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Rick's Response #05

this is a response to Tom and now RS

As for RS and the oscillator incident. Remember I still have all of the emails, including to and from JB. So who are the liars boys? This is the whole reason I had to set the record straight because JB lied about this. Again, if I had been in the wrong in that then why was he not against me from then on? And why would I send him the emails that showed that? The fact is that when Stan sent me the email with the oscillator on it he said not to tell JB because he would be upset with that. I was watching these guys, including you RS, to see what you would do. You all know how loyal I was to John. And I did tell him. I sent him the files not once but twice. First in 2005 and then again in 2010 because he had lost them, as you see in the headers. I have both sets of emails. These were guys on the lists who were really active. But then Stan shared that and because of that John went ballistic. He was very upset with Stan but not at all with me. Why would he be? I told him. You did not tell him RS, I did. You may have learned later, but it is my email that went back and forth with him as I still have. If I was part of that then John would have put me on his certain list as he mentioned at the time. I also have all the list emails people. No, I worked as a friend with John for years after, as that was at the beginning. You guys are just too old to get your facts right. lol So what kind of man goes around telling people that I stole from him with other guys 8 years earlier when I gave him the very files about the matter? What kind of man mixes up the words so that the public cannot tell who was saying what, so that it makes them think I did something wrong in that merely because he lumps me in with them 8 years later?

(continued below)

The truth is I brought it to his attention as a diehard supporter and he thanked
me for that. He worked with me for many years after that. And then when we parted ways this was the kind of thing he twisted around to make me look bad. Why? Because he had nothing else. So this is an obvious lie in itself. But maybe you folks have no ability to make some basic logical deductions. 1. A. If I had done something as he later claimed I did. B. Then he would have ALWAYS viewed me the same way and never worked with me. 2. A. If I had Not done what he later claimed I did. B. Then he would have been fine to work with me. C. If he later parted company with me then he could group me into the guilt of this other guy merely because I had some email exchanges with him but then he had to change the wording around. There is no way to consider it otherwise, and I have all the emails pertaining to it and JB's own admission is that I sent him all the details about it. Very poor logic people. But that was the kind of gossip and backstabbing he engaged in. Even towards you people, at least in word. I have recorded words he said about certain people that they would not appreciate knowing he said, and would blow away this whole group's respect for the man. I have been very mild about this to avoid creating hatred for him. It is one thing to part ways for various reasons, but to publish a report like this as if I was at fault in that and actually stole something, and that behind his back when I reported what this guy did, is very low. It shows the kind of man he became. And you guys now share in that guilt because you spread these lies so foolishly. You are the ones exposing your foolish idolatry. RS, and how did you "know" who Stan shared that info with? I mean you guys act like you are watching a movie and know everything about Stan or about everyone? Your nonsense is alarming. Or maybe you were working with Stan as a partner? And how do you know "He almost did not get the SSG patent"? Says who? John himself? Is that where you learned that? Or were you involved with the patent attorney? Get real RS. You have all fallen for the tales of your legend. And btw, Stan didn't sign an NDA either. So why did John not have Stan and me sign NDAs and then allow me to film everything there and give Stan one of these oscillators? Tom says he witnessed me signing an NDA even when there was no place for a signature on their NDAs and Tom only came around much later (like 2010?). So when was it boys? 2005 or 2010, or last night in your dreams? This whole story is so messed up. But at least you all can admit that they were horribly dysfunctional as a company. A 2 million dollar company doing R&D with doors wide open from 4AM to the public, and allowing cameras to film whatever, people to leave the building with prototypes unpatented. This is all completely in violation of their own NDAs which require absolute protection of intellectual property. The truth is John could not help himself in this respect and then would be angry at himself later for doing it. And then try and blame someone for his own mistakes. The whole story is so filled with contradictions it is a real joke. Again, you guys have no idea about any of this because you weren't there. All you do is assume and trusted that John was telling you the whole story when it wasn't. I have thousands of facts and hundreds of witnesses who visited our shops and knew full well these details. The more you press these foolish tales the worse it is going to look for you and your idol. And what is this nonsense about a Poly? You have nothing real to talk about so you try and find a way out of your lost argument by ending it with that? Oh I would have a lot of questions for you boys. But you are so impaired already that you would not be able to take such a test. Again, Tom fails to deal with the actual publicly viewable facts and has to divert everyone from such. The point is, you boys don't know what you are talking about because simply you were not there. End of story. Also, you are not only ignorant of this particular history but of patent history, and the history of this technology. You probably are not even aware that all the Bedini patents were let to expire in the last 2 years. You probably have no clue what happened with their stock and all the mismanagement there. Nor with all the people that lost thousands of dollars because of them as well, even millions of dollars people. You single me out because of a few mistakes real or supposed I may have done. You have to make up stuff that is laughable about me. But public record shows what these guys did, and you act like it doesn't exist. Scores of people have been burned. What you write about me actually does not apply to me but them. You have countless publicly stated contradictions. You have publicly recorded slanders and needless rudeness. You have many examples of factual errors and silly beliefs. And you worshiped this man blinding yourself from all this. You act like he invented sliced bread because you do not know the prior art. Just go and read the patents themselves and see just the prior art mentioned. You guys are just groupies and always have been that. But you were not even true students of John and that was why he never respected you behind your backs. You go to the back stage and throw yourselves down at your idol but where has that got you? Just steeped in prejudice and unable to think for yourself.