Mentor Teachers

Mentor Teachers will...

Contribute to the growth of the district through their mentoring and support of teachers.  S/he is responsible for supporting improved entry into the profession.  To this end, the mentor teacher will act as an insightful colleague, listening to and supporting teachers, but also ensuring their focus is on the teaching and learning cycle.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrate effective classroom instruction.

  2. Facilitate learning conversations.

  3. Assist initial teachers with planning.

  4. Provide constructive feedback to teachers.

  5. Facilitate mentee’s reflection on the feedback they receive.

  6. Assist the teacher in the collection and analysis of data.

  7. Support the mentee in making data-based decision and planning for differentiation.

  8. Be current on research-supported best practices.

  9. Collaborate with school leaders and colleagues to address instructional issues.

  10. Possess an understanding of when to contact administrators regarding issues of safety/ethics.