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Rick's Response #06

this is a response to this thread

I'll respond here to the comments in order. First, the 10 coiler video
reveals a lot of what I am talking about. That is why it was taken down.
So you really don't want to go there do you? Your point is just another
contradiction of John's. It is his design is it? Then why did it have neo
magnets? You guys made such a fuss about not using them and Bedini said
not to use them. So was that his design or not? This is the kind of
That's a joke to change the storyline from what really happened. Everyone
can see the videos to see the actual relationship I had with John. You
guys can see right into the heart of John and me and know everything. Your
comments are just a joke.
As for John Koorn's comments I will say that they are far better than
Tom's. John, I will admit where I failed. Some of what you say is true,
some mistaken, and a little is flat out lie. You start off good and
correct but you forget various things, or were not aware of the history.
For example, Marcia was moderating the groups before you guys came around.
So the storyline is not accurate. There were also others helping out here
and there. I also volunteered for years with no commercial interest in
this. I respect both of you guys for doing what you could to help. I
appreciated that and shared that at the Convention, which I recorded. I do
not take that back. But I do regret a lot of things. I did what I could to
make something happen boys. It is easy to complain about everything but
then take the benefit from it. The groups format was not good. The mission
was not solid. It was kind of just an improvement upon the failing SG
group. John had a lot of influence on what happened that you guys have no
idea about. I still have all the email correspondence with him from those
years and you are really implicating him in much of what you say and what
went wrong. But ultimately I have to take responsibility for the failures
of others and that is why I have to set the record straight in this. There
are so many details I could bring up and only will address your
misunderstandings, and own up to what I did wrong. Again, I also want to
give credit where it was due even if you guys cannot do that.

(continued below)

As for the alarm chargers there was a lot of details. I did not leave them on some shop floor and not do them. Steve was just starting to learn is new machines to make them and did a very good job making them. I would have to go back over the details to see what all happened. But I waited on them to be made and also for Energenx to do the connectors you complain here about. So it was John's work that you find so disagreeable. Not that I am not responsible for that. But that is one of my points boys. There were many examples of Energenx sending out bad product. The first real bad experience was when John sent out 10 solar chargers that all failed because he used 1 oz copper on the traces and sent them out to my customers without me being there. Later they made some bad rejuvenators and also sent them out. But who gets the blame? Who had to pay for the shipping and all that? John Koorn, I don't blame you for that but if you blame me for these things then you are actually pointing the finger at John for much of you troubles. We both made mistakes in these things. But I could not continue with him especially when he started making other chargers himself, and they really started to fail. He wanted me to sell his chargers and then pay for them when they failed. This was the main problem between us. And you guys lost out and having to wait for product. Believe me, I went in there daily to try and move things along and there was only so much I could do. As for your visiting. John did not like people to visit him who he did not know. He had very little respect for people on the groups but he did latch on to a few here and there. But you don't know what he said behind your backs. Like I said, he liked the attention but had little respect for anyone at all, even his friends whom I will not mention their names. I recorded him saying such things. Regarding all these things I have all the emails as well. I tried to honor him as much as anyone could. As for being a dealer, really no one was ever a dealer. People sold one or two chargers here and there but that is not a dealer. You did order the alarm chargers and did I not buy them back from you, like half of them? No big deal there. A lot of people wanted to sell these but really had no way of doing that, no customers or experience in sales. If a real dealership had existed then there would have been a steady order of product. A lot of people promised the world but no one backed up their excitement. You did what you could and I respected that. Mistakes were made, but they were not as bad as stated here. There was no one by the name of Brent. Brett worked close with me but was actually working for Energenx. Maybe you were talking about Tom. What was I supposed to call about. We went over things in Email. There were only a few orders from you. You act like you were some big dealer or something. As for the price of the chargers this was controlled by Bedini. He always wanted to sell high and make little. When I left these guys they raised the prices, even doubled them. They upped the cost of a model by $100 from the one lower just for adding 1 fet! They charged me for manufacturing a high price. If you only bought a few chargers here and there then why would you expect to get a big discount? We both did what we could. But you did not understand what was happening on our end at all and no doubt this has caused much misunderstanding. As for the Convention, we did have a lot planned and did what we could. It was considered historic. Yes there was failures but it went well. I had succeed in getting John to a public meeting the first time since 84. Boats? Planes? Cars? Well we wanted to finish an RC plane but that was not important. The car was presented. The boat was shown at the second one (I think that was the only one you went to). You act like you had to come and had to sell your car. You did not need to come John. So I fail to see these points. Josh did a good job putting the coils on the 30 coiler. It takes a little work to do the trigger resistance. You guys added the hot triggering to the 12 coiler because we wanted to hook it up to a generator. That was a very junky harbor freight gen. But the motors worked fine. You guys helped a lot. Remember, John told me to not bother with any of these demonstrations. Just talk. The shop was a mess because everyone had been working on all the stuff for several weeks before you came. Whatever man. It is not true that there would have been nothing to show without you John. You guys helped, but not that much. Remember, I recorded all of it. It is true that I was in way over my head. But it was a blast, and we all enjoyed ourselves. You guys loved staying up late and talking with John and all of us. So stop complaining man. Again, if you didn't want to help you could have just gone to sleep John. lol John, as far as I understood, you were selling this stuff over there. So you are not working together. Well that is good then. But I mentioned you because you also posted nonsense on my youtube channel at the same time as Tom. And you are also part of this attack against me, as you show here manifestly. As for lost in translation, that is my point in this. John contradicted himself and it was impossible to know what he was saying. But then again, why was he such an authority and considered infallible? Why do you think he had everything right? This is the presumption you all have in common. But while you were active you did not do the careful research I did and gather all the details. So you fail to see all the contradictions in these matters. You are still under a spell and just assume everything Bedini said was true and gospel truth. People need a messiah and they latch onto others in that way. So what happens when I show you guys the actual facts? You close your eyes and just repeat what you were told. I never had any bad dealings with the Chinese. I spent way too much time entertaining them for John and Gary. I told them they had to have a battery charging at all times on the motors. They decided to try and rejuvenate some completely dead batteries and blew out the circuits. They didn't have fuses on them. I didn't treat them bad at all. They wanted me to come over there right away, and I was waiting on my passport renewal. Why is that so difficult to accept? I also didn't really care to do any China deal. I wasn't getting anything for that. I just helped John and Gary. They bought a few prototypes from me. They never felt ripped off from me. They wanted to be friends on skype and wanted me to move there. I never laughed about the passport with you. Strange things to bring up John. As for my recent videos, there are multiple reason for them as explained in the videos themselves, which you probably didn't even watch. If any of you had watched all the 11 hours of video of John and me you would actually not say a word here as my points are clearly made. They show clearly the points made which I need not repeat. But my reasons were: 1. that I get countless people calling me asking what happened and telling me about the slander they have heard. 2. And so many people have spent thousands of dollars and so much time never to really find what they were looking for in John's work. 3. John published a slanderous lie about me that was so obviously false that I was compelled to deal with it. I hoped that he would have a change of heart while he was living, but then passed without ever making that and other things right. 4. There is a false legend story about this man that is diverting people from the truth in many respects. 5. John was not as original as you people think. He learned from others, and is that so hard for you all to get? There was prior art people. But not only John, but these followers make it out like he invented sliced bread. I didn't wait until he passed. I did publicly talk about the mistakes of the Tesla switch and various other things over the last few years. So again, you are mistaken. And if you see in those 10 hours of video in the shop you can see that John and I always intended for those videos to be shown at some time. They were not hidden cameras as he moved around the camera stand and made reference to it. And yet what he shared in the video is very interesting indeed. But that is just the tame stuff. While I have a right to set the record straight when a man lies to the public and completely changes the facts, like saying I was involved in what Stan did when I in fact showed John what he did, I also am compelled to warn people against an influence that leads them to kill their batteries, or waste their time, or just believe someone who is not to be trusted as an authority. It is because my name is tied to him that I have to do this John. Your's is not. The internet will always show me with John and there are thousands of references like that. So I have to distance myself from him as I should have at the beginning. But I too was under the spell you guys are under right now. You may pat yourselves on the back together but people can see the truth about these things, because the videos alone show it. You guys can't answer the things I bring up. You just talk about passports and silly things, and blame me for John's failures. I'm sorry where I have let you down John. I know I did let you down here and there. I tried to help you in many ways. I gave you what you asked for in many things. I did you good. You wanted to see John and I made it happen. You wanted to sell product and I made that happen. You wanted to moderate and get involved so I let you. I also connected you with the Chinese and that could have set you up for life if you knew what you were doing. I opened the door for you into this cult John. That was actually the worst thing I did. The problem is that you guys want to blame everyone else but JB. And yet if you would have been in the shop with Gary and John from day to day you would have seen them blame each other for everything, and rightly so. But that doesn't accord with this perfect legend that knew everything about everything. Whoever BroMikey is, is the most manifest prejudice. Note, if John said it then it was good enough for him. But the problem is that John said contradictory things like this all the time. I proved that I didn't lie about the oscillator. The proof is right in the file he put on his page. End of story. Then Tom's quotation is the case in point. John says: 1. "Rick and his friends". These were not my friends. I never met them. Here RS below admits to being one of them and says I was not his friend. hmm. They were John's friends you see. See your stories all contradict. Stan came to his shop and opened up the oscillator that John foolishly gave him because THEY WERE FRIENDS. I did not know Stan at all as is evidenced from the few emails I had with him. This happened BEFORE I visited John. Stan was given the same tour without asking for NDA's. So who was the fool people? Who was the one to blame in this? This was a matter between John and Stan, and I just tried to protect John and told him. 2. I didn't pass around information like cards. Stan had seen the whole shop. John told me that. I then saw it a few months later. Stan wanted to know the value of the resistors of the 10 coiler, the base resistors (470). This was not some big secret. And yet, even though I had filmed so much throughout the shop in that visit, I didn't show that video until just the other month (12 years later!). So what did I pass around with John's friends? 3. There was no evidence I heard of that anyone was ever selling that oscillator. John's poor memory was manifesting again. The guys over in England wanted to sell a certain product for electric fences. And they asked John about it. They sold their own stuff that was different and I had no dealings with that. So this is all just loose ideas exaggerated to lump me in the mix. But I actually brought it to John's attention. Again, if he had a problem with me in 2005 in this respect, why would he work with me all those years after if he really knew I did such things? And people can easily judge that this was just John grasping for anything to make me look bad because he actually had nothing against me. The point is that all these things come back to his own personal and business problems and sloppy work. He had copied most of what people think was his creation. And that is fine every engineer does that and makes little improvements. But he didn't originate the things you guys assume. He had no care about securing anything. He gave away his invention without protecting it. He didn't even bother to get Stan to sign an NDA. Or me. Or so many others while he let scores of people film whatever they wanted in his shops. Other owners of the company were upset with that. He left the doors unlocked from 4AM and anyone could have walked in and accessed anything, so all NDAs with anyone were null and void. He often insulted people to their face (like engineers and even guys coming to do business) and excessively predicted the end of the world any day now. He insulted people on the groups to stir up trouble because he liked a fight (and I was never going to give him that pleasure so I just let him pace about me the last 4 or 5 years). He contradicted himself from one day to the next and spoke in absolute terms declaring complete opposites 24 hours later. He made things mystical to avoid being able to be verified and shown up. He hired people that had zero electronics knowledge to build his products. He had his brother CEO of his electronics companies with even less knowledge of electronics (as the others a least could identify parts). He did not know how to thermally cool things over 100W so the products he built caught on fire or melted or burned up traces. They took very large sums of money from many people that he never delivered upon. Then there is all the serious problems with their stock. He changed his story about many things over the years so people are all confused. If you listen to the recordings from 1984 you get a completely different picture of several important things as I have shown. He lost his own tools and blamed former employees for up to 4 years later! Everyone had to be blamed but himself. Once in a while in a sober moment he would admit some of his mistakes. It got so negative that we had to move away and literally moved around the block. John had his good points. After he had his one beer every Friday night we would have good times and laugh. He could be generous to others when he had lots of money. He did contribute to bringing out some important things over the years. But everyone in the shop knew what he called himself. You all can ignore all these obvious points. You can try and make him a Tesla or superman. But he was not by any means. He was more of an ordinary man. You have set him and yourselves up for a big fall by maintaining this cult falsehood. As the facts come out you go down with the ship. The video will never go away, and there is a whole lot more people may bring out. So deal with his contradictions and real faults before you point fingers at others who you try and blame for the problems. Go after Stan or John for such things. Tom said he was done talking but then again he lied about everything else. What else have you added. Tom, it is a lack of conscience to blame others for what you did yourself. That was the serious problem he had. And now you share in that guilt. Yes John and I had many spiritual conversations about such things as well. You say an obvious falsehood. You say he never trusted me. I think everyone will see how foolish that is. You can see even in the videos I uploaded how he talked with me. If he never trusted me then why did he actually trust me in everything? You are the biggest liar Tom. You just believe whatever you were told. It is interesting to hear you say this about Gary. So why would John spend years with me and open up to me in ways that he rarely did with anyone if he never trusted me? Probably it could be said in a way that he never trusted anyone. So what is this a play on words? Get real Tom. You just keep digging yourself deeper. Then you go into all this detail about John's paranoia in telling you he left traps. He played the same game with me about Brett, and before Brett there was others. Always blaming people for his problems. He played you Tom. Got you to fall for his conspiracies. And yes I know all of those little games. The problem with your point is that it totally contradicts the facts of John leaving the front door unlocked at 4AM so that anyone could walk in and have access to anything of his. And that he allowed people to use the company computers for emails. Let them film anything. So if he was really so protective, then why give Stan such oscillator? While let all that happen. Why no NDA's? Your story is just Johnfixion. John captivated you people with great storytelling. He was good at that. John did a few of those things you mention, but then again, if something was moved on a desk, how would he know if Gary didn't just move it for some reason? Or if some stranger walked in and went through his stuff because he kept everything totally unsecured? Or maybe he wised up in the last few years, but certainly we all saw otherwise for years. So then you say "he read everything there was to read on a subject." Wow you are really naive. This is actually impossible today, and possibly impossible for most subjects. But that is how far your delusion goes. You truly do believe he was a god. Or maybe you are saying all this just to make him look bad. You are doing a great job of confirming everything I am talking about. So he was aware of Benitez eh? So why not give him credit? It wasn't just kernels Tom, and there were so many others. What did he ever do with the crystal cells. I watched those guys spend all their time on that and change them every day. There was only one LED on the whole time, and that came from Marcus in Germany. All of John's stuff changed every day. And when I eventually asked them what it would take to make some real power off of that, it was not possible and it would take thousands more dollars to make such a battery than buying regular batteries. What a complete joke. And all that wasted time when so much more could have been done. I think you were just mystified with his storytelling. You are a complete captive in this cult Tom. You think everything he said was truth because you just sucked up to him. The picture I showed is actual video people. You can watch it yourself. You can see Tom lies about how John worked with me. See what he said about me. Rick was the only one... I fully endorse what Rick has produced... etc. You can see what John wrote. You can see his manifest attitudes. My picture is a distorted view of your idolatrous image you have fallen in love with. You put this man in the place of Christ Tom. You completely betray your faith. So you believe in his voodoo box I see. Well that says it all. What more can a man say to that. If you all hated me so much then why didn't you just show me how it worked. lol You are so gullible Tom. You just believe whatever he told you. You say you know why and you can do this or that. But it is all a lie. You were never shown anything and you cannot back up anything you say in that respect and everything else in dispute. Show us that you have the output you claim, just a hint of it Tom. Come on, you can do it. Show us some actual evidence that that machine wasn't just a wooden box. Don't give me this about Gary. I heard Gary say the same thing with tongue in cheek. You obviously didn't know Gary as he mocked that story all the time. So is that the extent of your objectivity? You got everything from John, who knew everything about everything he studied, which was pretty much everything there is to know, ancient and modern. lol And Gary backed it up. Wow, that is convincing. You really should have believed that testimony. I'll have to think of all the other wild things John used to say. You probably bought into everything. Wow, you probably know everything about everything now that you knew John so intimately. Bedini cult worshipers should now worship you. I mean it sounds like you were sleeping in the same room with him and worked for him. Or maybe you just came around there a few times a year? Isn't that what you said before? Hmm, how the story gets so enlarged Tom. As for RS again, you are just a silly man. What was it Cliffard or what was your name again? I'll have to look it up. This is nonsense. I met you at the conference and we just said a few words. Nothing good or bad. There was no drama with us there. I don't recall being at odds with you there. But you were always JB this JB that, and hung on his every word more than most people. So I guess I could expect you to sell your soul to him like Tom. Notice your reasoning. Everything you say you admit comes from JB. So how are you being objective? And further, you say something was posted and it could only be me or you? How so? If Stan sent us the files, why could he not have posted it or someone else he sent it to? What are you on buddy? The reasoning is all gone man. So how could you have called JB about the oscillator before I showed John when I have the emails showing when he first learned of it and that corresponds to him blowing up on the list right after. You have dreamed something else buddy. If that storyline was true then John would have not worked with me as he did. You are completely confusing the storyline. I guess I was being talked about by John during that meeting because it was my convention after all. See the video I posted and the good words he said about me there. It completely contradicts your claims. That is unless you believe that John said one thing in public and the opposite in private. Which is what he actually did about you guys. And why would I want you out of that meeting? Why would I ask John to do something like that to anyone. I had my own staff. There was only one person I had to remove who was stirring up trouble. I welcomed you. In fact I may have the recording of me meeting you. I'll have to look at the tapes again. So if I treated you so bad then why would I ask you to be a moderator? Your logic defies reason. Why would you think I needed you to get info? I was on the phone with JB and could ask him anything if I wanted to. You are so filled with assumptions. You acted like you were an expert but you were not. You never showed anything in the end. So lots of hype and John worship. Well guys, it is truly amazing to see the depth of your delusions. It is good for people to see the legacy of this legend in your suspending all objectivity to believe anything this man said, well only the things you care to focus on. You don't actually believe all the other side of the contradictions he said. Or maybe that is your personality as well. Believe one thing one day and the next day when it suits you believe the opposite. To one person say one thing and another say the opposite. I suppose you would have learned that from your master.