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Rick's Response #04

this is a response to Tom C

Wow Tom, the funny thing is that all that could have been said in a few
words. LOL! Who is the one multiplying words? I thought you said you were
done anyway? Yeah you all understand that you are not on the side of the
truth and have nothing to back up anything. You cannot admit any of you
have done anything wrong, and hardly can admit anything I have done was
good. This everyone can see now. You have overstated your position both
for John, in making him a god, and in attacking me as if I am altogether
wrong. You see Tom, I am not altogether right and know I have a lot to
learn and grow in. I can admit that. "But you are the men and wisdom will
die with you!" You cannot address what everyone can see in video and the
real facts. Your attitude is manifest to all. Your evasions. I am not
taking anything from Bedini. What did Bedini actually invent anyway? You
don't even know anything of prior art as I have shown. I suppose you think
Benitez learned from John 100 years ago. Or that John showed Andrews the
SG? Novelty electric motor. US3783550 Jan 8, 1974
https://www.google.com/patents/US3783550 Just exactly what did John invent
or own? You don't even know what I have given him over the years with no
contract or obligation. More than anyone. I did more to support him than
you ever did. But I was deceived about this legend idea you are trying to
promote. I mislead you and others in supporting that idea and now I
retract that. One day you may open your eyes to see your idolatry Tom. You
have put yourself in a box and have no clue about prior art or much of any
of this history. You have agreed to defend people against the truth
instead of being objective and realizing they had both truth and error.
You cannot bring yourself to do that as then he wouldn't be your god. You
are so clueless that you cannot see all of John's contradictory statements
and actions. I had to deal with that for years. Yes he contributed some
good, I do not deny that. But acting like he never made a mistake and
didn't even say the things shown on video or audio shows the world that
you are deep in confirmation bias and now a priest of this cult and you
stand to gain to attack those who demystify the fake legend. You have
nothing to offer the public so you divert to mere attack or diversion. And
I'm sure you would beat the polygraph testing as lying is your second
nature. Just look at your last statement also. I never said John was a
dummy, or that I had all the answers. I don't have all the answers. But I
speak and show the truth. What have you ever shown Tom? John wasn't a
dummy. Go back and actually read what I said for once. No, all you did was
listen to gossip that a bunch of drunk guys shared behind people's backs.