Consortium Coordinator

The Consortium Coordinator will...

Contribute to the growth of the consortium by overseeing implementation of the consortium grant. The consortium coordinator will serve as the liaison between teacher leaders and administrators to ensure ongoing, two-way communication. S/he will provide professional development for consortium leaders. Collection, analysis, and interpretation of data with staff is a key job goal.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the TLC consortium, which is comprised of four (4) districts.

  2. Work with administration and curriculum directors to facilitate individual district school

           improvement teams.

    3.    Collect and organize complex levels of data and facilitate analysis of data.

    4.    Provide data to assist in planning, facilitating, and monitoring professional development.

    5.    Plan, facilitate, and monitor professional development for instructional coaches,        

           technology integrationists, mentors, and learning lab teachers.             

    6.    Be current on research-supported best practices.

    7.    Work with instructional coaches and technology integrationists to determine the types of

           learning opportunities teachers need.

    8.    Possess an understanding of when to contact administrators regarding issues of


    9.    Reports to Selection Committee.     

    10.  Collaborate with school leaders and colleagues to address instructional issues.