Essay Structure Guide

When working on an academic essay, you are not only supposed to present unique arguments to support your thesis. You should also need to stick to a coherent structure and demonstrate your ideas in a particular order that complies with the standards of academic essay writing.

Although the structure of your essay will mainly depend upon the focus of your thesis, there are still some standardized structuring guidelines you should take into consideration.

1. Answer the main questions

The main question students have on their minds when faced with a challenging assignment is “how will I ever write my essay?” That’s not the question you should be thinking about. Instead, you should think of the questions that your essay should answer: what, how, and why!

First of all, you should explain what you are going to talk about. Demonstrate your thesis and prove that it’s right by supporting it with strong evidence. This is the most important part of your paper, but shouldn’t take more than a third of the entire content volume.

The next question to answer is how your thesis stands up to the opposing arguments. How do the materials you present affect your claims? Finally, you should explain why the reader should be interested in your claims. Why is your paper significant and what makes it worthy of consideration?

2. Map out the structure

When writing an essay, you should anticipate what your reader is interested to know and map out the structure according to that anticipation. That will enable you to plan your ideas and come up with a preliminary essay structure you will stick to. The essay map will enable you to understand where your arguments need backup information, cited sources and counterarguments.

The outline you make will preserve the main focus of the discussion and enable you to naturally progress towards the conclusion. The map is flexible and you can adjust it along the way.

3. Know when you’re in trouble!

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