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#3 (270578) charles 0 [2003-06-24 16:24:22]

NTropy: it isn't just today; I've had to leave the block in place for a couple of weeks, because these STALKERS are being incredibly ... uh ... persistent. (Read: obsessed.)

#43 (817109) charles 0 [2004-07-01 14:55:58]

RepJ: yes, that site is run by one of my more idiotic and persistent STALKERS.

#47 (825474) charles 0 [2004-07-07 07:22:10]

Over at Drezner's site, we now have one of my STALKERS posting hateful comments, pretending to be an LGF fan. Such lovely, civil people.

#70 (825497) charles 0 [2004-07-07 09:18:16]

The LGF STALKERS are having a field day in Drezner's comments, pretending to be LGF fans and posting deliberately over-the-top comments -- a perfect example of the kind of sick, obsessive hatred coming from so much of the left.

This is why we now have registration here.

#31 (918078) charles 0 [2004-08-24 16:41:56]

SoCalJustice wrote:

And Charles, do you have a link with a pricelist for your design services?

Or is that not something that can/should be publicly accessible?

I had to remove our portfolio from the site because our STALKERS were harassing our clients through email. (But in spite of this crap, we actually have more design work than ever. Too much, in fact.)

#244 (1237847) charles 0 [2004-12-19 11:02:46]

Over at Iraq The Model, one of the LGF STALKERS using the name 'The Insider' is spreading outright lies, saying I posted photos of Omar and Mohammed -- which, of course, I never did.

#416 (1238019) charles 0 [2004-12-19 16:14:58]

zulubaby: where is that list from? (I'm almost afraid to ask...)

(BTW, over at Iraq the Model, the inevitable internet STALKERS who show up in any discussion that involves LGF (even peripherally) are showing their true colors with some really disgusting comments.)

#63 (1412206) charles 0 [2005-02-27 07:38:45]

Well, the other obsessed STALKERS have now shown up at Jerry's blog. It's an LGF-hating feeding frenzy over there.

#86 (1412229) charles 0 [2005-02-27 10:12:02]

Man. The STALKERS are really letting it all hang out over there. I think I'll email Jerry Brown and ask him for some of their IP addresses.

#44 (1530081) charles 0 [2005-04-10 10:05:53]

He's allowed several more comments from STALKERS.

#340 (1555682) charles 0 [2005-04-19 13:10:23]

The name-stealers and anonymous STALKERS are now showing up here, as I expected when I posted this item.

#841 (1669072) charles 0 [2005-05-27 06:44:01]

I have to admit, I love it when the STALKERS at that 'rabid racist' site get me so wrong, so consistently. They can spin a whole grand unified theory out of one offhand comment; they're so crazy, and so obsessed, it's actually a bit amazing.

(Psst. I have no plans to shut down comments, but I was serious when I said I'd prefer that people avoid indulging in 'extreme venting' and blue-on-blue pissing matches -- and this is, of course, the same position I've always had. It's the reason for the 'LGF Prayer'.)

#142 (1685134) charles 0 [2005-06-02 16:17:37]

Luckily, I managed to register my name at Typekey before the STALKERS figured it out, so ... yes, those are my comments at Roger's site.

#127 (2052228) charles 0 [2005-09-23 07:06:52]

Brain-Washed Sheeple: I did not post that comment. That was one of my STALKERS.

#48 (3593177) charles 0 [2007-02-25 14:23:35]

By the way, see the update above. Blogspot does have one tool to get malicious STALKERS like this stopped.

#210 (3593339) charles 0 [2007-02-25 15:40:06]

When I say the STALKERS have been running that blog for years, I'm not kidding.

#90 (3610558) charles 0 [2007-03-03 15:17:56]

Never mind - I get it, Ace of Spades HQ.

Aren't lefties wonderful? That's such a great tactic, to post as me. So imaginative.

It's going to backfire, though. I hope these creeps continue.

Please, STALKERS--do post comments under my name, at as many righty blogs as you can. It's a great idea!

#16 (3712367) charles 0 [2007-04-09 18:33:38]

Well, there really is a serious bandwidth concern; that's the main reason for this change. But a positive side effect is that it also keeps out the anonymous STALKERS on cherry-picking missions. Now they'll have to work for it.

#63 (3817565) charles 0 [2007-05-19 11:06:54]

By the way, LGF's anonymous STALKERS also love to post at PetitionsOnline. It'll be interesting to see how quickly the first one turns up there.

#234 (4346931) charles 4 [2007-10-10 17:46:09]

re: #230 Ziggy

re: #222 Charles

Sorry, I was trying to make apoint about how wrong those words are. I'll be more carfeul in the future.

I understand your point, I just want to be very clear. I've banned people for using racial/religious slurs, and some of them have turned into STALKERS as a result.

And I don't think America needs to do anything to prove that we welcome Muslims who aren't Islamic supremacists. The simple fact is that we are still accepting Muslim immigrants, even from countries that sponsor terrorism, and they have a world of opportunities here that they couldn't even dream of in their home countries.

That's enough of a good will gesture. This Empire State Building nonsense is pandering appeasement.

#681 (4350880) charles 2 [2007-10-11 15:55:07]

re: #668 zombie

re: #652 Charles

And I agree, she should stop doing this -- but how else will she keep getting on the New York Times bestseller list?
The brouhaha derives from the Left's misapprehension that Ann Coulter is an heroic icon of the Right; by bashing her, they think they're bashing one of our ideological leaders.

The problem with that theory is that Coulter (what little I know of her) seems to be pretty much a paleo-con. And paleo-cons are last century's news. The voting bloc that will decide the next election (as it decided the 2004 election) are the nameless, leaderless '9/11 neocons' of this nation, best exemplified by LGF minions. We may be only 5% of the electorate, but we're in the political 'sweet spot': we're the swing vote. And the MSM certainly isn't going to convince me to vote for Hillary by showing me me that Ann Coulter is a jerk. I couldn't care less about the Ann Coulters of this world.

Another key trait of the 'LGF voting bloc' is that we focus on the message, not on any particular messenger. So tearing down the reputation of someone the Left thinks is our 'hero' has no effect whatsoever on our beliefs.

I agree. Ann Coulter is no 'hero' of mine and I'm not 'defending' her remarks -- although I'm certain it's going to be portrayed that way by LGF enemies and STALKERS.

But search my posts for 'Ann Coulter,' and you'll discover that in 6 and a half years, there are 15 posts total that mention her - and in most of them, she's mentioned peripherally, not the subject of the post.

The proper way to handle a self-promoting buffoon who says offensive things on purpose to sell product is to ignore them as much as possible.

Media Matters, on the other hand, has a vested interest in drumming up as much outrage as possible -- and as I wrote above, I'm not interested in being jerked around by them.

#299 (4411169) charles 29 [2007-10-24 13:20:05]

By the way, I see that the STALKERS at lgfwatch are 'applauding' my stance on this issue.

Since I know you're reading these comments, lgfwatch creeps, here's a message that I've carefully crafted just for you:

Fuck you.

#529 (4417382) charles 7 [2007-10-25 22:09:42]

The lgfwatch STALKERS are gibbering and drooling and gloating over all this, naturally.

#142 (4515552) charles 5 [2007-11-23 11:34:38]

I see that a commenter at GoV is still insisting that Ed was banned for a comment he left at LGF -- that's simply not true. As I've said before, Ed was banned when I learned that he was copying and pasting my comments at gcp, so all the creepy STALKERS could make fun of them. In other words, he was banned for being a two-faced backstabber.

#128 (4819475) charles 0 [2008-02-03 09:58:10]

re: #117 zombie

re: #111 vxbush

the address maps to the first machine, accb4893, does map to, so it doesn't seem to be a faked header.

So -- he has a real aol account. Is there any way to get further back on the trace to his home computer, behind the AOL server?

Nope, that's as far as you'll get without a subpoena to AOL's lawyers. AOL is a favorite of weirdos and STALKERS because the whole network is proxy-based.

#253 (4969522) charles 3 [2008-03-08 18:40:13]

re: #247 Thanos

You sure it's not Ed? Note the 'Chuck'...

This is a common characteristic of my STALKERS -- they think calling me 'Chuck' or 'Chuckie' is a devastating rebuttal.

#71 (5420525) charles 2 [2008-06-10 18:09:01]

I'm curious to see how long it takes the STALKERS to show in the comments at Dave Johnson's site.

#526 (5421265) charles 5 [2008-06-10 20:26:18]

Hi STALKERS! Doesn't it bother you that you're so sadly, boringly predictable?

#2 (5439117) charles 6 [2008-06-13 18:51:36]

As I predicted - the STALKERS simply re-registered and went right back at it.

#143 (5439302) charles 4 [2008-06-13 19:32:01]

If there isn't money behind the STALKERS, they're even crazier than I thought.

#37 (5442791) charles 1 [2008-06-14 14:59:04]

re: #35 Sharmuta

I thought they were just a stalker site.

The banned commenter he's talking about was one of the DL STALKERS; as usual they only have part of the story.

#184 (6274377) charles 2 [2008-11-23 18:38:16]

re: #152 zombie


Certain banned LGFers are now dropping by my VI Day post at zomblog, continuing to act like obsessed STALKERS, in addition to spinning the usual leftist stupidity.

I don't have time for this.

What makes a stalker? What mental dysfunction could cause someone to glom on to an idol in a grotesque love/hate parasitic relationship, like a noxious limpet? (I'm talking about their Charles-centric dementia; I'm only being harrassed because I'm serving as a stand-in, someone who still has mana from the great despised/worshipped leader.)

Very disturbing.

Weird, ain't it?

#104 (6335059) charles 4 [2008-12-07 10:18:43]

re: #63 ornery elephant


The video link in 'Videos' under the title of 'Secret Translation of Obama Acceptance Speech' has been pulled. If you can, please remove that link so Lizards aren't going to a dead link. Thanks.

It's deleted, and links to that site are not allowed any more. That was disgusting. And the blog has links to LGF STALKERS and fascists. Are you going to say you didn't notice that?

#411 (6695715) charles 29 [2009-02-11 22:42:20]

It's kind of amazing to me that the people making excuses for this are willing to completely ignore the VICIOUS nature of Spencer's posts about me, the fact that he links to several openly fascist bloggers (e.g. Brussels Journal, who recently came out and endorsed the neo-Nazi British National Party), and even posts comments at sites that are run by deranged STALKERS who have stolen my copyrighted work and registered multiple sock puppets to post obnoxiously hateful comments at LGF.

I'm sorry. My supply of 'benefit of the doubt' is all gone.

#67 (6958435) charles 7 [2009-03-30 20:59:50]

re: #58 Basho

Try here is you don't want to establish your own account:

And a note to STALKERS: see what happens if you try to use bugmenot to sneak into LGF.

#2 (6992044) charles 24 [2009-04-05 20:20:17]

And no, I am not a pot smoker. Sorry, STALKERS.

#199 (7010502) charles 7 [2009-04-08 17:14:57]

re: #193 Zimriel

I think someone we know may have posted Anon 4:18PM... it might be good for some lulz to compare IPs.

Isn't that nice? The STALKERS show up at Amit Ghate's blog!

I live inside their heads. I put in a nice sofa set, and a 47' flat screen TV. And I watch science shows all day long.

#348 (7010511) charles 7 [2009-04-08 17:17:17]

The STALKERS are now showing up in the comments for Amit Ghate's blog, including Richard L. Kent, Esq., world's angriest young earth creationist weirdo.

#537 (7015725) charles 13 [2009-04-09 16:16:03]

By the way, I know who posted that back-biting comment over at Amit Ghate's site, and this person is no longer welcome to keep using my website while posting two-faced messages slamming me in the company of deranged STALKERS.

#319 (7133239) charles 14 [2009-05-03 19:45:11]

The STALKERS are ranting away again! Hey, that didn't take long.

Proving once again that I've moved into their heads, set up my living room furniture, taken a shower in their hippocampus, and totally, completely owned their every waking and sleeping moment.

Does it get any better than this?

#138 (7136630) charles 3 [2009-05-04 15:30:25]

Melanie Phillips says I'm 'unhealthily obsessed with ID and creationism,' then proceeds to write more than 2,000 words explaining ... well, nothing, really. She's deeply confused about the meaning of 'science,' and equates the acceptance of evolution with 'intellectual fascism.'


Looks like I hit a nerve.

(And of course, the STALKERS are already showing up in the comments.)

#363 (7136978) charles 5 [2009-05-04 16:47:37]

Now I'm trying to decide whether to answer Melanie Phillips' latest 2,000-word rant at me.

All I could do is reiterate the points I made in my first post, since she doesn't really answer either one: 1) ID is not science, and 2) ID is simply creationism with a cheap suit.

Think I'll let it simmer for a little bit and see how many STALKERS pick up on it. (I'm betting all of them will, since I own their brains.)

#34 (7138744) charles 6 [2009-05-04 22:55:47]

Also some of the usual STALKERS, of course.

#776 (7147030) charles 16 [2009-05-06 17:38:55]

Just for the record, Bruce Bawer emailed me about his post, before I put anything up here at LGF. I didn't go out searching for it, as certain STALKERS are raving about -- Bruce wanted me to know about it.

Also for the record, people who have their accounts blocked, and then send me hate mail immediately, get put on the IP block list.

#417 (7158710) charles 8 [2009-05-09 18:09:30]

re: #416 taxfreekiller

well on these STALKERS types, if they are looking for stuff

give them huge amounts, add some real bad 'computer viruses' to the links they down load from here...?

can that be done?

No, and I wouldn't even if I could.

#432 (7158729) charles 6 [2009-05-09 18:16:27]

re: #430 Honorary Yooper

However, the STALKERS over there seem to believe you have the power to put malware on their computers. They are delusional.

They don't really believe that -- it was just another evil-minded attempt to put a smear out there on the internet.

#454 (7158796) charles 6 [2009-05-09 18:50:54]

At 'Defending the Defensible,' the STALKERS are showing up in force -- as they always do, whenever I post a link to a blog that defends LGF.

#454 (7185032) charles 3 [2009-05-16 17:46:47]

One of my wonderful STALKERS signed me up to Randall Terry's 'Operation Rescue' mailing list today. Isn't that special?

Meanwhile, Afton just keeps on keepin' on.

#1257 (7205530) charles 2 [2009-05-21 13:47:23]

re: #1256 Jimmah

I've stuck around and what I've seen is that 'our dear friend' who feels more comfortable posting on that disgusting hate site than she does here has been blocked.

I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. When someone with an LGF account begins posting comments at a site run by STALKERS and psychos, I want to know about it.

#164 (7243894) charles 3 [2009-05-30 16:55:22]

See the update. The STALKERS are starting to show up now at Defenseman's blog, and making the usual dishonest claims.

#165 (7243906) charles 4 [2009-05-30 16:58:09]

re: #163 Sharmuta

gclaghorn gave me up dings for almost everything they ever saw me say. I found it odd, but just so the STALKERS know- at the time gclaghorn seemed to have no problem with me. What a fake, disingenuous suck up.

'gclagorn,' by the way, shares an IP address with 'm' (real name: Michelle Cobb), one of the administrators of the stalker blog.

#391 (7243941) charles 8 [2009-05-30 17:07:32]

re: #381 realwest

Yeah they don't - I know you and Mandy and Killgore have all been nicjacked - at that blog and others that you've reported, but STALKERS by their very nature are lower than whale feces on the ocean floor. I was talking about the owner of the blog!

I can't say why the owner of a blog won't clean up abuse -- that's their problem. But I will say that I removed Ace from my blogroll and RSS feeds, after I saw the sheer disgusting hatred he was allowing to be posted, in attacks against me. I'm really disappointed in Ace -- I've thrown him a lot of links over the years, and helped him out when he had a disagreement with PJ Media, and he responded by allowing ugly, sick personal attacks on me at his blog.

#138 (7262980) charles 2 [2009-06-03 17:23:19]

re: #134 justdanny

Charles, okay, for the benefit of the entire lizard nation and all of its STALKERS and haters and hangers on, I ask you in plain english,

Are you becoming death, the destroyer of worlds?

No soup for you!

#43 (7327750) charles 8 [2009-06-18 11:49:21]

re: #36 Dianna

I wondered.

None of that makes much sense to me.

That's why I call them STALKERS, because their behavior is obsessive and deranged.

#298 (7581186) charles 3 [2009-08-17 13:03:09]

Yep, looks like the word went out to the STALKERS. 11 sock puppets now.

#145 (7639851) charles 5 [2009-09-01 10:16:03]

Since 'Iron Fist' is now hanging out with STALKERS, here's a little ironic comment he posted here in June of this year:


A few weeks ago I accidently typed in my screen name as 'ironfist' (no spaces), and I couldn't log in (of course :-). But this gave me an Idea.

So I did a lookup on that nick, and guess whar I found?

This user is blocked.
--- ---Karma: 0
Registered since: Dec 6, 2004 at 1:42 pm

No. of comments posted: 7
No. of links posted: 0
Recent comments

The date is what is most interesting. This son of a bitch registered with my nic (not too cleverly disguised) in 2004.

Nice. I'd like to see what was in those seven comments but the 'Recent Comments' link gets me nothing. This kind of shit is one reason you don't have to worry about me defecting to one of the stalker blogs. First, if I'm going to stalk someone, I want to be the lead stalker if we are a team, or, better yet a lone stalker making mischief from a safe bunker far faraway.

Of course, he went over to the stalker blog the very day his account was blocked.

And another little tidbit -- that 'ironfist' name that he claims was registered at LGF by a stalker? He was right, there is an 'ironfist' username here. And guess who registered it?

That's right. 'Iron Fist' himself.

#569 (7660283) charles 3 [2009-09-05 14:13:37]

re: #560 Big Steve

Have you tried Afrocity's site...very sane, stately, and intelligent.

Afrocity hangs out with the STALKERS, and is not welcome at this blog.

#732 (7668543) charles 5 [2009-09-07 14:43:46]

re: #723 HoosierHoops

I tried to read it and got lost..There isn't enough Bud light in all of Indiana to understand that crap...

'song_and_dance_man' is talking about HIMSELF as 'the child.' He believes he's literally a prophet who knows how the world is going to end, because God spoke directly to him. Not kidding.


Notice that he predicted some kind of disaster was going to hit LA in 2006. He actually emailed me several times with creepy, insane warnings that I needed to get out of town before the END.

After he was banned he started emailing me creepy threats that I was being 'watched.'

This is who the STALKERS are hanging out with. The guy should be in a mental institution.

#108 (7682032) charles 9 [2009-09-10 10:12:05]

re: #96 Sharmuta

WTF is someone downdinging critical comments of the STALKERS?!

Not any more.

#237 (7682166) charles 7 [2009-09-10 10:38:53]

'Daria Emmons,' who was posting sneaky defenses of Robert Spencer yesterday, is hanging out today at another stalker site I won't link to, and is now banned.

As is 'Snowy Owl,' another username who has been lurking at LGF and now hangs out with the STALKERS. 'Snowy Owl' recently registered a sock puppet in the name of 'BobK,' and that one is banned too.

#479 (7682453) charles 4 [2009-09-10 11:42:26]

re: #476 garycooper

I've done some work in relation to real-life STALKERS, and I know they thrive on the kind of attention they're getting in this thread. The post and comments will fuel their rage for days, maybe weeks. If that's the point, to tweak their grubby little noses, then it's a job well done.

No, the point is to publicize that they're issuing assassination threats against the President.

#146 (7683097) charles 2 [2009-09-10 13:54:14]

re: #140 JohnH

Nope. But typical of some. I never called anyone a smart ass. I just pointed out what I was called.

I guess that's a 'yes.'

Bye now! Have fun with the STALKERS.

#634 (7698772) charles 5 [2009-09-14 21:17:35]

re: #614 Gus 802

Zero comments!

He'll have to wait until the STALKERS read the link here while they're busy watching us and copying and pasting. ;)

I want them to see it and go post their sick drivel at these sites -- that's why I mention them. Let everybody see what kind of people they are.

#40 (7707391) charles 9 [2009-09-16 22:31:50]

re: #36 Floral Giraffe

STALKERS. Threats.
No need to contact, here's the post.

'113. Bob in Breckenridge on 16 September, 2009 at 10:06 pm reply I just got an email from someone whom shall remain anonymous.
BUT, it said who that loser Gus802 from Nancy’s cesspool, who outed me last week, possibly was and where he lived. Even listed a phone number.
And sounds extremely plausible.
And naturally, he’s in the bluest of blue states, whose loser citizens include such reprobates as Leahy, Sanders, Dean, etc.,, not to mention Gus, but I won’t tell you which state.
But rest assured, Gus will be getting an “enquiring minds want to know” phone call later today.

That should be reported to their web host immediately.

#54 (7708627) charles 2 [2009-09-17 09:48:59]

re: #45 Reginald Perrin

I have a question:
If I bought a domain name, how would I do it so that my name isn't traceable by the STALKERS at the deuce.
I don't mind them stalking me at a new blog but I am not comfortable having those psychopaths being able to find my name using a site like

Buy the domain at godaddy and choose their 'Domains By Proxy' option when you're checking out.

#251 (7717420) charles 5 [2009-09-19 15:29:58]

One of the STALKERS is planning a flounce, with an attack on LGF lizard 'Bloodnok'.

89. HadEnough on 19 September, 2009 at 5:48 am

You know, at first I thought bloodnok was ok… but I noticed a pattern that leaned pretty heavily left. I am getting more and more ideas about how I will sign off. I think it will be a very worthy, last post.

#21 (7731855) charles 5 [2009-09-23 17:28:19]

re: #19 karmic_inquisitor

It is getting like Fatal Attraction out there. They are obsessed with boiling your rabbits, Charles.

They're reading every word I post. Another word for this is 'stalking.'

Hiya, STALKERS! How ya doin' tonight?

#76 (7731926) charles 6 [2009-09-23 18:01:34]

re: #73 Sharmuta

I hope it works out so you can be on air, but the radio program would be great too. Regardless- good luck.

I suggested that they fly me to New York first class and put me up in the Waldorf, with a per diem of $500, but they didn't seem to want to go for that.

(Not really, STALKERS.)

#69 (7732105) charles 5 [2009-09-23 19:02:05]

Now that it's been posted here in our comments, the STALKERS will be showing up at Victor's article soon.


#107 (7735076) charles 5 [2009-09-24 15:24:33]

re: #105 Killgore Trout

The STALKERS are claiming that Charles changed his original from post. Here's the google cache from last night. Take screen shots if you want...
LGF cache


#108 (7735077) charles 4 [2009-09-24 15:25:09]

re: #105 Killgore Trout

The STALKERS are claiming that Charles changed his original from post. Here's the google cache from last night. Take screen shots if you want...
LGF cache

You can see it right there in the video of Beck's show.

#100 (7748014) charles 2 [2009-09-28 18:01:16]

Wow, it took about 25 minutes for one of the psycho STALKERS to notice that I turned on the contact form.

#76 (7748640) charles 6 [2009-09-28 21:30:14]

Man, those STALKERS really are watching LGF. It's amazing.

I opened registration about a half hour ago without mentioning it -- six people registered, and two of them were sock puppets for banned users.

Hiya STALKERS! How ya doin' tonight?

#234 (7755101) charles 7 [2009-09-30 19:35:53]

re: #227 Killgore Trout

STALKERS nicjacking me on the Blair thread.
Hello, Rodan.

Yep, the parasites from the stalker blog always do that, whenever I post a link to some other blog. Without fail.

It's their way of letting me know they really care.

#599 (7773311) charles 8 [2009-10-07 09:27:49]

Here's 'Earth2moonbat' (with the name 'snork') threatening my life:

Image: ZZ52D07E5E.jpg

And here's 'savage' (Marc Thomas Donato) and another creep threatening my life:

Image: ZZ5C681330.jpg

#72 (7789155) charles 3 [2009-10-12 18:48:57]

Here's the chat room where the STALKERS are hanging out these days to plot their next stupidity, if anyone's interested:


#566 (7795474) charles 2 [2009-10-14 17:49:48]

re: #565 Killgore Trout

Rush fans showing up on the article Charles linked to earlier...
Limbaugh: good riddance

Well, there's your problem.

Isn't that cute? The STALKERS do this every time. They show up at any site I link to that allows comments.

#77 (7802054) charles 9 [2009-10-16 19:18:32]

re: #71 _RememberTonyC

Good guess ... I guess some folks hide it better than others. It wasn't overt when I checked it out. I won't be flouncing here. LGF means too much to me.

Thanks for that.

It's very telling that they're actively trying to convince people to leave LGF and join their deceptive little site full of STALKERS, though.

#60 (7806217) charles 8 [2009-10-18 15:58:18]

I knew this would happen -- after I posted the comment last night about the fact Paypal donations are not even coming close to paying my expenses, the stalker blog gleefully seized on this as evidence that I'm 'hurting for money.'

Actually, no -- I'm not hurting for money. The ads are more than paying LGF's expenses at this point.

However, if I were to charge by the hour for the work I do at LGF, let's just say -- I'm working pretty cheap.

If more people would donate or subscribe through Paypal, I wouldn't have to inflict so many advertisements on you, gentle readers. And I would like very much to get rid of some of them, because they're not that wonderful from an aesthetic standpoint.

(But sorry, STALKERS -- your deranged fantasies about LGF going out of business are not going to come true.)

#71 (7806228) charles 3 [2009-10-18 16:03:48]

re: #68 nolimit

And like magic, up pops one of the STALKERS -- 'unrealizedviewpoint' posting with a sock puppet account.

#146 (7815478) charles 6 [2009-10-21 18:00:52]

Richard L. Kent, Esq., the world's angriest creationist, has just emailed a hilarious rant.

I may make it a 'We Got Mail' post -- but I haven't decided if that would make him 'happy,' in that bizarre sado-masochistic way that STALKERS have. What a freak this guy is!

#67 (7818117) charles 14 [2009-10-22 17:42:32]

Look, the cute little STALKERS have a video all about me, featuring the shrieking harpy in a cameo appearance!

Little Green Footballs Sunglasses

It's trying to ram home a point -- that I see racism where it doesn't exist.

For example, in this stinking racist video also created by the same person, 'TheLogicalPositivist:'

#32 (7822220) charles 6 [2009-10-24 16:22:02]

re: #18 Barrett Brown

As amusing at that is, it's a huge problem. So many firmly religious Americans see an assault on their most fundamental beliefs from every corner. This, as you've experienced for yourself, makes them rather paranoid.

Yep, some of these folks just freak right out even at the mildest humor. They're on a hair trigger offense watch. We've had quite few LGFers flounce off over the creationism thing, which used to surprise me when it first started -- some of them immediately mutated into rabid Internet STALKERS, like werewolves that never turn back into humans.

I've had my own run-ins with the Disco Institute gang -- they've posted several attacks on me at their medievalist blog. I've also been attacked by Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham's storefront. So I've succeeded in making the right kind of enemies.

#150 (7889181) charles 2 [2009-11-21 14:08:13]

As usual, STALKERS go to the sites I link, and post comments to smear me - like this one at RealClimate:


#167 (7906832) charles 5 [2009-11-29 16:57:32]

re: #3 Sharmuta

Amazon doesn't have what I want for Christmas- an LGF calendar!

Speaking of the LGF calendar, STALKERS are posting hateful comments at that Lulu page, as usual, and downrating the calendar.


It's not enough for these people to bash me on their blogs -- they have to go to every site I link, and every place they can find, to smear me. They've also done it at the LGF Kindle page.

#154 (7922273) charles 2 [2009-12-04 21:14:04]

STALKERS are beginning to show up now at the USC Annenberg page with my interview, with the same old smears.

They do it every single time I link to a site that allows comments.

#256 (7922770) charles 1 [2009-12-05 09:20:27]

The STALKERS are all over the USC page with my interview, of course, as usual, ranting and screaming about how I ban people for nothing. One of the creeps even posted the comment that got him banned -- and it's full of insults. But he tries to portray it as completely innocuous!

Feel the love.

If anyone wants to go over there and post a comment to lend some counterpoint to that serenade of insanity, I'd appreciate it.


#64 (7942515) charles 8 [2009-12-11 19:44:37]

re: #61 Killgore Trout

Get ready for STALKERS to call.

I am...

#276 (7942749) charles 8 [2009-12-11 20:37:01]

The STALKERS are having a major tantrum. Heh.

#440 (7947512) charles 8 [2009-12-13 22:34:01]

STALKERS are accusing me of racism for posting this article, in one of the most twisted distortions that brain-damaged moron Rodan has come up with yet.

#75 (7950141) charles 5 [2009-12-14 21:21:41]

re: #73 Gus 802

Just a reminder.

Taxdayteaparty dot com is an Eric Odom website.

Ron Paul, III Percenters, Oath Keepers, and other reactionary twits.

Yes, and Eric Odom is behind at least some of the LGF STALKERS.

#99 (7974319) charles 2 [2009-12-24 21:12:49]

STALKERS are chatting here, if anyone's interested:


This link just showed up in our referrers.
#24 (7994050) charles 8 [2010-01-02 19:21:00]

re: #22 Dark_Falcon

The STALKERS have found this thread and they are in a full hate orgy.

So what else is new?

#67 (7995599) charles 3 [2010-01-03 13:58:36]

Well, it took them about a day, but the STALKERS are now showing up in the comments at

Just posted there:

Charles Johnson is a libelous scumbag and a pedophile. Why do I call him a pedophile? Because he supports safe schools czar Kevin Jennings who believes we should teach 'fisting' in our class rooms.

#258 (7995805) charles 4 [2010-01-03 16:21:00]

STALKERS are trying to swarm the Bloggingheads comments page today, of course, ranting away like psychos on crack.

#232 (8046810) charles 4 [2010-01-23 09:22:29]

re: #223 moradali

I haven't posted for years, but just read the NYT article - but I wonder what CJ has to say about the article saying he posted names and pictures of his critics?

This is a serious charge. How come CJ did not respond to this?

I posted names and pictures of my STALKERS, not my 'critics.' These are people who have posted comments threatening my life.

The two people whose names and pictures I posted (from information publicly available on the Internet that they posted themselves) were banned from LGF for posting threats of violence and support for mass murderers. Calling them 'critics' is an absurd distortion of what they do.

And 'usually I don't censor if I disagree with the post'? And what sort of answer is that?

The kind of answer I did not give. I do not 'censor' anyone.

Am I going to be banned now? Please clarify.

Would you like to be?

Also - I am a Muslim apostate. Am I allowed to criticize Islam and Mohammed here?

Right, because no one has ever criticized Islam at LGF.

What a pile of crap.

#9 (8121079) charles 6 [2010-02-16 17:24:30]

STALKERS are always signing me up for mailing lists, but there's somebody out there right now who's more persistent and annoying than anyone else yet. I seem to suddenly be signed up to about a thousand mailing lists for all kinds of crap -- any mailing list that doesn't require a confirmation.

What a weird thing to do.

#25 (8134794) charles 7 [2010-02-21 09:29:34]

This is hilarious -- I just checked Twitter and there's currently a little outrageous outrage circulating among some of the wingnuts and STALKERS, because I commented during Glenn Beck's CPAC speech:

He reminds me of Hitler.

I think I just Godwin'ed myself right out.

Has anyone ever told these people about something known as a 'sense of humor?'

They're actually trying to promote the idea that I was seriously comparing Glenn Beck to Adolf Hitler! Some people really are too stupid to use the Internet.

#749 (8164916) charles 9 [2010-03-04 09:45:03]

re: #590 Decatur Deb

Cato--you gave me a hook to repost something from a dead overnight thread:

re: #620 irish rose

Hello Irish--I rarely catch you here. I just got up to read the overnights, and want to piggyback on your stalker comment. Some LGFer's who are concerned about STALKERS of various sorts are a little too laid back. Most of us have posted enough personal details to make identification fairly easy. Just posting our birthdays removes a very large part of our 'Security Through Obscurity'. A determined stalker with any brains can cross-correlate a few dozen statements and get to within public-record reach of most identities. Our lizard ethic discouraging friendly ID questions should be reinforced. I'm not pushing paranoia, but our free expression is potentially threatened. (Just noted this thread is about dead. I'm posting now for later forwarding.)

Unfortunately, like several people have done recently, Irish Rose sent me a very insulting email and delinked LGF at her blog, because I wouldn't ban her personal enemies for her.

#628 (8169198) charles 5 [2010-03-05 13:46:20]

re: #623 Guanxi88

It was directed at me. I;d found a cache of leftist (or perhaps they were nascent tea partiers?) signs threatening direct physical violence against the previous admin and members thereof. As it turns out, I had forgotten that the proprietor of that site (whose photos I found through google image search) is persona non grata.

The proprietor of that site sneaked into LGF with a sock puppet account to monitor what was being said about him in a private thread, after he allowed STALKERS to post thousands of deranged comments about me at his site.

#231 (8177324) charles 4 [2010-03-08 11:36:09]

re: #229 avanti

BTW, TFK brags about all the socks he has in his pocket, even a few posing as a leftie. Interesting guy there.

I know. They're not just obsessed STALKERS -- they're proud obsessed STALKERS.

#211 (8178886) charles 10 [2010-03-08 18:31:55]

re: #164 Thanos

It would be good to hit here and do a review if you have the time

All lizards with Amazon accts really need to rank down the flouncer and Spencer fan reviews and rate up the two good reviews

Oh yeah, that's another place where the STALKERS have appeared.

An interesting thing about what they do, which, if it were me, would make it hard to look myself in the mirror, is that they focus especially on things that can actually cause harm to me in the physical world -- not the Internet world in which they lost a free account at LGF.

Jaron Lanier's new book, which I just started reading, has some fascinating insights into this kind of dysfunctional response to the anonymity of the web.

#35 (8180539) charles 7 [2010-03-09 10:59:02]

The psychos and STALKERS are still ranting away at Richard Metzger's site.


It's amazing how obsessed these people are! It might almost be flattering that they care about me so much, if it wasn't so creepy.

#74 (8183729) charles 3 [2010-03-10 10:38:54]

The STALKERS are pretty much taking over Richard Metzger's thread. If any LGF readers would care to post something to counter this barrage of ugliness, I'd be very appreciative.


#3 (8183764) charles 8 [2010-03-10 10:55:05]

re: #2 Obdicut

Let's hope the comments aren't just another backwash of stalkerluv.

Since I posted it here, you can absolutely count on the STALKERS showing up there.

#30 (8183818) charles 5 [2010-03-10 11:21:55]

An interesting sidenote about the STALKERS posting at Richard Metzger's site.

There was a certain LGF user who is now banned after a really nasty freak-out, who also liked to use the unusual word 'myrmidon.' He posted quite a few comments containing this word.

Here's one.

#23 (8187420) charles 6 [2010-03-11 15:10:47]

Boing Boing linked to the Dangerous Minds interview, and guess what happened in their thread? Yep. More STALKERS.


#331 (8187779) charles 8 [2010-03-11 18:04:16]

Richard Metzger emailed to tell me how amazed he is about the hordes of STALKERS who showed up in his LGF interview threads.

And he also told me that they've had two pretty serious hacking attacks there in the past three days. Related? Who knows. Most of these STALKERS are pathetic losers who couldn't hack their way out of a paper bag, but there might be one or two who have some rudimentary script kiddie skillz.

#94 (8188036) charles 9 [2010-03-11 20:00:46]

The weird thing is that they seem to have no awareness at all that normal people read their crazy rants, with names like 'CaptainAmerica,' and think they're completely insane. Which they are.

I give interviews about the craziness on the right, and right wing crazies show up raving and foaming like lunatics.

Way to prove my point, STALKERS!

#39 (8189124) charles 5 [2010-03-12 10:17:22]

STALKERS now taking over the BBC thread about my interview -- the exact same raving freaks who showed up at Dangerous Minds, including 'buzzsawmonkey' (posting as 'CaptainAmerica'):


#56 (8189383) charles 8 [2010-03-12 11:26:54]

Meanwhile, the STALKERS are still at it in the second Dangerous Minds thread:


Check out the sick comment from 'Marla.' Some of these people are so twisted it's almost beyond belief.

#233 (8190426) charles 4 [2010-03-12 17:21:44]

re: #227 Jimmah

Heads up for Racer X - some fucktard or other is using your name on dangerous minds:


Yeah, they're still spewing like complete lunatics over there.

I hope they don't stop. Couldn't ask for a better demonstration of how completely insane the STALKERS are, and they don't even seem to realize it.

#309 (8190945) charles 9 [2010-03-12 20:21:07]


I hope you're getting a lot of good new material from this thread! I'll be anxiously awaiting the first post taking advantage of it.

#47 (8196951) charles 3 [2010-03-15 10:10:34]

The newest stalker technique is to show that I'm just imagining they're STALKERS -- by flooding every comment thread at every site I link to, with nasty, weird, homophobic insults, threats, outrageous lies, and now at Richard Metzger's site, an impersonator.


#41 (8265733) charles 21 [2010-04-08 11:04:19]

One of my anonymous hate mail STALKERS just blew his own cover with his latest rant.

This may have to be a post.

#29 (8266159) charles 10 [2010-04-08 13:43:58]

re: #26 Floral Giraffe

Does Mr. Beaumont also work with you over at True/Slant?
The STALKERS that you get are really scary people!

Yeah, Stinky's doing double duty over there.

The creeps tried to flood my TS blog with the usual garbage, but Stinky's on the case.

#89 (8366296) charles 10 [2010-05-15 23:57:50]

re: #84 Kragar (proud to be kafir)

They changed their name as soon as they learned that I'd filed for a trademark. Which was immediately after I posted about it here, because they obsessively read every word of every comment I post.


#62 (8423413) charles 6 [2010-06-05 17:07:56]

And of course, the STALKERS have showed up to pimp their lame ass 'blog.'

#8 (8438559) charles 12 [2010-06-11 10:18:58]

The STALKERS are now claiming that James Edwards of the Political Cesspool is not a white supremacist. Unbelievable. He's right out in the open about it. His radio show regularly features David Duke. But they're going to deny it anyway.

#345 (8470059) charles 10 [2010-06-23 19:48:38]

By the way, I'd like to encourage all LGF readers to retweet and share this post as often as possible. The STALKERS are already lathered up over it; let's see if we can cause some embolisms.

#521 (8475805) charles 12 [2010-06-25 20:39:43]

re: #515 Thanos

Yes, I thought about how I was saying that and well it's fitting since I've been in an anon closet six yrs

That takes guts, since I'm sure you realize the STALKERS are going to go insane over this. I salute you.

I wish more bloggers would do this. The anonymity of the blogosphere has become one of its biggest problems.

#52 (8476799) charles 9 [2010-06-26 12:19:39]

re: #45 webevintage

Conversations even on a semi-private listerv should be left between the participants and really it is really a scummy thing to leak what people who have trusted you might write.

I totally agree with this. But as someone who's been the target of haters and STALKERS on the web, literally for years, it's incredibly naive to expect that emails posted to a listserv will remain private.

The inherently anonymous nature of the web does a great job of enabling STALKERS and scumbags of all stripes. If you're a public person, you're going to be a target, and you need to understand that and deal with it appropriately.

#177 (8479480) charles 7 [2010-06-27 18:39:34]

I especially like Tweetdeck's new 'global filter' feature, which lets me block out all the STALKERS who are constantly posting sick stuff about me. (It's non-stop.)

#319 (8480788) charles 4 [2010-06-28 09:42:41]

re: #227 Killgore Trout

I checked my account and it shows 0 Direct messages sent so it didn't come from my account. My twitter name is Killg0reTr0ut and I'm using the same avatar as on lgf. Looks like the STALKERS have already set up an imposter account and are pretending to be me. Just block whoever sent you the DM.

Welcome to my world! This is the kind of stuff they do constantly.

#173 (8482478) charles 9 [2010-06-28 20:48:39]

re: #170 Racer X

What would the point be?

I've given up trying to figure out what motivates STALKERS. Now I just fuck with them as much as I can.

#41 (8483779) charles 4 [2010-06-29 12:53:15]

re: #31 Floral Giraffe

The deuce has been using those terms for a while now.

This is what happens to anyone who dares to criticize the right wing. Blatant character assassination, childish homophobic insults, and deranged stalking behavior.

The right wing is so much worse than the left in this regard. Even when LGF was mocking the far left relentlessly, I never saw anything like the non-stop vicious hatred that's being directed at me now from right wingers.

#59 (8537067) charles 8 [2010-07-22 12:16:45]

re: #23 LudwigVanQuixote

ohhh... and Bagua went over to the STALKERS.

He is now BAT MAN

I am imagining throaty growls of 'I'm BAT MAN...'

Not surprised at all.

#114 (8609971) charles 13 [2010-08-23 19:32:58]

And as soon I posted that 'thank you' to Obdicut, another stalker showed up to rant some more. Oh hai STALKERS!

#104 (8631261) charles 1 [2010-09-01 12:01:58]

re: #100 Reginald Perrin

You mentioned the STALKERS are up to their old trick of making death threats against Lizards. Are you referring to the attempt to terrorize SFZ, or is this a different threat?

That's what I meant.

#193 (8634665) charles 10 [2010-09-02 17:39:52]

Psycho STALKERS now featured writers at Pajamas Media:


#298 (8641017) charles 11 [2010-09-06 09:32:36]

All of those freaks posting nasty comments in the Reddit thread registered yesterday, after I mentioned it here and on Twitter. I was actually curious to see how long it would take the STALKERS to spring into action -- the first stalker comment was posted minutes after I linked to Reddit in a comment here.

#58 (8656345) charles 6 [2010-09-13 13:29:56]

As expected, this new feature has all the STALKERS whipped up into a fine frothy lather.

#19 (8661717) charles 16 [2010-09-15 17:18:35]

The STALKERS are losing their silly minds today, too. Why they got to go all up in there and do me like that?

#140 (8666678) charles 9 [2010-09-17 19:05:15]

re: #116 Killgore Trout

I see the STALKERS are celebrating the one year anniversary of my Hot Air stunt.

re: #132 Reginald Perrin

Happy Anniversary
It took balls to pull off what you did at Hot Air. You exposed that they tolerated blatant racist comments.

Could not agree more.

And Hot Air still tolerates those comments, but so does the entire right wing blogosphere.

#126 (8678943) charles 7 [2010-09-25 17:28:43]

By the way, in the past 4 days we've had 11 attempts by STALKERS to register sock puppets. Something has them all lathered up again.

#54 (8690303) charles 10 [2010-10-02 21:12:25]

There used to be some End Times believers commenting at LGF, too -- all now playing at stalker blogs.

They got quite a shock when they discovered I didn't share their delusions.

Here's a classic from 2005, featuring one of the most obsessed STALKERS, 'song_and_dance_man'. And no, this was not a joke.


#69 (8690319) charles 14 [2010-10-02 21:21:55]

By the way, about that 'song_and_dance_man' comment -- I wrote this last year:

Notice that he predicted some kind of disaster was going to hit LA in 2006. He actually emailed me several times with creepy, insane warnings that I needed to get out of town before the END.

After he was banned he started emailing me creepy threats that I was being 'watched.'

This is who the STALKERS are hanging out with. The guy should be in a mental institution.

#90 (8706855) charles 4 [2010-10-14 11:18:12]

Sure enough, the STALKERS have shown up now.

#136 (8706938) charles 4 [2010-10-14 12:26:40]

re: #135 Yashmak

I'm very much encouraged that the vast majority of the comments seem to be in agreement with/support of the article (even those who leaven their comments with a sprinkling of snark).

But now the STALKERS are ranting away like crazy, of course.

#161 (8707020) charles 10 [2010-10-14 13:28:55]

STALKERS are in full roar over at the Guardian now. I'm 'jealous' of Geller's traffic, according to them, and I'm just as bad as her. Which is a funny argument to make, at the same time as you're praising her as a heroine.

The false claim that I called Rachel Corrie 'St. Pancake' shows up, the false claim that I've deleted all my anti-Islam posts shows up ... it's pretty much a stalkerfest now.

#200 (8707408) charles 5 [2010-10-14 17:37:58]

Wow, the STALKERS have totally taken over the Guardian comment thread.

All the same names you always see, whenever I post a link to a site that allows comments, ranting like rabid cretins.

And now we have the lunatic 'Bob in Breckenridge,' who has tried to sneak back into LGF more than 10 times with sock puppet accounts. What a bunch of obsessed loons with daddy issues.

#30 (8708136) charles 7 [2010-10-14 21:00:42]

STALKERS are really worked up tonight.

#92 (8709091) charles 17 [2010-10-15 13:46:45]

Now showing up at the Guardian article: banned creep 'captdiggs', who has tried to register at least 4 sock puppet accounts. It's old home week for STALKERS.

#79 (8709539) charles 10 [2010-10-15 17:58:18]

re: #70 SanFranciscoZionist

Well, it baffles me. I can understand it being used as ammunition by left-leaning anti-Charles types. But this is the stalkerblogger types, right? They should LOVE the phrase.

They do! But now it's more important to try to use it to discredit me with the Guardian, because these people aren't just obsessed and crazy, they do whatever they can to try to cause me actual harm in the real world.

It's the same evil vindictiveness that led the STALKERS to try to get PayPal to cancel my account -- at which they failed miserably.

#448 (8709939) charles 6 [2010-10-15 20:21:29]

re: #436 Killgore Trout

It's nice to see the outraged STALKERS creating so much traffic.

And now they're claiming that I've deleted hundreds of old posts at LGF. It's like an insane asylum there.

#460 (8709952) charles 10 [2010-10-15 20:24:14]

re: #436 Killgore Trout

It's nice to see the outraged STALKERS creating so much traffic.

I especially like the lying creep who claims to have an account at LGF, but he's just terrified to express his real opinions, so he goes to the Guardian instead. Do these morons really think anyone is taken in by their crap?

#9 (8710412) charles 8 [2010-10-16 09:39:58]

STALKERS are STILL at it in the Guardian comment thread:


The hatebot known as 'spidly' dug up a very old LGF page posted by 'No Submission' (who's banned, of course) that used the term 'St. Pancake,' and he's claiming that I wrote it, then deleted all the comments for it.

They have no compunctions at all about lying through their teeth.

#93 (8710816) charles 9 [2010-10-16 15:58:17]

The STALKERS are working in shifts now at the Guardian. Another one just posted a long rant full of outright lies and distortions.

Why they got to go all up in there and do me like that?

#11 (8718057) charles 8 [2010-10-20 11:51:35]

re: #6 EastSider

No. Why would I keep statistics on that kind of stuff? We have STALKERS for that.

#60 (8737123) charles 12 [2010-10-31 20:16:59]

STALKERS are having a good old time vandalizing the LGF page at Wikipedia.

#6 (8737883) charles 19 [2010-11-01 12:03:22]

The hammer has fallen on the STALKERS vandalizing LGF's Wikipedia page:


#176 (8741751) charles 16 [2010-11-02 18:15:12]

re: #163 LudwigVanQuixote

We have two actually unless they are the same sockmaster.

I'm curious how long you will let them post droppings in their ohh so scary sock attack.

Because you know... having the lower house and not the senate or the presidency is 'mandate' in stalker ville.

Are you ready to capitulate and admit under the weight of their calling us Nazis - when they actually in the case of the Rodent are genocidal fascist supporting real live Nazi scum - because of the brilliance of their masterful attacks yet?

Charles, I hate to break it to you, but the STALKERS, don't like you. They don't like me either, and they think we aren't like cool or anything.

I don't know how I will live with it. Could you help me there buddy? After all, you are so much stronger than me and I need your protection from their brilliant arguments and insults that have cowed me. Just the sheer volume of their massive attack is scaring me Charles. What should I do?

I feel your pain. It's so stressful to click one button and block the STALKERS. Sometimes I don't know how I carry on. And yet, I do.

#472 (8742933) charles 17 [2010-11-02 21:04:48]

A creepy little email from the asshole 'Macker' who was banned using the name 'Jordan Duram':

Just so you day I'll get in and you won't be able to catch me...until I decide to do so. But not now. Have a good evening!

This is why we call them STALKERS.

#64 (8744625) charles 11 [2010-11-03 12:00:44]

Meanwhile, the creepy STALKERS who've been trying to vandalize LGF's Wikipedia page are still pissing and moaning about being shut down by WP editors.


#86 (8744652) charles 11 [2010-11-03 12:10:32]

re: #66 SpaceJesus

The admins and real editors over there are good people, and the STALKERS aren't helping their case by being rabid and incomprehensible.

Well, I really want to thank you and Obdicut for getting involved over there. I posted a couple of comments, but I don't think it's really appropriate for me to get involved in arguing at Wikipedia, or editing the page. Even if I had time to do it, which I don't.

The page itself is really out of date, by the way, and missing quite a bit of important information. The only ones editing it seem to be people with axes to grind.

#121 (8773212) charles 5 [2010-11-20 12:21:44]

re: #108 Killgore Trout

Speaking of STALKERS - look who shows up at Digg: [Link:]

I'm going to start submitting articles to Digg! Myself! I'm reduced to that! The outrage!

#42 (8774367) charles 8 [2010-11-21 12:15:56]

By the way, the STALKERS are swarming the post I put up at Digg, as expected, and impersonating LGF commenters.


#85 (8774416) charles 9 [2010-11-21 13:04:45]

re: #80

good grief.

I know. They do this kind of stuff, then try to claim they're 'not STALKERS.'

#195 (8774752) charles 3 [2010-11-21 17:45:08]

The STALKERS are all ranting away and spewing crap all over Digg's comments:


By the way, ChenZhen is one of the most obsessed losers among them. Reine: don't kid yourself when he says he didn't notice the stalker impersonating you. He's lying. It's what he does.

#220 (8774777) charles 8 [2010-11-21 18:03:06]

It's ironic how the STALKERS still try to mimic me, even while they spew hatred at me. I've seen several of them use my line about living inside their heads, including Robert Stacy McConfederate. The main stalker blog started by actually copying everything I posted for months, in a pathetic wounded psycho way.

Any graduate students in psychology out there? Here's an opportunity for a killer thesis on how the Internet enables deranged and dysfunctional stalking behavior.

#132 (8775450) charles 7 [2010-11-22 09:46:59]

Every once in a while, one of the STALKERS decides it's time to go for the Big Lie, and make up a story out of absolutely nothing to smear me with. Here's today's example:


Do I have to tell you that everything this person says is a complete fantasy?

I've complained to Digg - and I'd like to ask LGF readers to flag that comment too if you have a Digg account. These people continually find new ways to be disgusting creeps.

#113 (8775907) charles 9 [2010-11-22 17:11:54]

Would you believe the STALKERS are still at it at Digg?


They're trying to prove they're not really STALKERS, by ranting crazily, impersonating LGF commenters, spewing insults, and making up outrageous lies about me.

#181 (8776501) charles 4 [2010-11-23 09:19:37]

The good guys can use some help over here, folks:


The thread is lousy with ranting, raving STALKERS and impersonators. They've been at this all night.

#662 (8787448) charles 11 [2010-11-30 22:09:59]

I've been out today - and I see that one of the STALKERS made yet another pathetic attempt to get my attention. Daddy, daddy, look! I hate you daddy!

I don't read stalker bullshit, of course -- I just auto-delete it. So all that effort was wasted.

#693 (8787481) charles 10 [2010-11-30 22:38:04]

By the way, I know the STALKERS will go nuts now, because I posted a link to ChenZhen's real name. Please note that his name, [redacted [redacted], is publicly posted on the Internet -- because previously, these obsessed chuckleheads have fraudulently tried to claim that I used PayPal information to do this, and tried to get my PayPal account canceled.

My real name is also public on the Internet.

I have absolutely no feelings of guilt about outing people who stalk me and engage in the kind of pathetic psychodrama you saw today. They've been pulling this crap for years now.

#52 (8816553) charles 9 [2010-12-18 14:44:49]

re: #47 Slumbering Behemoth

He sees absolutely nothing wrong with the criminal behavior of his comrades. In fact, he lauds them for it. So yeah, I can believe that.

I'm not sure how I ended up as Barrett Brown's personal villain, but if you look at the posts and comments that led up to this derf-fest, you'll find that I was pretty damned fair to him. If he thinks the proper way to repay that, and all the promotion I've done of his work, is to hand over every private email I wrote him to STALKERS and psychos, then what can I say? I'm glad I didn't share any more personal information with him than I did, and I'll certainly never communicate with him through email again.

#82 (8828103) charles 7 [2010-12-27 18:30:29]

re: #80 ausador

Nahh, Anonymous was just stupid enough to release a generic DOS tool into the blogosphere that anyone can use against any site. The source of this attack is probably much closer to home, most likely the idiot STALKERS.

I don't see why the channers would be attacking this site, it really doesn't ring true. But I can sure see why the STALKERS would be now that they have a script kiddie tool to do it with...

This one isn't the dumb-ass STALKERS. But there's plenty of evidence that it was connected to anon somehow.

#8 (8833994) charles 12 [2011-01-01 10:35:09]

re: #5 Killgore Trout

I hate to mention the STALKERS since they thrive on the attention but Chen Zen is trying to get registered lizards to vote in the stalker blog poll claiming it's safe and anonymous. Don't do it. He got my name and email address from a comment I made on his blog when he was a lizard in good standing. He's been sharing the information privately for years and is always threatening to publish the information.
Don't take the risk of giving these creeps your personal information.

Absolutely right. You can't trust a single thing they say, and they've proven many times over that they have no honor or decency. Don't get tricked into giving them your information.

#36 (8835365) charles 7 [2011-01-02 17:32:34]

A little birdy sent me this photo. Guess who:

Image: ChenZhen-[redacted[redacted].jpg

#83 (8835418) charles 11 [2011-01-02 18:07:33]

re: #81 BigPapa

I have no idea what 'this year's challenge' or 'the hunt' means. Do you?

Of course not. It's the way psycho STALKERS talk. They have some kind of grand fantasy being played out in their minds.

#92 (8835429) charles 5 [2011-01-02 18:13:06]

In case anyone missed it, this is 'ChenZhen' aka [redacted [redacted], of Maple Grove, Minnesota:

Image: ChenZhen-[redacted[redacted].jpg

#59 (8865143) charles 12 [2011-01-16 13:30:49]

Someone sent me a copy of the stalker blog's 'memory hole mosaic' recently. I had to laugh.

They have 47 pages that I deleted. There are currently 37,913 posts at LGF by me. That means I've deleted a WHOPPING 0.123% of my archives! Call the police! Wholesale deletion!

There are a couple that weren't deleted at all, they're still visible.

The STALKERS include my post with Michael Yon's picture of a soldier holding an Iraqi boy. Michael Yon himself asked that I delete this post; he was being very protective about his copyright, which was his absolute right, so I deleted it.

And of the rest, again - I make no apologies to anyone for deleting any of them. Some were deleted shortly after being posted because they were mistakes or proved to be bad sources. Others were deleted because I want nothing at all to do with the people I linked, like European fascist mouthpiece Fjordman.

And I deleted all the posts about the Flight 93 memorial, because, as I commented at the time when I deleted them, I was seeing a lot of referrals to those old pages from crazy 'anti-jihad' blogs, trying to drum up the bogus controversy again, and I did not want them to be used for that purpose. I realized this story was completely full of crap many years ago, and I regret ever posting about it -- and I'm not trying to 'hide' something by deleting those entries, I'm trying to keep bad information off the interwebs.

#79 (8866331) charles 7 [2011-01-17 12:09:48]

re: #78 Reginald Perrin

Daddy mentioned our blog!!11!

I know they'll be all worked up now. Who cares.

I didn't write that comment for the STALKERS - I wrote it for LGF readers. Since someone emailed me concerned about it, I thought I should let people know the score so no one else is worried.

#63 (8875234) charles 14 [2011-01-22 15:21:03]

I'll go on the record right now and say, it's true. I was mistaken (not dishonest) when I said I had never used that term at LGF. I used it exactly once in more than 45,000 comments, and deleted it almost immediately because I regretted it and didn't want to encourage its use. I didn't recall posting it, and because it was marked deleted it didn't show up in a search.

I hope that clarifies things! Make sure to take a screenshot, STALKERS.

#155 (8876976) charles 2 [2011-01-23 14:27:50]

re: #154 Gus 802

I have Tweetdeck all set up and ready to go. Right now I think of it as a means of avoiding the mentally deranged wingnuts commonly known as The STALKERS™.

Tweetdeck is a great program. Add usernames to the global filter and you never see their tweets again. Really helps keep the Idiot Brigade from cluttering up the timeline.

#38 (8885177) charles 8 [2011-01-27 13:02:24]

re: #35 Tigger2

Of course, you realize the STALKERS already have screen shots.


#572 (8892222) charles 10 [2011-01-31 10:22:03]

re: #533 Walter L. Newton

Well it is a hoax... you didn't think I was suggesting that anything Reggie says is truth. The man is obsessed with trolls and STALKERS, yet he is a primary example of a troll and stalker. Someone sent me a link to 3 different threads on DoD (the stalker blog) where he was banned three times, using 'Reggie' and two other sock puppets. It is evident that he is mentally unstable.

And I don't think it's funny. He has continued to claim Charles and himself are working together, on other blogs, he makes claims that certain posters are really Lizards, who keep following him and trying to stalk him, and he has repeatedly tried to convince people that this has been all planned as a way to shake out trolls from left leaning blogs.

This in turn has resulted in other blogs, blogs not favorable to Charles, to post articles about Reggie and speculating the devious nature of Charles' evolvement.

You would have to ask Charles if he know that Reggie is still out there doing this and whether he cares or not.

Thanks, I know what he's doing. I never planned anything with him, of course, and he's obviously got a few screws loose, but the people who hate me don't care about the truth -- they just want to get those smears out there.

There's not much I can do except make a public announcement, and I don't think that's a good idea.

#48 (8901448) charles 11 [2011-02-05 09:29:28]

OK, I just read Robert Stacy McCain's latest rant about me - that must be about the hundredth post he's written about how insignificant and irrelevant I am. McCain quotes the STALKERS to say I deleted the links in this post -- gasp! How evil I must be! Why, I'm so evil I even added an update after removing the links to say why I did it.

And I notice that the morons at the stalker blog are getting even crazier -- they apparently now believe that everything I do at LGF is a reaction to them, and refuse to believe that I don't read every word they excrete.

Well, I don't read their site. I made that vow last year, and I've kept it. There are people who occasionally email me about something the STALKERS write, if they think I need to see it -- like the occasional death threat or libelous comment.

I know, it's hard to believe that not everybody in the world hates me with an overriding obsessed passion.

#192 (8901691) charles 6 [2011-02-05 12:25:49]

Another false claim is that I referred to Muslims as '[bigoted word]s.'

This is completely untrue. In fact, I commented more than once that I did not like that term, and I deleted many comments that used it ... by some of the people who are now STALKERS.

#544 (8956146) charles 21 [2011-03-09 10:45:26]

re: #540 Buck

Uh, Buck - I didn't say LGF was a 'hate site.' I said there were unfortunately quite a few bigots hanging out in our comments, because I wrongly believed it was better to take a hands-off approach. Yes, I did ban outright racists and genocide advocates, but with primitive software and thousands of comments per day, it was impossible to get them all.

Since I created more effective tools to screen and get rid of nasty comments, this has improved radically. But you can't read through some of those old comment threads without seeing that there were indeed some bigots here -- and a lot of those people have turned into deranged STALKERS now, which isn't really surprising because they were obviously not well in the first place.

#459 (8996010) charles 4 [2011-04-03 10:52:39]

re: #455 SpaceJesus

looks like the STALKERS are back at work on the lgf wikipedia page too fyi

It's that same obsessed weirdo again, putting back the badly-sourced edits that he was told he could not make, several times before. If you would leave a note for the admins, I'd appreciate it. I can't do it myself.

#459 (8996010) charles 4 [2011-04-03 10:52:39]

re: #455 SpaceJesus

looks like the STALKERS are back at work on the lgf wikipedia page too fyi

It's that same obsessed weirdo again, putting back the badly-sourced edits that he was told he could not make, several times before. If you would leave a note for the admins, I'd appreciate it. I can't do it myself.

#459 (8996010) charles 4 [2011-04-03 10:52:39]

re: #455 SpaceJesus

looks like the STALKERS are back at work on the lgf wikipedia page too fyi

It's that same obsessed weirdo again, putting back the badly-sourced edits that he was told he could not make, several times before. If you would leave a note for the admins, I'd appreciate it. I can't do it myself.

#459 (8996010) charles 4 [2011-04-03 10:52:39]

re: #455 SpaceJesus

looks like the STALKERS are back at work on the lgf wikipedia page too fyi

It's that same obsessed weirdo again, putting back the badly-sourced edits that he was told he could not make, several times before. If you would leave a note for the admins, I'd appreciate it. I can't do it myself.

#53 (9016923) charles 14 [2011-04-16 13:39:07]

The LGF comment thread about the witch doctor picture, nearly two years ago:


Ugh. A lot of the people making excuses in that thread are now STALKERS.

#175 (9049740) charles 5 [2011-05-04 13:05:00]

re: #173 wrenchwench

They've been busily proving that they're not STALKERS by registering one impersonator account after another.