The  Northeast Iowa Leadership Consortium’s (NILC) vision is to recruit, employ, and retain quality teachers in order to improve student achievement through high expectations, academic emphasis, frequent monitoring of student progress, safe and orderly environment, instructional leadership and home/school partnerships. The NILC strives to ensure that curriculum and instruction is rigorous and aligned to the Iowa Core. The goals of the consortium include improving achievement in literacy, math, and science. Consortium data indicate a need for increased emphasis on reading comprehension and writing, science, and math at all grade levels. Additionally, we strive to promote a culture of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

The Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) plan developed by the NILC is designed to improve student achievement through the creation of an enhanced teacher leadership network.  In the plan, effective and quality teacher-leaders will collaborate with staff to improve curriculum and instruction, support technology integration, analyze and utilize data, and provide meaningful professional development and mentoring.  In addition, the plan provides for competitive salaries and extended career opportunities for teachers.

Consortium Student Learning Goals:

Goal 1: Align curriculum to the Iowa Core to increase student achievement.

Goal 2: All students will feel safe and connected to school.

Goal 3: All students will receive training in digital citizenship and the appropriate use of technology to increase student engagement.

Goal 4: The Northeast Iowa Leadership Consortium will utilize MTSS to meet the individual learning needs of ALL students.

These goals are based on a number of data sources:

  • Iowa Assessment (1-11)

  • ACT (11-12)

  • MAP Assessment (K-11)

  • Formative Assessment System for Teachers (FAST)-(K-6)

  • Reading assessments (K-6)

  • Authentic Assessments

  • End-of-course assessments are given in areas of advanced math and science

  • Iowa Youth Survey

  • Climate and Culture Surveys

  • BrightBytes Clarity Survey Data