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Rick's Response #02

this is a response to Tom C

Who is the liar Tom? Now I have you on record as a liar. You were there when? You came around a few times, and I believe only to one convention (and maybe Sandpoint also). Are you saying I signed some document in front of you?? What a joke. What year was that? 2005 when I first visited? You were not even around then. If they wanted me to sign something it would have been at the beginning when I saw everything and even filmed it. But in fact John wanted me and my staff to sign NDS's when we were moving away in 2012! We just laughed about that yesterday. You were not there when we were leaving or at the beginning. You do not have proof as I do. So do I put your name on a paper and tell everyone you have a NDA with me? I'm sure everyone will believe that. I'm sure you were also there when they signed the Magna Carta which makes you so credible Tom. You can make up whatever story you want, but it will not fit with the facts. People sign NDAs before they see private information. You were never around, only a few times. You were not around at the beginning. So you just proved you are a liar. You and Koorn stand to gain as my competition. Everyone can see this. You make yourself like some kind of big player in all this, but you were just a groupy. I know what that was like as I fell into that myself at the beginning. But it is time for children to grow up and stop idolizing a man who was not what you make him out to be. You don't even know what he said about you and Koorn and others like you. He cared less about you. I recorded him at the end saying so much stuff about people like you. He had little respect for anyone. You guys never knew what you were doing and never understood the technology. People saw that. Marcia did a better job of moderating. You guys tried but you never really got how this stuff works. But it was clear you just wanted to be part of the action and a cool guy in the mix. So you betrayed me in the end and you served your master. And no you really didn't know him. I knew these guys for years daily. You just came to visit a few times to listen to stories. You and Koorn knew nothing of the day to day operations at Energenx. People who came around a few times a year had no idea of what happened. I showed in video what it was like for everyone to see. This contradicts everything you guys say.
(continued below)

Yeah it is impossible to respond to the truth when you are a liar. You just swell words of slander out of thin air. Bottom line is you are on record for lying about witnessing a NDA signing. There is no signature on their NDA's either! Also, you are the competition. You did not work closely with me or John. You just build yourself up so large Tom. We made the 24V rejuvenator for you because you were supposed to sell these to fun centers everywhere, but you only bought a few. I have you on record telling everyone that you had great success with those chargers for 3 years. But you never got on board to sell as you promised. I'm not faulting you for that as sales can be a burden or whatever. But you never worked with any of us closely. And I know what John said about you and everyone. Just watch those 10 hours and see what they said about people even when they knew they were being filmed. You can ignore all that and all my points but everyone else will not and they will know who you really are, even the ones who are your buddies. They can have no real respect for you in this Tom. I can own up to my mistakes but none of you can as you are blind arrogant people. I worked hard and gave you people opportunity. Your whole camp just took over what I built up and then have the nerve to tear me down giving me no respect for all the work I did. I tried Tom, but you guys have no idea of all the scandal, contradiction and foolishness that went on. You judge from the outside. You blame me for things that actually were John's fault. I know what it was like to visit every now and then and everything looks peachy. I did that in 2005 and 2006 in a good number of flights and drives 4000 miles. But this is altogether different when you live there among people. John and I were close as you can see in the videos. He was not close to hardly anyone. You were not close to him. It took time to really get to know him. He had his bad times and better times. I never did him wrong. The worst thing I did was accidentally nick the paint off his old Harley when the lift bar fell back. I fessed up to that and yet he never really forgave that accident. I only blew up at him once after he was acting crazy. And he actually smiled that I finally did that after years of his nonsense. Are you aware of what he called himself to us daily? Probably not. He said he was "an Ass" and no one disputed that. He could be nice and sometimes give things away to staff. But he also admitted some of his problems and told us this daily. You can see a sanitized version of this in the 11 hours of video. I had to remove swear words from the recording, and other parts people would not appreciate. But you can get my point. He was no superhero as you make out. He was no saint and never claimed to be. It was very hard to reason with him. So you can see I did what I did and he played with his toys and baked bread or played with crystals for years. I had to do my time with him as an emotional need he had. 3 hours a day I listened to him rant and rave about the end of the world and everything under the sun. But I'm sure you were there for all that, hiding behind a peep hole somewhere witnessing everything. Eventually Chuck came around and I didn't have to waste that 3 hours a day. But eventually he would wonder over to my shop and follow me around the same way. He would do that with the other staff, and his staff. He did that back in California so Gary moved the workers to another location. John talked, and I heard it all. I heard when he was sober and when he was tipsy and drunk. And I was mistaken about him after I got to know him very well. You are like I was at the beginning, a visitor who defends him at all cost and never could be open to truth. I know what that is like Tom. I remember people like me warning me about their history. I passed over that and am to blame for how much I promoted all this. I am not saying the SSG is bad or doesn't work, etc. We are talking about politics here as that is what you want. I have met a lot of people over these 13 years who have had dealings with these people. Some are out thousands, others hundreds of thousands, and then there is ... who is out the most. If you knew anything about this history you know who I am talking about, and that is not me by any means. Yes I will out talk you because I have the real facts and have recorded them and I have actually done the work while people like you two get to benefit from my work and then pick me apart. As for Ronda, I never had issue with her. She was nice and understanding. I did them no wrong. We went out to dinner every Friday for some years. John begged me to never stop doing that no matter what happened in the shop. I did that until I could no longer. You guys make it out like John fired me or something, but you completely misunderstand what was going on. I tried to give you a feel for what life was really like with us in the videos. You see both John and Gary asking me about everything. I was always helping these guys, they depended upon me for countless things. You can see if you watched the videos that John admits Gary didn't know the first thing about electronics. How can you explain that? I tried to help them and I did a lot. But I could not fix the serious problems. And when I realized how big and deep the mess really was I pulled away as quietly as I could. I have the video of Gary begging me to come back to them and work it out. I have John talking over an hour to me in our last conversation saying what he really thought about you guys in the FE community. Now that is a huge embarrassment and it is so foul. Also what he said to my staff in their last visits to his shop. He was recording everyone on the phone as it was a one party state in recording laws, so I decided to do the same with him. These guys were all talk and no bite. They did with you what they did with me, talk behind your backs. You can see this and if you were really around more than a few times then you would have witnessed them do that. I had to listen to them go back and forth like that with the internal Energenx legal dispute for a year! Say one thing on the phone and then another after. What a dysfunctional mess! You will make up so much stuff Tom (why not do something constructive?). You may even put up some of my mistakes. I have failed. I did what I could. And under so much pressure I failed at times. I still fail at times. I did let my spiritual life slide during those Idaho years and I am not proud of that. You can kick me for that, I deserve it. God is our Judge in these matters. I have much to be ashamed of. But I didn't sign any NDA with Bedini and I did those guys no wrong. At times I failed customers and did what I could to make things good. You can hang me for messing up a few times out of thousands of good things. But who are you Mr Self-righteous? You talk like a typical politician who supports his party at all costs and never can admit anything wrong in himself or his idol. You are not realistic. You are not a real person Tom and everyone can see it now. I have given blood, sweet and tears to make things happen and everyone knows it. And I continue to do that and will continue. You guys have tried to erase me from history. I see how the storyline has changed. How many videos were actually done by me that you are not aware of? Who is the one who made so much of this happen? Tom, I had no training in any of this. I don't claim to be some expert. I just tried to help where I could because people asked me. You wanted things so I gave them to you. John and Gary wanted a whole lot more and I gave them what I could. But unfortunately I got mixed up in their mess and I fell for the false legend story line for a season. I own up to that now. Beat me down for that if you want. You cannot give something to someone and then demand it back. The law does not work that way Tom. You made a video where you admitted how good the chargers are and what they have done and after you turn on me then you demand it be removed. You can complain all you want but it is all the same as John giving out info on the groups or to visitors and then demanding Yahoo to shut down a group or trying to get someone years later to sign an NDA. Who is the fool Tom? Tom, you say all of you knew me closely. How was that when I only met you what two or three times at the most? Did we ever talk on the phone? No. So how were you close to me? We went out to eat a few times. There were emails no doubt, but you didn't know me at all. And you lie again in saying all of you are one man. Just you and Koorn. Not the others, so you lie. Marcia was before you and you didn't know her. Josh is still my friend and is not supportive of your lies and attacks against me. You and Koorn are out to get me because you are a diehard groupy of John's and are commercially motivated to attack me as your competitor. I made the mistake of sending over Koorn to China after they ran the motors without batteries. I really didn't want to go to China and deal with them. They were nice but that was going nowhere. So I set up Koorn nicely with them but he didn't know the monopole just as you didn't. I remember you guys all sitting there at one Convention meal we had and asking me together, Rick, so what is the secret to making this all work? Then I realized that you guys really didn't understand the first thing about this technology, and didn't understand John either. No wonder the lists failed during those years. But it was my fault in letting people who did not know the technology try to help others. So then you both got proud and act like you know something or are something because you were there with the legend a few times. Whatever Tom. I never had investors. Not sure what that means. Who is the one who took people's money and never delivered anything. The list is to the sky Tom. But you don't know anything about such things as you were not around. You lived far away and did not have a part with the operations. As for the guy who bought the one 30 coiler, he was and still is a good friend of mine. We have no issue with that motor. This is Tom making up false arguments that are hearsay and conjecture. I never sold a motor for 30k. And I guess everyone is Tom's friend and everyone hates me. And I guess I could say Tom sold this and that to anyone. Tom, you know everything. Don't you realize that you have confirmation bias. It is so obvious. But worse, you have to make up stuff. But look, you twist everything to fit your agenda. If something MAY be bad you assume it IS because you are given to ad hominem arguments and assumptions. You call yourself a Christian but you are the unrighteous judge and liar. You guys all betrayed me. You all turned against me. Maybe it was because I showed too much. John also said not do make any kit or demonstrate anything. I never asked for John's permission for these things. He was not the boss. He worked for me. You all just don't realize. Yes I tried to help them, but they manufactured product for me. Three companies depended upon me for income. I didn't ask for permission. I made things and paid people to make them and that was that. And because people asked for them. Then when I built up and showed the boat running and other things maybe it went too far and you people wanted to shut me down. Who knows what motivates people? But John said not to show anything. But when I did he went along with things. When you all betrayed me I sold off my prototypes. That was fine for me to do. I had better ones to develop anyways. As for the Chinese, I really didn't care for that deal. They gave a lot of money and who knows what happened there. I sold my stuff to pay the bills. John put pressure on me to sell more but he destroyed all this with his problems. He brought in .... and he ruined everything he touched. Then blamed me. So then he got upset that the sales were down and they couldn't pay their bills (and I still get calls from vendors who were never paid, just the other day). But this summer I learned that 250k was given them by people who never got anything from them during that same time period. I see now that the story goes so much deeper... Anyway, there is nothing wrong with me selling my prototypes to pay the bills. I guess that is some crime. Again, I was not under anything with John and Gary as you can see in the videos. They worked for me and I helped them function. Permission. Hah! My relationship with the Chinese did not go South even though they are far east. lol. I talked to them and that was it. I didn't have the opportunity or interest to go to China and definitely have reservations with doing anything China related. There was no bad ending with me and these people. I never mocked your faith. You went on and on about raising the dead and you actually sounded presumptuous. If I had mocked you in any way you would not have stayed around or been involved. It is so easy for you guys to praise me on one side of your face and when things go bad to deny it later and make it look all bad. You have no idea Tom. I am very familiar with your particular brand of Christianity and I can tolerate it. But John hated the kind of attitude you displayed there. (Remember, I know his family history and you don't.) And he told me so. But he didn't turn away people who wanted to help and praise him. You just fell for it like others. If you had a problem with me at the time you should have talked to me from one Christian to another. But you are known by your fruit to all Tom. I would that I could be reconciled to all people. I have spent a great deal of my life making right the wrongs I have done to others as I have shared in my testimony. I was deeply grieved when both Bedini's died, more than you could have known. I was very sad with what they did to me and refused to make things right. Does a liar admit to shedding many tears for his enemy? I am a peacemaker and try to work things out. But you are all war and evil assuming and lying. You have no Christian grace in any respect. You treat me worse than a dog. You have no interest in reconciliation. No honesty of heart. All is confirmation bias. And now you have demonstrated that to the world. Tom, we will all have to give an account of our dealings and our attitudes before God. It is not man you have to worry about. You live by popularity vote. You have the money and the upper hand but what does all that matter? In a few years we will all see everything as it really happened and will have One Judge. This is the One that said anyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ will be persecuted, and that daily. Those in the truth walk the narrow road Tom. They get abused by the world. Sometimes they fall but by God's grace they get up. The presumptuous ones kick them when they are down. Even their own friends, if you remember Job, can mock them when it looks bad. But God knows His people and the life of sacrifice they are called to. The truth eventually comes out. People can see all this Tom. But I know people will believe what they want depending on their bent and heart. Most people are given like you to confirmation bias. I spend a great deal of time looking at my own heart in this regard in all areas of life. I'm not motivated by what others think, but by what is the truth. Believe what you want for now, one day it will work against you...