Nima Aghaee

Embedded Systems at Qamcom

Contact Information

Personal: nima_ag[at] 
              (+46) 76 081 2771

Office:     nima.aghaee[at] 
              (+46) 70 43 42 708


PhD in Computer Systems, CUGSLinköping University
MAS in Embedded Systems Design, ALaRI Institure, Switzerland
MSc in Electronics EngineeringTarbiat Modares University, Tehran
BS in Electronics EngineeringShahid Beheshti University, Tehran


2017 Embedded Systems Engineer, Qamcom Research and Technology
2016 Embedded Systems Engineer, R&D, Guideline Geo AB
2011 PhD Student, ESLAB, Linkoping University
2010 Research Assistant, ESLAB, Linkoping University
2008 Embedded Designer, Rasa
2008 Teacher, Azad University


PhD thesis is available here (link).

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