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I appreciate your taking a moment to visit my fact page.  I am a freelance writer with over four years of experience creating clean, accurate copy for online and print clients.  My blog, The Herb Gardener, was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal's, Blog Watch column, where it was showcased for its thrifty and useful information.


I provide original, quality work that is written in a professional but conversational style. My assignments are delivered on deadline and are thoroughly researched and complete.


I have included a bit about my background on these pages, together with some useful clips.  I've written for a variety of  industries, so if you don't see a representative sample, please ask.  I can usually find something appropriate to show you.


I realize that your project is important.  If I do a good job, chances are that my good work will reflect on you, your company, and your product.  I want your business today, but I also want to participate in your future projects, so your needs are my needs. 


With that in mind, I plan on doing the very best job possible.  That means listening to your instructions, following up regularly, and double checking my work. 


I make every effort to stay available to answer your questions, give you a status report, or change gears when the job calls for it. 


Thank you for your interest. I hope we can work together soon.


 Sara Elliott


Thank you for your interest.