacies carry it too)
  • skillet or pan
  • aluminum foil

        Take aluminum foil about 15" x 15" and fold 4x then bend the ends up making a small rectangular pan, thats what you put your mixture in.Then you place in pan.
  1. Pour about 3 parts potassium nitrate to 2 parts sugar into the skillet (5:3 ratio is also good). Measurements don't need to be exact, but you want more KNO3 than sugar. For example, you can use 1-1/2 cups KNO3 and 1 cup sugar. If you use equal amounts of KNO3 and sugar, your smoke bomb will be harder to light and will burn more slowly. As you approach the 5:3 KNO3:sugar ratio, you get a smoke bomb that burns more quickly.
  2. Apply low heat to the pan. Stir the mixture with a spoon using long strokes. If you see the grains of sugar starting to melt along the edges where you are stirring, remove the pan from the heat and reduce the temperature before continuing.
  3. Basically you are carmelizing sugar. The mixture will melt and become a caramel or chocolate color. Continue heating/stirring until the ingredients are liquefied. Remove from heat.
  4. Pour the liquid onto a piece of foil. You can pour a smaller amount onto a separate piece, to test the batch. You can pour the smoke bomb into any shape, onto an object, or into a mold. The shape and size will affect the burning pattern.
  5. If you aren't going to clean your skillet immediately, pour hot water into the pan to dissolve the sugar (or else it will be harder to clean). Clean up any residue you may have spilled out of the pan, unless you want mini-smoke bombs on your stovetop.
  6. Allow the smoke bomb to cool, then you can peel it off the foil.
Do not make in your house trust me I got a first degree burn on my thumb trying to get it out of the house when the stove ingnited it. It takes about 3 hours for the smoke to get out of your house also. These smoke bombs burn at a high temp. so you could very easily burn your house down.
I prefer to just buy them its alot easier and not as risky but more power to you if you want to experience making your own. These are the kind I like.  They work great.
  Ninja Clothing

 Red- Is a good color to use during sunset and night time. It works just as good as the traditional black.
 Grey- Use grey when you are in industrial type areas, lots of buildings and concrete. Also works well with fog. And very well
          at night. Grey is an underestimated color fo stealth.
 Black- Of coarse is a good color for shadows and any dark areas. 
 Blue- Blue works well when the moon is out, even full. You can even wear it in the day in the canopy of trees or on buildings tops
          with the sky behind you. Good underwater color also. 
                                                                          White- White is really good during winter months were there is snow. Good with buildings. And also works well with the sky behind you.
                                                                          Brown- Good in desert regions and anywhere there is standing dirt. Also works well at night and with some buildings.
                                                                                        Also really effective in the fall season.
 Stealth Techniques
       Walking in the wind-  This one is simple all you have to do is move when the wind picks up and starts rustling the plant life, wind chimes, etc. And at the right moment
                                            move to your next destination you don't really have to worry about making noise but just the same be stealthy and aware of 
                                            the movements of your body as well as the movements of your surroundings.
       Walking with the rain- It is the same principle as walking in wind. But with rain you have to make sure your footing is secure and that you don't make
                                            any unnatural splashes. Since the rain covers your sound you have to think that it also covers the sound of a potential enemy.
       Walking with sound- All these techniques cover the same principle but there are just more examples and curcumstances to each. Say you are stealthing
                                           through a neighborhood when a car passes, that gives you noise coverage so you can pass unheard. When a dog barks in the distance
                                           another opening the pass unheard. People on cell phones are so enthrawled in their conversation they wouldn't even notice unusual
                                           sounds. Ninja even used to feed crickets a kind of grain to make them chirp longer without stopping. The ninja carried the cricket in
                                           a type of canister so he could use it to cover sound and so no one would suspect anything out of the ordinary since crickets are everywhere.
  Ninja Survival Tricks 
      An accurate way, of determining direction was by the use of the sun and 3 sticks. This method accurately determines True North. The Ninja found a fairly clear area that wasn't overgrown with trees. Then he found a stick that was about a 12" and 2 twigs whose length didn't matter. The Ninja drove the foot long stick into the ground and observed the shadow cast by it and then placed one of the twigs on the ground, at the end of the shadow. He then waited about 15 minutes for the shadow to move and placed the other twig at the end of the shadow's new location. The Ninja then placed his right foot on the first twig and his second foot on the second twig and the Ninja was now facing True North.

Even the Ninja had to rest from time to time and one of the best places to hide was in the tops of the trees. Since Ninja wore an exceptionally long sash, he was able to climb to the thick upper branches of a tree and then tie his sash from limb to limb like a "spider web" pattern, creating a hammock to rest in and to watch for approaching enemies. Ninja also used to lie underground for long periods of time completely covered breathing through a reed. They would dig the hole with there Kunai which served as a good shovel, and also as a weapon. 

Since the Ninja had to survive in nature, they became a trained naturalist capable of distinguishing edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, trapping, preparing and cooking animals, building shelter, finding water, and making fire. I will go over these subjects.
Ninja Poison
Nicotine I don't think was used to much by the ninja but it is worth mentioning for sure, if prepared in a high enough dose it would cause certain death. A lethal dose of nicotine is anywhere from 40 - 60mg depending on the person, the average cigarette's tobacco alone contains about 20mg.
Preperation for pure Nicotine:

           1. Buy tobacco [cheap cigarettes or a pouch of pipe tobacco]                   

           2. put tobacco in a jar [pyrex heatable container]

           3. add an equal amount of rubbing or distilled alcohol preferably over 100 proof.

           4. simmer and stir until it looks like coca-cola colored.

           5. strain tobacco mixture out into another pyrex dish.

                                                                6. if you want it to become more potent, keep using the same liquid for about 3 batches.

                                                                7. After the potency you want is acheived, strain and keep in another dish.

                                                                8. After washing your heatable container, boil off all the excess liquid until a semi thick syrup remains.

                                                                9. that's pure nicotine.

                                                              10.note: tasteless in coffee and other heavy beverages. 2 drops, maybe 3 will kill someone.

One of the organic poisons used was made from common fruit. Cyanide was extracted from a variety of sources, such as apple seeds, plum seeds, cherries seeds and many more. It was readily available to the ninja and was used often.
 Preperation for Cyanide 
                                             mortar and pestle or similar grinding device. 
                                             bottle with cap
                                             lots of leaves and seeds from a cherry tree
                                             Take home as much as you can
                                                  1. Grind the seeds and leaves to a pulp!!
                                                  2. They should smell strongly acrid bitter
                                                  3. Then mix with water about 1 cup pulp to 2 cups water. put it in the bottle. Cap it and let it sit for days
                                                  4. Until the water is brown and smells far worse than it did originally
                                                  5. Now take the pulpy mush and filter it in a disposable filter like a coffee filter.
                                                  6. Throw the mush away and take the brown water now you have cyanide!
Tomato and rhubarb leaves also held a poison. Eating the leaves cause cardiac problems, ultimately resulting in cardiac arrest. 

           Amanita Phalloides 
 The amanita phalloides  is a                                                                                                                                
 deadly mushroom. The poison
 in this mushroom is 10 times
 more powerful than that of
 cyanide. Eating this mushroom, 
 death is certain, and it can be 
 easy to slip a piece of the 
 mushroom in almost any meal.                               

Ninja Tips - Making Shuriken

Here is an instructional video for making the most
common Shuriken. Be creative, you can make different
designs than just the one you see in this video.
 Shuriken 手裏剣 is a traditional japanese concealed
 weapon that were generally used by Ninja for throwing, and
 sometimes stabbing or slashing. They are sharpened hand-held blades
 made from a variety of everyday items such as needles, nails, and knives,
 and other flat plates of metal. The art of wielding the shuriken is known as
 shuriken-jutsu, the shuriken took many different shapes and designs during
 the time that they were used. Bo-Shuriken were constructed from a wide
 variety of commonly used everyday items, and thus there are many shapes
 and sizes. Some derive their name from the materials they were fashioned from,
 such as kugi-gata (nail form), hari-gata (needle form) and tanto-gata (knife form).

Me Throwing Shuriken

The video containing me throwing Shuriken is to the left
  This video demonstrates the no spin technique with Double pointed
Bo-Shuriken, single pointed Bo-Shuriken and the "ninja star" that I made in the video above . I really hope this info is useful. A good source to learn how to throw no spin is from Houzan Suzuki's youtube page which is listed above this video.
This is an Instructional vid for making a blowgun that is capable of shooting around a 90 degree angle, accuratly. It is my own design,

Ninja Tip How to make a blowgun

you can make it collapsible or solid.
I also demonstrate how to make  a collapsible underwater breathing tube. Which can also be used as a blowgun.
It is a convieneant design for the use by Ninja. It comes apart to 3 to 4 small pieces that can be quickly put back together for use.
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Salvia divinorum, Kratom, San Pedro Cactus and more
Salvia divinorum, Kratom, San Pedro Cactus and more
         This link has information on some herbs that can help you relax and make it much easier to gain a since of ones self.  You can even order them off this same link website, if you are a serious spiritualist check out Salvia Divinorum.