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Here is a list of companies that do research in the areas of robotics, control & automation, aerospace and defence (in alphabetical order).

3 Phoenix
5D Robotics
Astrium (space flight)
Dauria Aerospace (small sats)
Evolution Robotics (part of iRobot now)
Excalibur Almaz (space flight)
Exelis Inc (C4ISR)
GeoEye (satellite imagery)
Gostai (personal robotics)

Maryland Aerospace Masten (launch vehicles)
Oceaneering (underwater Robotics)
Optimal Synthesis Inc.

Paragon Space Development (Human space flight)
Spaceflight Services (launch services)
Tyvak (nano-satellite systems)
United Technologies Aerospace Systems (previously Goodrich & Hamilton Sundstrand)
UP Aerospace Inc. (space launch services)
U.S. Space (commercial space)
ViviSat (On-orbit servicing)