Nov 20


In forty years only rich people will eat fish.
I wonder how they will achieve this, the refusal
of stick plus twine plus feathered lure.  Perhaps
a law will be passed and communicated by sonar,
explaining the new dictum to the victims, that they
should hold out for something better, don't give away the milk, that sort of thing.  Fish abstinence.  I like that. 

But then, of course, the preference would be that the fish don't abstain, that they fuck like mad but only
off the coast of Aruba, far enough from shore to count the dollar signs on the hulls of boats.  That instead of thinning down the schools to tutorials they simply move to a privatized system, localized to introduce young fish to just the right sort of death.

And the fish would be bred into MBA programs and Suburbans
and neuroses about their mothers
until they don't look act fish anymore, and instead
of responding to the agony of worms with lust,
they sell their stock options to Whole Foods
and die docile on the hardwood cutting boards of their masters.