Nils Braakmann

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I'm a Professor of Economics. My work focuses on the empirical microeconomics, typically using large-scale datasets and microeconometric techniques to investigate questions mainly drawn from labour economics, the economics of crime, health economics, international economics and urban economics. I am also currently an elected member of Newcastle University's Senate. I joined Newcastle University in September 2010, first as a Lecturer until 2013, from then as Senior Lecturer until July 2017 and from August 2017 to April 2018 as Reader in Labour Economics. Before coming to England I was a PostDoc in Economics at Leuphana University Lueneburg, Germany, where I also completed my doctoral degree in Economics in 2009 as well as Master's degrees in Business and Economic and Social Sciences.

You can sum up most of my current work as "How do features of modern life, such as as immigration, globalisation, technology or austerity, influence people's life, how do they react to it and what can policy do about it?". At present, I work mainly on the following topics:

- the non-labour market impact of immigration and increased diversity on outcomes such as attitudes, education outcomes or public services, for example, schools, and housing markets

- the consequences of recent labour market changes and increasing inequality (caused by automation and globalisation) for outcomes such as political preferences or health

- causes and consequences of property prices in Britain, for example, the impact of immigration, crime risk, housing benefits, and ethnic diversity

- various topics around collective bargaining institutions and firm level outcomes across Europe.

See my current CV for details.

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Professor Nils Braakmann

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