Nilambe Meditation Centre -Sri Lanka                                                                                    නිල්ලඹ භාවනා මධ්‍යස්ථානය

Nilambe Meditation Centre -Sri Lanka

New Meditation Hall

Nestled on the top of a  tea estate, bordered by a pine  forest  and a  virgin  rain  forest,  with no electricity   and   any   such   modern   facilities, Nilambe   Meditation    centre   offers   a   great opportunity to anyone to go deeper in search of peace and solitude.

Old Meditation Hall
Nilambe   Meditation   centre   is   located close enough to the city  of Kandy and yet far enough to  be  away  from  the  hustle  and bustle of the town centre.

Pond which supplies water is at the top of the hill

The centre it can be classified as non sectarian. In the evening there is a short chanting session of   Lord   Buddha,   which   many   choose   to participate or  just  listen, before  beginning the last session of  Meditation for the day.

Going by the concept, that ultimate discipline is achieved  by   ultimate freedom, the programme here  looks  very  free, yet  the  responsibility  to adhere to it and benefit from the stay is totally in the hand of the visitor.

Nilambe is  ideally  suited for the self explorers who want to find out what meditation is, and as well  as  to the  serious  meditators who wish to deepen their practice at his/her own pace.


This is an ideal place to practice meditation, for a  maditator  who knows  how to  meditate,  and most visitors find as such, but definitely not suited for a practitioner, who want to learn "Buddhist meditation" from the teachers here. The Late teacher Godwin Samararatne was teaching J.Krishnamurti's 'Thinking and Thoughts' watching meditation, but Godwin used to call his meditation as Buddhist. He even went to the extent of distorting the Kalama Sutta, in Anguttara Nikaya, to justify that J.Krishnamurti's teachings accords with that of Buddhism.   Further to justify that " Thinking and Thoughts watching" is the real meditation, Godwin went to the extent of creating a New Sutta, (A new discourse of Lord Buddha), saying that, even after Enlightenment Lord Buddha was "watching' his thoughts, meaning basically thoughts arises on its own rather than because of a reason. Foolish Godwin did not understand that Lord Buddha has categorically said, that "everything arises because of a reason, and once the reason is removed the result would be removed. And Lord Buddha has said, one stops his thoughts and thinking altogether, when he comes to the 2nd Jhanic Samadi of meditative absorptions, which Godwin reject as a possibility. Yes it was not possible by everyone, specially when they are born with a mental sickness just as J.Krisnamurti.

The Purpose of this website is to expose those, intentional distortion of Lord Buddha's teaching and its practice, by late Godwin and by his pupil Upul N. Gamage, who is the current teacher at the center.

Kitchen (outside sitting area)

Since,  the  instructions  given  here amounts to discussing of problems one faces, it amounts to counselling   or    psychoanalysis   rather   than  Samadi  or  Vipassana   meditation.  Or else the instructions would be "Be aware of thoughts and thinking & do nothing" of the Jiddu Krishnamurthi's   ( =E.W. Adikaram who was following Krishnamurthi) philosophy, as followed by late Godwin and his student Upul.

Yogi Irushad.