Datascape 3.5
Freeware for Windows98/me/2000/xp/Win7
Graphic presentation of scientific data
Copyright (c) 2000-2014 by Nilaysoft Inc.
Email: nilaysoft (at)

Donwnload version 3.0

Download version 3.5
We made the decision to convert the free utilities to a software costs $50 in 2014.
It was a necessary step, in order for the author to continue to provide the quality and caliber of utilities we've
been building for you over the past 10 years. This small fee will not only allow us to continue to produce
updates to some of your functionalities, but to grow our library with new ones, as well.
Key improvements in version 3.5 includes
(1) Data anslysis, including Frequency count, Summary statistics displaced on status bar
(2) Plot data with Histogram, with drop lines
(3) Support plot layers with transparent or gradient color backgrounds (see screenshot in below)
To download Datascape 3.5, please send email to nilaysoft (at)

What is Datascape
Datascape is a 2D linear and logrithm data plot and browse tool for Win32.
It offers many powerful features for graph presentation of scientific data
by infinite zooming and various plot styles. It can also plot a mathematical
expression dynamically.

You can zoom in on any region of the graph by drawing a box. Start at the
upper left corner of the region you wish to view in more detail, and drag
downwards and to the right. Dragging upwards instead allows you to zoom
out. Clicking on the "Autoscale" button on the toolbar brings all data
within range.

Scroll the data on the display using the left, right, up and down arrow
keys on the keyboard. Press CONTROL key to accelerate, and press SHIFT key
to constrain the w/h ratio.

Datascape can also serve as a good data acquisition tool working with GPIB
(National Instruments) or RS232. It can operate spectrometer, lock-in
amplifier, photon counter, I-V unit etc. Contact the author for additional

The software is believed to be reliable and robust; however, Nilaysoft assumes
no responsibility for inaccuracies or data loss, and all use of the software shall
be entirely at the user's own risk.

Supported Functions
To plot a mathematical experession, click "Start" button or press "F8",
expressions are entered as text. Datascape will determine if what you
entered is a legal formula string. The available functions are:

sin (x)        - Sine of x
cos (x)        - Cosine of x
tan (x)        - Tangent of x
sinh(x)        - Hyperbolic sine of x
cosh(x)        - Hyperbolic cosine of x
tanh(x)        - Hyperbolic tangent of x
asin(x)        - Arc sine of x
acos(x)        - Arc cosine of x
atan(x)        - Arc tangent of x

abs (x)        - Absolute value of x
ln  (x)        - Logarithm of x. Base e
log10(x)       - Logarithm of x. Base 10
exp (x)        - e raised to the power of x
pow10(x)       - raise x to the 10th power
sqr (x)        - Square of x
sqrt(x)        - square root of x
round(x)       - round to the nearest whole number
trunk(x)       - return the whole part of a number

Keyboard Shortcuts
+ (Ctrl)        Zoom in view
- (Ctrl)        Zoom out view
Arrows (Ctrl)   Shift the graph view
Tab (Shift)     Select data series
Del             Close selected data series
Shift+Del       Close all data series
Enter           Set color, line and marker of selected series
Home            Auto Scale
Ctrl+O          Open data files
Ctrl+C          Copy selected data series
Ctrl+V          Open cached data in clipboard
Ctrl+F          File format dialogbox
Ctrl+P          Print the plot
Ctrl+N          New Datascape window
F4              Start plotting
F5              Refresh
F7              Setting dialog box
F8              Stop
F11             Full Screen

Zhaoming Li,
Dec 13, 2014, 8:06 PM