Matthew Molumby

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Hello. My name is Matthew Molumby, and I am a father, learner, teacher, director, psychologist, judge, entertainer, traveler, tech-guy and coach. I'm an educator. As an educator, you wear lots of different hats. Knowing this will guide me in my partnership with you. I am here to be an asset for both teachers and students, and I'm excited to be working with you! I have had many successful years of teaching, and I am confident that I possess the necessary knowledge and skills to make an immediate contribution to your teaching practice!

A little about me...

I graduated from Iowa State University with a B.A. in English Education in May 2008.  I possess high interest and passion in fostering engagement and achievement through technology which is why I pursued and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with Master’s degree in Instructional Technology in 2016.  I was previously the English instructor at West Central Community School in Maynard, Iowa; teaching grades 7-12 in Language Arts, as well as the Drama Director, and Speech Coach.  My experiences in nine years at West Central have included creating the secondary English/Language Arts Department curriculum following the discontinuation of the charter school program for the English department, including the integration of appropriate technology, receiving Wartburg College's Outstanding High School Teacher award for 2016.

Personal Educational Beliefs

I believe individual students respond positively to well-crafted teaching and have experienced this instructional strategy effectively in my teaching.  I also believe a positive attitude is critical for success in the learning experience.  In order to achieve an effective method of teaching that accomplishes the expectations of the district's standards and learning goals, it is pivotal for a teacher to establish appropriate relationships within the classroom, based upon care and respect; resulting in trust.  The artful skills of a teacher to develop positive relationships, craft deliberate and rigorous questions, combined with thoughtfully integrated technology will optimize each student's own understanding. 

My primary goal is to reach each student, discovering his or her areas of strengths, in order to bring relevance to student work.  My methods include differentiating learning techniques to match various styles and providing the tools, approaches, and knowledge that best addresses each child's development.  Teaching must be matched to the student's learning style, which often means the teacher's teaching style may need to be adjusted, revised, and have need for collaboration with other teachers and in other curriculum areas.