Dec 3

At the Zoo


 Suddenly, unexpectedly, Maya starts crying

in front of the Komodo dragon enclosure. Things

had been going so well--the hide and seek, making

sushi--it seemed like we had figured kids out.  

Exhausting, sure, but easy to fool and drag around

by their eyes, keep the "what's this?"  "what's this?"

question marks hanging in front of their faces.

And now she shuts her eyes so tightly against my leg

I know they can't make sense of anything.  Her hair

transforms into a million inscrutable lines we haven't crossed.

Later, she'll stand on the shower and watch Sibley shave his face,

asking questions, pointing, "what's this?"ing all the clippings

into the sink.  But for now she is another tortoise forced on display,

in her red nylon shell, fists closed for discussion.