Webb Schools Yearbook

El Espejo 2010

Welcome!  This is an informal page where I will post backup copies of parent information and emails.

Copy of September 6 email  introduction, information about portraits and parent ads.  Ad deadline is out-of-date in this message:  early-bird deadline is really December 3.

Dedication Ad Update Message sent October 5, announcing Early-Bird Dedication Ad Deadline December 3

October Break reminders, about ads, baby pictures, and portrait proofs, October 14.  Two parents replied to this message by ordering color ads (I love it when that happens!), so I've updated that statistic to 13.

November 1 Questions/Answers/Reminders—one month till early-bird deadline for Parent Dedication Ads.

Virtual Yearbook Access—see 2009 yearbook online

Last year's Parent Dedication Ads—learn from them!

Senior portrait photographer:  Julie Weaver