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Rick's Response #03

this is a response to Tom C

Now we all can see that you worship John (see countless examples). As everyone can see, Tom focuses on what he wants to and fails to respond to what is important. He runs away because he is only here to try and create suspicion and slander to profit his own business. I am not here to prove myself innocent but simply to bring attention to the truth. I have admitted that I have let people down. Tom cannot admit any mistakes and also claims that Bedini and camp never made a mistake. So who seems realistic to everyone? Someone who actually wasn't there but acts like he was? Someone who only stands to gain by attacking me? Someone who gives no credit where it is due? I give Bedini credit and will show that in a video this weekend. But I will not say he invented sliced bread as Tom and his groupies want you to believe. It is hard to say really what John actually invented. Almost everything I have seen of his work I see others did before him. So why is Tom attacking me? Not just because he wants to build up his business, but because the Mystique of Bedini is being threatened by me showing the history and what Bedini didn't give to the world. Look people, I would not do any of this for any other reason than I get countless people in the FE community all over the world contacting me and revealing their confusion about these things and wasting their time and money with fairy tales. It is time to point people in the right direction and not point them to some 'Legend' that kept us all in a mystery and never used the technology he claimed he had, and how he never sold you anything practical along those lines. Yes, John did not give you kits, I did. He said not to do it. He said people didn't deserve it. All who read his countless emails know this attitude. Even the generator he did put out in the 80s didn't do anything practical at all. I had one for a long time and it didn't do anything. I also had access to his museum which had the originals for years. So the public has a right to know and they have asked me these questions countless times for 13 years now: Why didn't John use free energy himself? Why did he not sell it? Why did he not make things clear? The only suggestion is a conspiracy theory that he gave us that cannot be verified: He was threatened by two agency thugs to buy gas the rest of his life. Many people will then justify all his actions, and even actions against me and so many other people, because of this one unverifiable tale. The skeptics think it is because he really didn't have anything. The followers believe everything he said. But the truth is that he did have a lot of things figured out, but that he got that from others and just didn't let you know that. Why is Tom so upset with me sharing this and getting to the real truth of the matter?

(continued below)

For example, why did this whole camp of people never focus on Carlos Benitez
and others that were long before Bedini? Because John wanted to draw attention
to himself and create a name for himself. I can't count the times he told me
these exact words: "I learned from the Jews that you keep your name in the public whether good or bad, as long as they keep focused on you." It really wasn't about helping people get energy independence, but about building a legacy of fame. Tom, you're wrong, I never claimed to be anything. I am still nothing. Just a worm, just a nobody. I don't care what happens to me or what people want to believe. I am going to keep at this work and try to help people as best I can even when they don't like it. Maybe even you will benefit from that. I make mistakes. I know you are perfect in mind and body. I'm sorry I don't measure up to your perfection. I thank you for your public emails as they now show everyone the truth as I will show now:
"Well as you can see everyone, it was like I said, he writes so much and says so little. it would take hours and hours to unwind the fable that is ricks response."
Notice all the fallacies Tom engages in here. He cannot actually respond and has to resort to mere diversion. I could but I don't have time. Actually Tom can't respond because he just looks worse the more he writes because he has made himself out to be someone present when he was not, someone who knows everything when he knows almost nothing about any of these things. In the last response he tried to mention my friend who bought the 30 coiler as if he was somehow treated wrongly by me. But in fact he was conned into getting Energenx stock. He took that loss but he was more harmed by encouraging his friends to do the same and he felt bad that he had done that. We had no problem with the 30 coiler. This was a private matter between us. He came to my convention and presented it himself with pride and satisfaction. I recorded it and we worked out privately all the details. Tom had nothing to do with him or me in these matters. He had no clue. All he knows is that later this was sold. He doesn't know my dealing with this friend of mine. But he jumps on whatever he can to try and twist it to look bad. So this story goes to show what he does with everything as we will see further.
"This stuff so easily can turn into a cat fight. "
I don't cat fight. I don't care for myself Tom. I will admit failure or any truth. And I don't doubt that I will be corrected in some matters, both in regards to history or technology. I have a lot to learn. I can possibly learn something from you Tom, or at least by this experience. Hopefully you can have such attitudes.
"it is often the case with Rick that he wraps a lie in the truth and then expounds upon it."
Asa Mahan, one of the greatest philosophers of all time wrote in 1883: Naked error is powerless to deceive and borrows all of its effectiveness from fragments of the truth with which it is associated." This is what Tom suggests about me. I think it is evident who is given to such bent in this exchange.
"I moderated the yahoo groups until the Day John Bedini had them shut down and moved to energy science forum. they were John's, his name and he was the owner. "
This is the first example of Tom mixing truth with error of context and omission. Tom was not around for a long while. I started all the Bedini Monopole groups: Bedini Monopole, Bedini Monopole 2, Bedni Monopole 3, and several others. I alone moderated them and John came in a little and did some moderation. He was not the owner, I alone was the owner. Later I made him a co owner, and as such any owner could remove any other owner. Sometime later Marcia helped moderate for a season. She was Tom Bearden's secretary and worked for Tony shipping out their publications. She did a good job for the most part. Tom was not around, he was not a moderator. I started all this in late 2004. After years of helping people on these groups I no long had time to run them as I was doing so many other things. I wrongly let Koorn and Tom try and help out. Josh I can't complain about and he is my friend. Koorn and Tom wanted to profit from this. They were supposed to be my dealers and were among the dealers who went behind my back and turned on me like others. Ironically this is what John claimed happened to him with his Amps. These guys I tried to correct from time to time on in their moderating the groups. It was either have no moderation or no groups or have such people try and help. So it is my failure to let such people mess things up and then allow them to create an impression that they were really something because they were involved in a little way. As for shutting me down, John said to me that he didn't actually shut me down himself, but had Tom do it for him after he removed me as an owner. So this is Tom mixing the facts and failing to admit essential details. I saved everything, even all the email exchanges, online and offline. Even the email exchange that John changed the wording of to make me look bad to the public (which actually caused me to respond to all this). Yes, I gave John emails back in 2005 showing how someone had betrayed him. Then he went ballistic on the groups about it. He was not mad at me because I was the one who showed this to him. Yet 8 years later he decided to change the wording of those emails and post some of them to make it appear that I did something wrong. This shows that John was not only a liar but slandered the very person that brought it to his attention. For you can see where he shows the email was sent by me to him. Why would I send him showing I betrayed him? If I had, why would he ever work with me again? And if it wasn't an issue why would it be 8 years later. Anyway, I have the emails to him and from him about it. They show that he changed the words and who said what. This was bait to get me to have a big fight with him, but I never engaged. But since he passed without correcting that I felt it necessary to deny this vicious betrayal and lie. It is one thing for people to change other people's words like that, but when the person was actually protecting them and then they later use that against them, that is very evil.
"Hundreds of emails from hundreds of disgruntled customers, non responsive from Rick and Dan, all he said was please forward, so we did. still have them from the yahoo groups... "
When there are tens of thousands of email from people then a small percentage of people will have complaints. Most of the issues pertained to missing parts. My shipper slowly began to not put all the parts in. When it became every third order then we had to take over shipping ourselves. I didn't know that was happening until my staff told me of this after it had gotten out of hand. At the same time Bedini delayed the manufacture of the chargers and so orders were late at times. I did what I could with the people I had, including John as one of these people (although he himself did not manufacture). People were let down. Koorn and probably Tom also. These are my regrets. Also, John started to make his own chargers and had some friend from the groups mess up the second model of the rejuvenator. John put in his own charger into it and it burned up. I should never have agreed to that and I almost completely ruined my reputation with that and his solar chargers. This tensions pushed me away from him and these associated people.
"Brett programmed those chargers, not Rick. Brett would work all night and be found asleep at his desk in the mornings. an amazing man who did amazing work."
That is correct. But Brett was paid to do everything he did. I did not get paid for all the work I did. I was not under contract like Brett. Brett and I conversed daily (on the phone) and I have the countless emails between us. We developed these chargers together. They were a mutual work. And there is a lot more to this story than you or the public knows. I appreciated Brett in many ways. I stayed at his home in my frequent visits as we worked on developing the chargers.
"I was at all of the conventions except year 1 of the ferris wheel, which was 2011 I believe, and worked all of them for free. Rick promised us a hotel room for 2012 and we ended up sleeping on the floor of his shop upstairs, and we showered with a water hose attached to a sink."
All of the conventions, there was only three at the time, and the first one was only a mini gathering. Being at the convention doesn't mean you were the man you claim. What did you do at the Sand point meeting? Show up? At the only other meeting you only came a day before. Yes you helped out, and I appreciated it. It was others who really helped out, like Erik who was there for maybe 2 weeks. It was a fun time by all. As you all said. I have you all on video both in public at the meeting and in the shop. I had the camera out in the open and filmed all the conversations. I watched it recently. You can both talk like things were worse than they were but I have the video to prove otherwise. These were great times by all. Yes there was stresses, but that is life. And who do you think made this all happen? Who was it that got John to publicly appear for the first time since 84? That means nothing to me now, but to you groupies it should mean something. I pulled off what is considered an historic event. Yes you helped, but if you never came around then there would have been little difference Tom. You contributions are much less then you want people to think. You are building yourself up more than you ought. You did work, but not the way you make out. No one was asked to help. People did because it was fun. You guys came to basque in the glory of being with a legend. I saw the twinkle in your eyes. John soaked it all up. You all hung on every word he said, and he thought very little of you for doing that, as I recorded him saying. Supposedly I promised a hotel room for people in 2012? There was nothing in 2012. You got dates wrong Tom. Yes it was fun for everyone to camp out. I did what I could and people had a blast as they all said. Yes that makeshift shower was a real laugh. Sorry I didn't live up to your high class Tom.
"I worked on all the machines including the 30 coil machine, the 12 coil with the slant rotor, along with Erik and Josh. they were not designed by Rick, but by another person. That person was never paid for molds, design, work or cad work. he was just able to sell parts. talked with him today as a matter of fact...."
Again, let's share all the details Tom, and not make sweeping statements. I have filmed every minute of these things. You are not the one who did that, it was Josh. You only came at the end. I have the pictures and film of you working on something that never got finished, the bigger ferris Wheel. You did put together the circuit boards in a box. You did help move things around and definitely made a difference for the better. As for designing, you don't have a clue because again, you were not there. Who do you think you are Tom, some enlightened one who knows all history when you are not even there? These designs were all mine. The machinist did indeed design on his own time. But he designed what I told him to do and we worked together. He came up with things that were improvements but he didn't design these motors at all as you claim. You write as if he was let down or something. He was never promised money. He was given work and I always paid him the very day he sent me the invoice. He combined his design work into the cost of parts he sold me. He did very good work.
"I got the 4 pole junior and senior running, there was not enough power from the trigger so I had to scavenge a few wires to get more to the base circuits, you don't remember that Rick because you were not there, but John B was."
I was there and filmed it all. I just looked at that video the other week. While I was busy doing many things I did pay attention to what everyone was doing.
"I worked on the trailer for the 20 foot ferris wheel that Rick never built, I helped wind tiny window motor coils, and assembled kits with Rick's dad, I worked on the lawnmower till midnight several nights, along with Samuel shoham from Israel. "
It is true you did a lot in one day Tom. You even built the pyramids thousands of years ago. lol. I'm not saying you were not a help, but you are tying to make yourself out as the main person in all of this. What did we do without you before you ever learned of us? What did we do at the first big meeting? We waited for you to do everything I guess. The truth is that video shows exactly what you did and said. It shows that you exaggerate goodtimes in to bad times, that you neglect to explain your being there a day before the event, that you did much less then you give impression about, and that you did not understand the technology...
"After Rick departed, I talked with many people that surrounded him in Idaho. Melissa, who was Johns shop tech, neighbors, former employees like vitalie, and mostly Gary and John Himself. "
I see now, I departed, and didn't get booted. hmm. Sounds like you did a very thorough investigation Tom. I'm sure Melissa spoke well of me because I helped her and her mother daily at Energenx so that they could do their jobs better. I set up their work stations and got proper drawers and helped them in that dysfunctional place. They repeatedly thanked me. I taught them some basic electronics because they had no knowledge of what the components where they were assembling. They had no idea how to fix something that would not work because of that. Who do you think fixed the mistakes Tom? Who set up the battery testing bench? Who cleaned up that shop? You say Melissa was a tech? She was an assembler not a tech Tom. You never answered me why Gary did not know the difference between a diode and a resistor or any electronics. You have no idea what mess things were when he tried to order parts? These poor girls had to deal with such a mess of things because no one knew anything about electronics. Why was that Tom? You don't know what happened at all. You can see in the video that this was the case. You talked with neighbors? Most of us talk to our neighbors, good for you. I'm glad you talked to Gary and "John Himself", yes, that is how big he is to you, you capitalize his name as he is your idol. Freudian slip there buddy. That is your problem, you talked to people and were not there Tom. You assume what you want. You did not realize that John and Gary said one thing to one person and another behind their backs. I recorded that. You fell for that. You just assume people like John can not be mistaken or do such things. Why? What makes him so special in this regard that you give him the big capitol H and worship him himself?? You just don't see that you have fallen for a manufactured legend idea just like a cult. What makes a cult work? I'll tell you. They create an impressive image of themselves that is absolutely infallible, and if you question it you question God Himself. This is what you and others have done with John, and he loved that. And Gary DAILY complained about that if you had actually known these guys. You didn't ask Melissa that as she heard that daily. This is what needs to come apart. Because it is idolatry Tom. And you are one of the last priests of this scam legend idea. I only come against it as people are mislead into wasting their time believing every contradictory thing that John ever said just because he said it. That is a serious problem. But all it takes is showing a few facts and this blows this whole thing out of the water, as I have now done. You don't like it as it ruins your invested reputation. So you attack me. But it only reinforces your true character and suppression and this whole lie. People can see the videos for themselves and no pius self-infatuating claims from you mean very much to them. I have been greatly humbled in my life and no doubt deserve all your attacks for going along with this false legend. I am ashamed. And one day you will be also. Your own words are your ruin Tom. My words have come back to me so I am trying to make things right now. This is not easy. I will help you when you are ready.
"as far as my sales. I told you the cost that people would be able to bear in the market I was selling to. I told you how much cash I had. and what the owners were willing to pay. I would have bought 24 of them, if you could have got the cost down, but glad I did not, they only lasted a few years. I asked John why they broke, he showed me where Rick had swapped out components to save money. once he actually told Melissa to use the wrong resistor in a circuit, that whole batch of potted control boards went bad in the field. John had a fit. I heard this from John myself."
This is very funny. Again, I have you on video several years later telling everyone how good the chargers were and how hundreds of batteries were restored. Nothing about failing chargers. What a joke you are indeed. On the one hand Energenx is responsible for making the chargers, then suddenly it all falls on my head. This is the same old Bedini contradiction. When he wanted me to work with a guy to redo one charger and he really failed us, then he sometimes blamed himself for that and finally just blamed me for all of it. But I have him recorded as saying "it was not Rick's fault." Last words said to Dan which we recorded Tom. So what is it? Do we go with what you said in public or years later here? Do we say these were Rick's chargers or Bedini's? Do we say they made them or Rick? The truth is you were not there so you don't know anything. You just accept hearsay and your own assumptions. Look at the kind of things you bring up, it shows how desperate you are to say anything that could remotely make me look bad in some possible way. What parts did I swap out? John was the one who was all about "Muntzinizing" as he called it, that is a word for removing Redundancy. He wanted to cut costs. He started by hiring people who did not know anything about electronics. Starting with his brother, who, after 40 years never learned the first thing about electronics as John says in the video I showed. Same with his staff. There is a reason why he kept people like this around him, and drove engineers away, he didn't want people to know how little he knew. So what is the real story Tom? What happened in that shop? You may have visited a few times but you were not there Tom, you have no clue. You talk about the costs of the chargers and me saving money. What did I do? A guy worked for them and ended up sleeping on the job and one of the girls comes over to my shop crying about it. Why to me and not John or Gary? Because I got things done and they appreciated me. I helped them. I helped John and Gary in their mess. I wasn't there to judge. But I did get myself compromised in their mess and that was difficult to sort out. So what resistor are we talking about? Man, you are so ignorant of what went on for years. Your story line is so scant because all you do is single out anything that may sound bad. A resistor. A wrong resistor once. Did that even happen? Well why would I be responsible for such matters? Was I the manufacturer? Was I paid by Energenx? No. Why were people not hired to know what they were doing? Why was John not involved in his own shop? Why was he just playing around with his toys and spending weeks on baking bread instead of doing real work? Talking but not helping. And why were the prices so high? Because they charged so much to do so little. Look at your prices Tom, they have only gotten higher since I left, double! You all really know how to milk people. John did this with his solar chargers, where he added hudrends of dollars more just to add one $2 fet! Now you know all these things because why? Oh you talked to John yourself. Hearsay Tom. You were not there so what does it matter? You have no idea of the mistakes everyone made, why single me out or make up resistor stories? What about Gary calling the fets "spoons" because they had the letters s p and n in them, with some zeros? You don't know the significance of that because you were not around Tom. None of us understood why he would call them that. But it was because he didn't know what a fet was and he was struggling so hard to order parts he didn't know the purpose of. So don't talk to me about pretend failures when the whole structure of that place was complete disfunctionality. Then there was the mismanagement of the stock that I heard them fight about daily, and insider trading...
"I have personally seen 12 to 1 on the bench and have looped and self run... but you see I honor The NDA that I did sign, so I don't show or talk about things that I was asked not to. so lets just say that you telling me I don't know what I am talking about is a crock. "
Essentially you are saying an unverifiable thing are you not? I know something I cannot share. Anyone can say that Tom. Ever ask yourself why all these people have never told the public what they practically need to know? I already told you 1 to 12 (lol) years ago and demonstrated that to the public. I made things practical, but John said not to as the public is not worthy. You have fallen for a con Tom. What have you ever done with that supposed knowledge you have? Did you go over to China to give it to them and not to the US like you boast about? Why don't you show us now this 12 to 1. I mean getting 1 out of 12 is not very impressive. But I think you mean 1 to 12 perhaps. Show us this as that is all what people care about. I have done this while you all sit and attack and sell expensive product needlessly. Did you show a vehicle drive? I don't see any real work, just words Tom. Show some originality other than the assumptions you are known for. I have shown what I could from the beginning. You are piggybacking on my work. I'm not saying I'm special or some inventor. I just worked hard and made some foolish decisions here and there. Forgive me for my mistakes but don't act like you have done the work I have done in all this.
"you did not go to china rick, because you are Canadian, and could not get a passport to travel, that is what you told me. "
This is about as silly as it gets. The Chinese wanted me to go there right away. My passport had just expired and would take about a month to renew. So I sent Koorn who was close by in Australia (big mistake as he didn't know what he was doing). I didn't take the Chinese seriously. And the China deal fell through because of patent law. China will not grant a patent 1 year after international patents are filed because too much time has passed. So they came back unable to make any business deals. You would think all these people would have figured that out before money was exchanged and time wasted.
"you see what I mean everyone, its a lie wrapped in a nugget of truth, He did not go to china, but his reason for why is wrong..."
Just look at the leaps you have taken because of your own silly assumptions. This is a non-issue you blow out of proportion. I didn't say I couldn't get a passport but rather I could not renew it in time. Wow you really show your bias Tom. Bent on finding anything. There is enough of my mistakes but you want to make up stuff. What was the nugget of truth anyway? lol Why would I lie about a passport? If I couldn't get a passport then I couldn't travel outside the US could I? What nonsense Tom. You look so silly now. Thank you for showing everyone such silly things. This is the substance of your attack against me, it all boils down to this. Rick said he couldn't get a passport and Tom assumed it meant ever. Wow. Breathtaking scandal!!!
"I am sorry I do not have time to answer all of the things Rick has said. but lets just say they are almost all lies."
Yes and this story really gave reason to just assume everything, well almost everything, is a lie. Tom says he does not have the time to tell the truth so he just gives us encouragement to assume evil no matter what about things he was not even there for.
"Rick is a pathological liar, it gets lost in his verbosity. so much to say so many stories, so much untrue."
This is exactly what pathological liars do, is call others that and then say they have no time for telling you the truth. You just proved to the world who you are Tom. And you reveal the agenda of your camp. The motives for it are clear. Thank you for bringing this all to light. Now this whole thing is clear for what it is.
"so many people burned and a path of destruction in his wake. "
Wow. Yes, WW1 and WW2. Look out here comes WW3 lol!
"People have met me and know me...... they know how I conduct business, they know how Teslagenx handles phone calls, emails, texts and warranty. I paid John up front for every unit sold, paid in advance for every charger or tracker ordered, we handle all of the warranty our self, including all repairs, including shipping damage."
Yes but what did John say about you behind your back Tom? How did he laugh at people like you, groupies, who sucked up to him and just believed anything he said, and that worshiped him. John didn't put me in that camp because I proved things out to myself and was my own man. Now I did fall for his legend nonsense to some degree, but I was not some worshiper like you are. As for your business it shows you are motivated to attack me because to stand to gain with my demise. If you were not in that position people may listen more. But you don't understand how greed motivates people and has got you all locked up in evil assumptions. You also cannot see your pride. You cannot admit that you are wrong about John as you never really knew him. He was not a legend. He was an ordinary guy like you and me. Just a hobbyist who met some interesting people. But you can't let go of this idol. So why do you rip people off with such high profits Tom? $40 for a circuit board that costs $7 at the most? This was the same as John, sell high for little work.
"When the acrylic kits were selling and sold out, we gave people money back that did not get theirs."
So why do you people never give the world anything that does anything? Why was I the only one to bother trying to do something all these years? Who came up the the idea of the kits? Tom, it is true that I am nothing. I'm just a fool trying to do something. Why do you guys hide behind stories and supposed NDA's that are now over or dissolved? Why not just tell the world what you know. Or better yet demonstrate it? You all attack me now because I do that myself. This is the deeper reason for these attacks. The guy who made it all happen gets attacked. When he leaves these suppression people they attack him and still do nothing. What was the point of that whole company Tom? You don't even know the history at all. What was it for? What did it ever do? What are you doing with your company? Making a profit I bet. But are you giving the world FE? You say you know but you do not help the world at all. You attack those who are actually doing something. I haven't seen you do anything. So you have not earned a place to say anything...
"There are still people out there that have not received, DVD's, kits. kit parts, chargers, and components from Rick. TO THIS DAY."
Well that is something that everyone has to deal with in business. Shipping gets lost once in a while and businesses have to cover those costs. Tom is actually my business manager so he knows all my transactions apparently.
"enough said, I am thru with this."
That is very good as you are making yourself look worse and worse the more you make up lies Tom Childs.
"Bottom line is, Rick knew nothing when he met John, still knows nothing, all his circuits are John's or Peters, "
This is a very good admission from you. See your blindness Tom. You think that these guys made up everything when in fact they made up nothing. They discovered everything from others. I was not born into this world on their laps. lol. Years before I heard of them I had done many things in alternative energy. I studied many other people. I was a mechanic some years before and did all sorts of wild things. But it is true, I am nothing. Was nothing then, and nothing now. I'm not about to make myself a legend Tom. lol It is funny that you again say two different things. One is that I was close to John for years. Daily with him for years. And yet I still know nothing. John spoke much differently about me than you do. Again, on video it is recorded in public. "What did Rick do that no one else did?" Such things mean nothing to me. But such foolishness leads to foolish responses. What is very important here people, is that Tom thinks that these things come from John. This is what they want you to believe. But I have shown that long before John was born others patented this technology. But these guys never showed you that. They created a name for themselves so that suckers like Tom would think they invented sliced bread. Again, why was Benitez never mentioned all these years? What do you say to that? There are so many others also. Why focus on one ordinary guy that created a name for himself with other people's ideas? Does this really help the world progress Tom? Stay stuck in a rut listening to stories? Why not make something practical? As for what the monopole is, it is not a Bedini invention. Nor is an Energizer, a motor that charges a battery. Just look at the Bedini patents prior art Tom. Did you ever even do that? No, because you are after a personality because you fall victim to this cult. Adams and Newman were before John. John copied both of them as is so obvious. John told me about him and Cole trying to improve upon Newman's machine. Adams had a monopole as John's oldest pages show him copy. My system more resembles Adams. And here is the question, why would you limit the SSG to just one rotor? I will go over that this weekend in a video. Anyway, I really don't find any originality. It certainly does not come from John. John passed on information without telling you where it came from. Remember, I saw everything at the shop, and even helped scan countless files for John. I scanned his lab notes that ended up in the book. And the 1971 was not part of the original but was a later marking. Those notes had to have been in the 80s if you listen to the 84 audio you realize he knew nothing before then as he said. I typed them out. But it doesn't take that for everyone to see that there is so much prior art that covers everything Bedini said. John was good at looking at the internet at what others were doing and trying to copy it. He had many replications of others. Naturally he tried to improve upon them. But you fall into the same trap as people do with Tesla, as if he invented everything. You just substitute John for Tesla. Tesla also was one among many others before him. So get serious Tom. Your idolatry is so silly.
"I have drawings form the early 80's that show rick's supposed loving paths circuits. "
This shows how little you know. Go back to Benitez and see 100 years ago who did it first. You want to think John invented it but at least Benitez was 100 year earlier. Thanks to Bruce Perrealt for making this known when people like John wanted you to believe they created things. And yes, I will show the connection between the Kromrey booklet and all this. John manifestly copied Kromrey who was just before him in this. But why talk about 80s when there is Benitez 1915-18??? You are so blinded by John worship that you do no original research Tom. You know nothing of history because you are a follower of man. Grow up and be a man for once. Get outside of your little box.
"his dual pole motors, are from a machine John made in '96"
If my dualpole motors are better then why did John not demonstrate them? Why no mention of them at all? The motors are more like Adams than Bedini. The monopole has less than half the mechanical power of the dualpole? If you energize a coil why not take power from both sides? John didn't give the world that which is so obvious people. It is very easy to do that. Was I the first person to do that? No. It goes back a long time before John was born.
"the machine with the north south magnets, with the S1 switch, is something he worked on with John. "
Not sure what machine. So if I worked with John, and John is so divine you address him with capitol H, then how did I learn nothing from that? And if John publicly said the opposite about me that all can see on video, should people believe your hearsay about what John said or John himself? See you got yourself all mixed up Tom. You can't have it both ways. Your story line is biased from someone who wanted to blame everyone but himself. It is from one who spoke publicly and then when he made mistakes wanted to blame others and then take down those admissions later. You said the same things yourself and can't admit your mistakes here. I'm sure after a while he found someone else to blame than me. In the early years it was all about .... (and I won't say his name here) and how he did this and that wrong and caused them their problems. Then after a new guy came and some years was removed, he was blamed for the next 4 years. But that got old, you could only blame a guy for losing a tool for so long. He then started moving on to me to blame. And this was what I was warned about by the previous guy before he was removed...
"nothing of Ricks is original. he Designed nothing. Johns circuits, Johns chargers, Johns solar trackers."
I guess the only original thing we have is our character Tom. You know that every good and perfect gift is from above. Who are we but dust in the wind Tom. I did a few improvements. But what I have I give, my hard work. You work hard to support idolatrous legends as a priest to your god. You lie constantly. You say I designed nothing and yet John is recorded saying otherwise. You select what you want from John and even make up stuff no doubt. If I really did nothing then who did all that work? I don't really care who a good idea comes from as all good ones come from above. I thought you were a Christian Tom. Apparently not. You give credit to man and not God. Since when did these circuits belong to John? You are ignorant of the history of technology and free energy research. As for John's chargers and solar chargers, they were far worse than mine and Bretts chargers. They did far less. They were constantly changing because they failed. The first 10 solar he used 1 oz copper and they all burned up. Junk chargers. The solar just put out straight DC and had zero benefit. You had to wait till 15.5 volts before the pulsing took place. This shows how ignorant John was about battery charging and what the people needed. He created battery killers as was the hated phrase in his shop. He used my batteries to make those solar non-sense and then didn't even put water in them. He killed them with that junk. John John John, that is your life now Tom. Maybe one day you will begin to get out of your box and see actual history and not John's revisionist history. I have spent a lot of time looking through old patents alone. I'm amazed by just what exists in the little time I have spent in that. I will thank Peter for encouraging me to look up old patents when I first met him.
"Rick would be nothing without John Bedini."
I would be a lot better off if I never had got involved. I deeply regret getting messed up in all that. Yes I learned much about the experience. But if I had just read the Benitez patents instead wow, things would have been a whole lot better. John gave some things to the world, and I will go over that shortly. Here we see that Tom has completely slipped into idolatry. He makes John out to be everything. He makes him divine. Here he indirectly quotes the bible and changes Bedini from Christ. Without me you can do nothing. But with Bedini Tom can do nothing. Apparently John benefited nothing from me and I started life out with John. My relationship with John is a curse. There is little I can do about it other than tell the full truth.
"Rick burned his bridge with John and hundreds of people over the last decade."
I burned my bridges with people when was stuck in that dysfunctional mess and tried to make it better. Yes I thought better of myself, that I could make people better. But it messed me up. And when I saw how bad it really was I pulled out. These guys used me to get everything done and then they saw no more need of me and pressured me to give up my business and work for them. I did all the legwork and made things happened. But there was no use and they could not be helped. But I was a threat. I showed too much for these suppressors. People asked why John didn't use the technology like I did. So I had to be silenced. I was erased from the history line. You see the story line doesn't make sense now. But now that I show actual video footage of the truth, and prior art, and real systems, you see the attacks come directly. So now you all know who Tom and his company are.
"I am done here." "Tom C"
Tom, you are done. You have built upon another man's foundation while you accuse another man of doing the same. But this man deceived you about his foundation and copied it from others. I myself, never claimed to have invented this or that. It doesn't bother me who did what Tom. But you are all about the man. To you he is more than man, but a god. You are done because you have nothing really to offer but your cult religion legend, and your hero laughed at you. That is the sad part Tom. He really had no respect for you. You are done because you cannot be your own man. You call yourself after Tesla and Bedini in one mixed word. You represent neither of them, nor do you understand them. You have to build yourself up by making things up about others and following the crowd. Who are the people in history who change the world for better Tom? Not people like you who follow the crowd and just assume what they are told. No, it is people who do independent research. Who go against the grain. Who dare to ask questions. This is not you. You are a follower and not a true team-player. You cannot learn from your enemies. You cannot even see your own friends faults. You are blind Tom. That is why you are done. Completely given to prejudice or confirmation bias. Like I said, show the world something beneficial other than overpriced items. Show us some demonstration of 12 times more output.