Nilambur Teak Nursery established in 2004, to cater never ending demands for high yielding, high quality Nilambur Teak tree saplings and stumps, that are germinated by collecting seeds of exceptionally grown mother teak trees in the river banks of Karimpuzha, Punnzpuzha, Chaliyar in Nilambur Taluk. 

Harvested Teak - Nedumgayam Forest Timber Depot

Nilambur teak well known for its yellowish brown timber in elegant texture and grains for centuries. Scientific name: Tectona grandis. Teak trees planted in fertile soil, given good care can yield 35-40 Cu.ft wood over 20 years, by attaining height of 10-15 m, grith of 100 -150 cm.  In one hectare of land, 2500 teak saplings/stumps can be planted with a spacing of 2.0 m x 2.0 m.

Common applications

- Planted in perimeters of rubber/ or other plantations

- Land which are not suitable for other crops but fertile

- Teak Plantations

             Teak Wood Price Chart (Price/Cu.ft) - Yearly

Planting teak returns mind blowing returns

Products & Services:

- Teak stumps and Saplings. 

- Farm/Plantation planning consultancy.

- Survey and layouting  plantation area.

- Farm management technical guidance.