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Personal Attacks against me for promoting Free Energy Technology.
Recently I decided to finally give a response to the slander of John Bedini against me and set the record straight considering that he has recently passed away and never bothered to clear up a slander he published against me. I ignored this for about four years as he was the type to want to fight about things and I wasn't going to satisfy him in that way. After I recently posted a series of videos of John and I working together and details about our relationship in these matters I expected some more attacks which have now started. Here are my videos that give a little sliver of the real story: Why John Bedini and Rick Friedrich Parted Ways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DJ-QH3h-xo Bedini Tesla Switch, What's wrong with it? It KILLS Batteries! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1FyajzU3So John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Presentation at the Nov 2010 Renaissance Charge Convention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlcfSi0mT3U John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Typical Day in the Shop Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf79Q0NXIn8 John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Typical Day in the Shop Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y7PHmSkQ6c John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Pre-Convention Setup Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBGmCLqBAvg John C Bedini Motors Closeup from 2005. Original 1984 Tesla Switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiHmn6-l7h4 [The next video only indirectly pertains to what I am saying here, and that is that I had a close relationship with John and we did many videos together like this.] Howard Johnson's Original Trains Demonstration with John Bedini and Rick Friedrich https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13zTJz3VXnM The following in quotation was posted on a website and reposted on a competitors forum by a person who is unwilling to share who they are, which should be a sign that their attacks are cowardly and mistaken. See if you can connect the dots: “In the early to mid 2000’s, Rick Friedrich proposed a business deal to EnergenX, Inc., a company headed up by a world famous electrical engineer, John Bedini.” In the mid 2000's I volunteered to help people in finding free energy systems. Renaissance Charge was later started to sell battery chargers invented by several people, one of whom was me. The idea of each charger and much of its functionality was created by me. I never signed any contract with any company pertaining to these chargers. They were a mutual effort. I did the testing of them and it was my label that was always on these chargers. There is no patent on these chargers. And Energenx patents expired two years ago, and I never violated their patents with these chargers. I have presented video evidence of these facts.
(continued below)
“Rick Friedrich’s desire was to private label battery chargers and
rejuvenators built by John Bedini’s company. Rick Friedrich‘s company name
was Renaissance Charge or R-Charge for short.”

There is no evidence of my chargers having a private label. There is no
testimony or contract stating any such thing. Renaissance was a
partnership but was never owned by Bedini and never had a contract with
Energenx. Energenx did partly manufacture for Renaissance for a while but
did not have the exclusive rights over these battery chargers as they were
not 100% their own creation. Information was freely shared with me and my
staff and research and development was also shared as we worked together
to develop these chargers. I was invited to Hayden Idaho to do this very
thing after things were falling apart there after they got rid of an
employee. Prior to my involvement there was no actual product and in all
appearance there never would have been anything done (as also shown by
what happened after I stopped being involved with these people). I was
given complete hard drives by Energenx by John Bedini several times. This
I have record of, witness of from others, and emails by John admitting
this. I have kept thousands of emails and videos of all these kinds of
details. I have shown a few samples recently to show I can back up
everything I say here.

“Rick Friedrich signed a non-disclosure agreement with EnergenX and
promised to respect the confidentiality of John Bedini’s proprietary
information that went into the chargers.”

In fact I never signed a non-disclosure agreement with Energenx as I have
shown. I watched Energenx selectively ask people to sign such documents.
Gary Bedini, CEO of Energenx did keep all company papers, including all
NDAs, in an unlocked filing cabinet right beside the front door of their
office. This door was left open most work days from 4AM to 5PM and people
actually did walk into that office and were free to walk around and access
absolutely anything about the company in paper and on four different
unprotected computers in the offices and shop. The two girls worked in the
back area of the shop and were not able to know if people entered into the
office area. John would come in as early as 7AM but mostly 8AM. He would
never be in the office area either. He would be in the shop. Gary was the
only person in the office and would come in at 9AM or later. At any time
people could walk in and access Gary's computer which had everything
pertaining to Energenx on it. It had no password protection, and neither
did 3 other computers in the building. In Gary's desk he had the keys to
the shop, along with a flash drive of all the charger details, right in
the top drawer. Another computer was around the corner and was often left
on with all the details of the chargers on them. People were freely
allowed to use that computer to access the internet and do email
unwatched. There was absolutely zero protection against any intellectual
property at Energenx for many years. However, at Renaissance, all
computers were password protected and sensitive computers were locked up
in a safe. Doors were locked when people were not present. No important
documents were left for the public to discover as Energenx did. In
Energenx NDA's it clearly states that they were responsible for
safeguarding their intellectual property. They were required by their own
words to place such information in a secure place and indicate that it was
such. And yet they left computers unsecured, flashdrives unsecured,
computes on with the very information on the screen for anyone to see. The
upstairs of the office was actually a museum as people became aware of
because of the EFTV video series. So people naturally wanted to come in
and visit. It would have taken anyone 10 minutes to walk in and gather
everything about Energenx without them ever finding out. They could have
fully accessed 3 comptures in the office areas alone from 4AM to 9AM
without the workers or John ever knowing. I know because I was right next
door, as were my staff who witnessed this, along with many customers over
the years. People would just walk in if the door was open. They would walk
around and see all of this unsecured. Sometimes the workers were out back
of the building smoking and so the entire building was empty and anyone
could walk around freely. This concerned me so I eventually put my own
door chime on the front door as well as a sign that said please knock. No
one at Energenx had any concern for security or contracts or doing proper
business as countless people have experienced. So all NDA's that they had
with anyone were null and void by their own wording. None of my staff
signed any and when we were moving out John Bedin came around and tried to
get us to sign them. We refused. Why try and get us to sign such papers
when we were leaving? The NDA's also did not have a place to sign your
name and were not notarized. They had a printed name line and places to
sign your initials but no place to put your signature, and no witnesses or
way of proving they were not fabricated. And again, every one of them was
null and void by their own wording and contradiction to the practice of
Energenx. I did what I could to help these people in so many ways without
ever receiving any money from them. I helped the workers set up their work
stations properly so that they could make chargers better. I had to listen
to Johns one way ramblings for 3 hours every day because that was what he
expected from me. The recent videos I posted show how much John and Gary
depended upon me with so many things. They constantly asked me questions
about so many things. You can go through the 11 hours of video and get a
real picture of how things were these ways with these people.

“This intellectual property was the sole property of John Bedini and

This is a false statement in many respects. It is from a person who will
not even share their name. How can this be proven? There was no protected
intellectual property. There was no place for intellectual property to be
protected. There was no indication of private intellectual property. John
Bedini himself backed up a harddrive and gave it to me. I have record of
this. After I left he wanted that harddrive back. I gave it to him. I have
witnesses and record of that. Who is this nameless person who claims
otherwise? The information about the chargers was developed with me so we
shared that information together. This was a mutual project. There was
never any contract or any understanding that this was solely Energenx
property. Just as John had freely shared details about the motor
Energizers with the public, so he shared details about the chargers with
people not working for Energenx and many can testify. Any information was
freely given. Much information was copied by John and others from others
also. So one has to show that they actually have private property before
they can claim it was violated. One has to secure intellectual property in
order for it to even be called that by their own definition in the NDA's
themselves. John was in the habit of giving out information to the
internet and then later trying to get Yahoo to take down the whole group.
This we witnessed many times and can see his constant treats along these
lines. But once you give something away you cannot later claim it is
private. This is childish and foolish. Other shareholders in Energenx were
concerned about his practice in this respect. Anyone who was around in
those years is perfectly aware of John and Gary's unprofessional practices
in these regards. It is only non-local people who came to the conventions
or who idolized John who take up this kind of ignorant attack against me
in this way. Unless you can figure out who really is behind this...

“A few years ago, around 2011, it was discovered that Rick Friedrich had
been involved in some shady business deals with many customers in addition
to discovering the disappearance of hardware that was the property of

More unsubstantiated slander. Who discovered this? What hardware was
missing? Why did Energenx or John never inform me of such? There is no
record of such a thing. I got a letter from Energenx lawyer about items
they gave me which they said in the letter they lent me, that I returned.
Such was a battery capacity analyzer and a DC motor for a fun boat. I
returned such items in 2012 and filmed doing that with Gary Bedini
receiving them. I still have the recording. Gary and his lawyer never
mentioned anything else missing. This is pure slander. Also, I freely
housed Energenx stuff in my shop for 3 years. Their big batteries,
forklift, many boxes, and even John's expensive Corvette and hot rod. As
for business deals, what deals? There were some orders that were delayed,
as Energenx had failed to deliver product and also had changed product and
had started to hire people that made junk. I had to deal with this and
that was one reason I left these people. John had decided to make his own
chargers. Yes, John did not make the first chargers. He did not know
digital programming and so when he made his own chargers they were very
limited and they also failed. I still have one charger he made with his
circuit that caught on fire. He made the first solar chargers with 1 oz
trace copper and so they all failed and burned up. He sent them out to my
customers without me being there or examining them first. That was the
first step in our tensions. But he strongly encouraged me to work with
people claiming to be engineers who actually were fake. One guy messed
everything he touched and then John wanted to blame me for his mistakes.
He always had someone to blame but himself. But I have recorded him as
admitting these were his mistakes. He had abandoned our earlier chargers
for his own, but they were not as good as I saw and as the customers
informed me. He never cared what the customer wanted and just did his own
thing. Everyone can see this attitude in his published videos. People
asked him questions but he just said what he wanted about something else.
No amount of editing could remove this arrogant attitude. I created these
products for my customers, but it was always a fight with him. The solar
products were the biggest failure.

“It was also discovered that Rick Friedrich had been accessing John
Bedini’s computers by sneaking into the building at night and going
through the files.”

How was this discovered? Why would I need to go through computers at night
when I had full access to them by day in front of everyone, along with
others visitors who had the same access? Just ignorant foolishness from
someone not familiar with the shop. It was also discovered that I started
WW1 and later WW2. And which one was it, me or my clone? John told us all
that we were just all a bunch of clones, or copies of clones. This is
funny, John actually had given us a big screen computer that we called the
“Big Mac”. In the end he asked for it back and we gave it to him. There
was a smaller Mac that was usually left on that everyone had access to in
the office area. These had similar files on them. John had another
computer upstairs in the museum that rarely was used. I saw him on it once
in a while but I never accessed that or his personal computer without him
right there. So in fact it was discovered by me and my staff that anyone
could walk into their office and shop and find out whatever they wanted
until I made efforts to better secure the place. Even then their staff
continually left doors open and people continually came in at all times of
the day or late night. How was I sneaking into their building when I had
full access to it? What files was I going through at night that I had not
access to by day? Just ridiculous! Maybe the same thing happened with me
with the the gold at Fort Knox!

“There were also some energizer kits based on John Bedini’s “SG” designs
that were manufactured and distributed by Rick Friedrich. One of the
larger units was sold by him to someone for thousands of dollars. As soon
as Rick Friedrich of R-Charge had this money, he immediately commenced to
sell this exact same unit to someone else for the same amount of money.
This is one of countless incidents that Rick Friedrich had done to a
number of customers.”

Not sure what that is supposed to mean. I sold kits. Yes. I sold more than
one of the same. Most people were happy. Some kits were delayed. Sometimes
there were shipping problems. Sometimes there were mixups, as happens with
all businesses.

“This quickly became the normal course of operation for Rick Friedrich and
John Bedini and his associates and company wanted nothing more to do with
him or his way of doing business.”

This is not what happened. They wanted me to sell their new junk chargers
that were failing left and right. Then they went behind my back and took
my dealers from me. Then they sent out chargers with my label on them and
gave me nothing for it. They sent out chargers that failed and expected me
to pay for their mistakes. They even used my testimonies for years! I
helped these guys but they could not be helped. In the end their fruit
manifested as it really was. Did I get messed up in all that? Yes, and it
cost me a lot. I put my heart into all this and people who know me
understand my dedication. I did these guys no wrong. I did fail some
people at times under all that stress. But there is a bigger picture that
such slanderers care not to look at or admit.

“Rick Friedrich‘s relationship with EnergenX was immediately terminated
and he got the boot.”

I was not terminated. I was always my own owner. I never got any boot.
That is also ridiculous. I left these guys. We first moved down the road
to get away from John constantly coming into my shop and yelling about the
end of the world and constantly threatening to retire and stop everyone
from living. This was beyond paranoia and being melancholy. We couldn't
take it any longer and could not partake in their bad business practices.
I got continuous complaints from Energenx shareholders about the
manipulation of stock and them being scammed by them. We had to get away
from these people and we did. I had created and owned several email
groups. I gave John co-ownership eventually. And he had the ability to
remove me as an owner. One day he did that and then shut down the groups
as he had joked about doing as I recently showed the video of. He said he
cared but he really didn't care about all these free energy enthusiasts.
In my last talk with him I recorded him in all his bitterness and hatred
for the people who worshiped him. Probably the very person who wrote this
being one of them. I have him recorded as saying how much of a fool they
were. He talked behind everyone's back. He said the most nasty things. He
really didn't care. He even talked bad about those who considered him his
friend. I'm not mentioning these big names but I have recordings. You can
see a little of this in what I put out in the videos. There was no boot,
but he did boot people off the groups, and even the groups themselves. I
have recorded the video of Gary begging me to not leave them. So this is a
complete distortion of what happened.

“Immediately, Rick Friedrich began to manufacture and sell battery
chargers based on EnergenX’s proprietary circuits, albeit older obsolete
ones, but nevertheless, this was all in complete violation of the non
disclosure agreement that he signed with EnergenX.”

There is no evidence of any of this. First of all, there was no
proprietary circuits by definition and admission in the NDA's. There was
no secured information. There was no NDA given to me to sign. There was no
place dedicated for such information to be secured. There was not even a
password on any computer. There was no place where these were locked up.
When did I sign this NDA supposedly? I first went there in 2005 and as I
recently posted the videos, I was given a full tour with camera. If that
was 2005 that I supposedly signed this then if I did something in 2012 or
2013 how does this make sense? What does this supposed NDA say? The fact
is that I never signed any NDA with these people because we developed
these chargers together. We both owned them. According to top patent
lawyers I consulted in these matters I had the perfect right to sell my
own technology. We both did. If they had issue with that they would have
taken me to court. I did not have an NDA or contract with Energenx, and
they did not have a patent on anything I sold after I moved away from
them. No NDA, no Contract, no Patent, no Deal. No proprietary information
either by their own admission. And I did not manipulate them, but they did
that to me. How many times throughout the years did they promise me stock
in Energenx. They even went around telling my friends that helped with my
convention that they would be given stock which I also recorded. How much
work did I give them over the years to manufacture these chargers? I did
these guys well. I sat in on countless meetings with Gary and potential
investors as his technical adviser because Gary did not know the
difference between a resistor and a diode as I showed in recent video of
John alluding to the same fact. I tried to help these guys but then such
investors would go over to John and he would always turn them away with
his end of the world melancholy delusions. How many engineers did he
insult and drive away also? Anyway, I didn't violate any NDA because I
never signed any. Nor was any Energenx NDA valid as they were in several
fundamental contradictions with their own words. If I had violated
anything they would have taken me to court. I told their lawyer this and
went over all these details with him for 2 hours. Then I never heard from
him or them again. I had sat in on their year long internal conflict with
their lawyer and a top shareholder. I watched that daily progress. And how
was that solved? With one of my motors. These guys were so contradictory
and so full of bark but no bite. They dragged me through all of that. I
was just trying to help them, but they were in retirement mode and did
what they wanted to do. I asked this question on my video recently. How
could Gary be CEO of small electronics companies for almost 40 years and
not know the first thing about electronics? How could John have him in
that position? Why not spend just one day and learn the very basics of
electronics and help out a little more? Do you know how embarrassing this
was? Why did John keep people like this in such positions? Why were not
staff trained to know basic electronics? I had my staff train other staff
in such matters so they could work better. The point is that the whole
foundation of Energenx was messed up. I had just assumed better and by the
time I saw it all for what it was I was deep into it. And I really tried
to improve things. I did succeed for a season but it was altogether
rotten. They had professionals try to help them which they drove away. The
whole thing ended up as a nightmare. I should have known better. But like
so many of you out there, I fell for the sensational story-line of this
legend. Now I see that it is all copied stuff and there is virtually no
originality in this legend. Gary told me daily how I and another had
messed John up to make him think more highly of himself than he should
have. So now I have to undo this mess.

“Since then, EnergenX and its distributors have collectively received many
dozens of complaints from customers because of purchasing battery chargers
and never receiving product.”

Energenx was not in the habit of answering their phones or caring about
customers. I in fact received such complaints about their products in the
last years. It is funny that this unknown person speaks for Energenx when
it doesn't exist and this person is nameless.

“These complaints included the fact that they never received customer
service. Many of these complaints also included the fact that many of the
chargers did not work, worked a short time or simply did not do as

This is easy to say when you are competition. It is easy to say such
things. Any business will get some people who are not happy for one reason
or another. People expect every battery to come back but some batteries
are very damaged beyond repair. We do not promise every battery can be
restored. But some customers have been using these chargers for 10 years
now daily and have restored countless batteries. Some of these are in
different places around the world and have a battery reconditioning
businesses. At the beginning I could have made a business just fixing
batteries for myself, but I decided to give this to the world. These are
not obsolete chargers. They stand the test of time. They continue to work
after 10 years of daily use. They call me up and buy more chargers because
they work and last. I brought my prices down. Bedini replaced these with
junk chargers, less functionality and raised the prices. You be the judge.

“What surprised everyone is when they learned that Rick Friedrich and
R-Charge actually had no further relationship with EnergenX and that he
was illegally selling low quality bootlegged versions of John Bedini’s

Who is everyone? What is a bootlegged version? Who owns these things? By
what right? If it was illegal then why did they not address that? The
truth is that we both owned what was inside the boesx, and that is why my
label was on it the whole time. It was the Renaissance Charger, not the
Energenx charger. They developed on their own the Bedini chargers, which
were actually bad quality and with less functionality. This kind of
website and slander fits right in with the Bedini distorted history of

“To this day, Rick Friedrich continues to sell his low quality pirated
versions of these chargers and he also holds mini-conferences claiming to
be an expert in “free energy” technologies.”

I do not sell low quality chargers. Nor are these pirated. Who is this
nameless person? People have probably guessed by now. I do not claim to be
an expert in free energy. I share what I know. People ask for such
meetings and I share what I can. People are satisfied with the meetings. I
don't just give words that practically result in nothing but hype as John
and others did. I demonstrate and make it practical. John always told me
to never do such things. Just talk he said. Don't bother with kits and
helping people. Now I may not be an expert, but show me who is today? If
John and associates were experts, why did they never give anyone any
product? Why did they never use any free energy? Yes John had a solar
panel on his back yard roof, but why never use his motors? Why turn down
the Ontario Government when they wanted free energy? What about the
Chinese deal? Why so many Americans? One guy was taken for a quarter of a
million. Why show a big wheel with so much hype when I could show it
running off one coil as I now have shown that video? Why not show people
who this free energy has come from as I have? Why not show the Tesla
Switch is a battery killer? If people claim to be experts, why do they not
use the technology themselves? At least I have and my customers have. Who
is the only one to have sold such things to the world for 10 years? Me. Do
I not get a little grace for doing so much work? No, I get attacked by
those who worship an idol, who wish to sell words without benefit, who
dwell in the land of hype and scam. Such people hide behind no name
websites because if they told you who they were everyone would see why the
spread these lies. But it should be obvious who they are.

“He claims to be a man of God and most of his websites are dedicated to
him preaching the Gospel to others. This is all one big hypocritical act
because the truth is that he is nothing more than a common thief and we
challenge him to prove otherwise.”

Says this unknown antagonist. This is actually obvious persecution. Look,
I got into this whole thing by volunteer. I did not come here looking to
sell anything. I mastered the motor systems after 6 months and then just
set up a bunch of groups to help people. “Everyone” knows my work in that
respect. You can see how Bedini praised me for that work himself. And this
long after the supposed email exchanges with Stan M that John posted a
distortion of on his pages. He praised me until he didn't need me anymore.
People asked for my help. John asked for my help. I gave 3 years of my
life to help everyone. Then people demanded that parts and kits be made
available. So I did that. I gave what I could give because people asked. I
waited for John to develop chargers. He had a radiant oscillator but it
couldn't work as a product as they later found out. He had an investor but
they never wanted to do sales so no chargers were sold by them after many
years of existence. Then I came along and made things happen. All can
agree to this. Without me they would never have sold anything as I said. I
knew what people wanted and came up with the idea of the first spanker
charger for automotive application. Initially my partner and I wanted to
do this for the RV application, but having been a mechanic for years I
decided to go with what I knew well. So we all worked at this product
together. I have all the daily emails to prove this. We did the same for
the power tool charger. Then also for the bigger rejuvenator. This was
undeveloped and I gave the structure to these chargers. No, I did not do
all the work, as others did a lot of the work. But it was a joint effort,
which Bedini had very little to do with. I helped them after they let go
one of their staff. I did not receive a penny for any of that help. The
remaining staff really appreciated me because I helped them daily when I
didn't have to do any of that. You can see this from Gary and Jonn
themselves in our daily interaction. This absolutely contradicts the
story-line of this attack against me. And I have a lot more video and
audio and email facts to show this. But this person doesn't even say their
name. There was no person close enough to the Bedini's to be able to say
any of these things. It is all just the competition trying to attack me to
build up their agenda. Maybe it is because I have shared so much more
information this last year and these guys would rather spend their time
attacking someone who is actually doing something rather than helping the
world themselves.

The last part is a joke as well. The whole attack against me pertains to
matters of ignorance about my relationship with Energenx and who owns
what. Why would people contact such nameless people? Why remain nameless
other than to conceal one's real intentions? This is just obvious slander.
I have helped people for years for free. I sold people what they asked
for. I have demonstrated my products for years. The reward I get from
helping the wrong people is that they stab me in the back. Well, their
fruit is manifest to all. I have made my share of mistakes, but I did not
wrong these people as they have wronged me and many others. I could not
put up with it any longer. While I have been under attack, I have not
given up. And the truth comes out in the end.