Work Experience
    • (January 2011 - current): Unitec
      Lecturer & Programme Leader, Dept of Computing & Information Technology
    • (October 2008 - December 2010): CSIRO
      Postdoctoral Fellow - Investigating the effect of social media, persuasive and personalisation techniques on influencing user behaviour and encouraging sustained participation with diet and lifestyle applications. 
    • (January 2007 - September 2008): SunGard Systems Ltd
      Software Engineer - Responsible for designing and implementing financial software solutions (in .NET) for the Financial Services Industry
    • (March 2006 - October 2006): Telecom New Zealand Ltd
      GUI Programmer: Responsible for designing and implementing a Graphical User Interface (in Java Swing) for an advanced xDSL Simulation Tool
    • (November 2002 - December 2006): Network Security Group
      Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering. Research Assistant: working on a summer project (Network Traffic Generator Load Balancing and Adaptive Firewall Testbeds). I have worked on generating TCP traffic [HTTP, SMTP, DNS, FTP] using UNIX sockets, developing software for tcpdump packet injection and packet modification, creating a NAT-based source distribution module and security performance of IEEE 802.11g/11i wireless networks.
    • (December 2003 - March 2004): Tait Electronics Ltd
      Group Research. Design Engineer: The channel estimation problem is well established for digital radio systems, but becomes more critical in multi-channel wireless systems, especially those that suffer from time and frequency selective fading. I designed and implemented two complementary non-linear techniques for complexity reduction (adapted from the audio processing field) and applied them to typical training-based approaches to channel equalisation. The two approaches were Cacheing and Pulse-Excitation techniques.
    • (November 2001 - February 2002): Intelligent Computer Tutoring Group
      Department of Computer Science. Research Assistant: Assisted with SQL-Tutor, a knowledge-based teaching system, which supports students learning SQL. It is using a constraint-based modelling approach to adapt to the needs and learning abilities of individual students. I was working on the Test-system (writing new test cases and generating reports that contained the suspicious constraints), documentation of the existing codes, and adding new Databases and Queries to the system.
    • (April 2001 - March 2002): Unitutor Limited
      University of Canterbury Private tutor of Cosc121: Programming with JAVA and Math115: Discrete Mathematics


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