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It seems that more and more of my friends, especially those on the east coast, are keeping me up to date by blogging.  I happily read their blogs and feel connected.  I feel like I am part of their lives even though we never see each other, talk on the phone or even exchange emails.  I have come to realize recently that this feeling is not reciprocal because I don't blog.  I know all about how my friends are doing and what is happening in their lives, but they are left to wonder if I even exist.  Unfortunately I know myself pretty well and I am sure that I would be a horrible blogger.  I am far too lazy and unreliable to write a consistent and useful blog (hence these few unimpressive web pages).  Although I don't currently have a solution to this problem, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends (and family) who are so kind as to share their lives with me (and millions of strangers) over the world wide weird.  Thanks to all of you.  My life is fuller because of your dedication.


I think I have found an interim solution to the problem discussed above.  Part of the reason I don't blog is that my life is very routine.  New and interesting things rarely occur in my day to day life.  As such, a single update, explaining the occurrences in my life over any given period of time, lets say a week, should be applicable to any given week.  My friends and family can look in on this update whenever they want and get a clear picture of what I have been up to recently. They can all rest well knowing that I do exist and I am still up to the same old antics.  If you are one of my friends or family who would like to know what I am up to, please view my permablog.