Technology Integrationist

The Technology Integrationist will...
Work as a colleague with classroom teachers to support technology integration.  The technology integrationist will focus on individual and group professional development that will expand and refine the understanding about effective and appropriate use of technology to enhance the Iowa Core.  The technology integrationist will provide personalized support that is based on the goals and identified needs of individual teachers.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Facilitates technology integration training and professional development opportunities for teachers.

  2. Assist in planning and implementation of professional development in the use of media, equipment, and technology to support technology integration in the instructional program.

  3. Uses knowledge about current ideas, trends, methods, programs, materials, and equipment for technology integration to ensure optimum instructional delivery.

  4. Collaborates and supports teachers as they implement technology-rich lessons in their classrooms.

  5. Provides leadership in developing and implementing technology plans and serves on the building technology committee.

  6. Conducts research in technology tools and resources to enhance instruction.

  7. Participates in ongoing professional development related to job responsibilities and maintaining expertise in the field.

  8. Collaborates with school leaders and colleagues to address instructional issues.

  9. Possess an understanding of when to contact administrators regarding issues of safety/ethics

  10. Performs other duties as assigned.