Dec 10

Three Messages



Hi, Carol!  It’s us.  We’re headed

somewhere you wouldn’t want to go.

It’s okay, sure, I’d prefer it, but it’s

not in your direction.  Full steam ahead,

dear, on your way—enjoy!  Enjoy!


Carol, we’ve changed our ways.  That

other place wasn’t all we’d hoped—they’d

sold out the good stuff, just a plastic

reindeer and a SOLD sign left, no fake

snow, no smiles.  We’re coming your way;

in fact, we’re already there, waiting for you

with hot chocolate and those good raspberry

cookies from the farm.


Carol, I’m sorry to be calling you like this.

Probably you’re already somewhere, doing

the thing you planned on, the plan you stuck

to like old carpet glue.  But we’re out of here,

going somewhere we’ve never been.  I don’t

know the way.  Stay where you are, switch on

the lights.  If we’re lost we’ll say it was part

of the route.  Don’t call us; we’re out.