I aan Assistant Professor of Business Informatics and Health Informatics in the College of Business at Idaho State University, where I serve as ISU's Graduate Advisor of Health Informatics. I received my Ph.D. in Business Administration with an emphasis on Information Technology from The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). I also hold an MBA and a B.Sc. in Computer (Software) Engineering. Before joining the Ph.D. program at UTSA, I worked as an IT management consultant in the banking industry where I got involved in various IT projects ranging from business process management to IT outsourcing and enterprise systems implementation.

My current research primarily focuses on the innovative applications of information technology in the healthcare context. More specifically, I examine the behavioral, organizational, and design aspects of patient-centered e-health applications such as virtual health communities, physician-rating websites, and patient portals. In my research, I also seek to understand how healthcare providers can effectively utilize health analytics, business intelligence, GIS, and health information exchange tools and technologies to improve the quality of care that patients receive while lowering costs and enhancing patient and clinician satisfaction. My research has been presented at different conferences and published in such peer-reviewed journals as the International Journal of Information Management, Health and Technology, and Communications of the Association for Information Systems, among others. I have also authored a book chapter on 'Social Media in Health Care'.

My teaching goals are to provide my students with the state-of-the-art knowledge of information systems, foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, and promote a collaborative learning environment in the classes that I teach. I am interested in teaching a variety of courses in different areas ranging from database design and implementation and application development to health informatics and data analytics.

This website contains my curriculum vitae as well as additional information on my academic research and teaching agenda. If you would like to reach me or have any questions, please contact me at kordnima@isu.edu.