Classroom Ideas

·         Vocabulary – have students tweet a sentence using a particular vocabulary word.

·         ESL – find a word in the school that you don’t know, look it up, and tweet the definition

·         Source Evaluation – have students find and tweet a source that they find concerning a certain topic, including why they think it is a good source or a bad source of information.  Other students could reply with comments

·         Collaborative Q&A – While students are working independently (on a project, a translation, classwork, etc), have students tweet their questions.  Other students can respond, in addition to you responding – they can help each other to learn.  This could also work for Q&A during a lesson or presentation

·         Response to a prompt – The teacher can post a prompt, and students can respond

·         Debates – Have a lively online debate running – this can allow multiple classes to communicate, or even people from around the world

·         Turning in online assignments – students can post the link to their goanimate project, google website, wordle, google doc, or any online assignment.

·         Overview – In the last few minutes of class, students can tweet what they learned in class that day.

·         Scavenger hunt – students can tweet items you want them to find online or in the real world

·         Articles – Have students read an article over a topic of your choice or theirs, and tweet a short summary with a link to the article

·         Poetry – Students can tweet a haiku or other short poem to express their feeling about a subject

·         Tweet a picture or video – have students take or find a picture of something (remind them of copyright), for example, post a picture of a simple machine, write a funny caption for a picture, write a poem about a picture from the news, post a video of someone signing a phrase you taught them, post a video of a conversation you had in a foreign language, post a video of you singing a song or playing an instrument, post a map that the student created, post a video of a speech you made, etc

·         Book review – write a mini book review over a book, article, or even a chapter they read.

·         Grammar – Tweet in past tense, tweet a run-on sentence, tweet a compound sentence, tweet a sentence with a prepositional phrase, etc

·         Character tweets – Tweet what you think a historical figure or fictional character might have tweeted at a certain moment in history or moment in the plot