Nikolai J Tatarnic

Department of Terrestrial Zoology, Western Australian Museum
Locked Bag 49, Welshpool, 6986, Australia,+61 08 9212 3791

nikolai.tatarnic[at] |

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The museum is keeping me busy, with a fair bit of time devoted to collection management, public outreach, and the WA Museum's New Museum Project. Last week we took command of our brand new collections research facility! In the research world I continue to work on various projects, including veliid waterbugs, leaf-footed bugs, traumatic insemination, plant bugs, grasshoppers... I'm also engaged in biodiversity research in the Pilbara through the NCB Project, as well as various surveys around Australia with BushBlitz.  

We have just been awarded a National Geographic Society CRE grant. Click here to follow along as he explore the sex lives of bugs in Tahiti. Our Annual Review of Entomology article is online. Latest Paper in American Naturalist now online. See the write-up in Nature News, listen to interview on Quirks and Quarks.

I am a biologist specializing in the evolution and systematics of Australasian and Indo-Pacific insects. I use a multidisciplinary approach, combining morphological, molecular and behavioural studies to explore various aspects of the evolution and diversity of True Bugs (Heteroptera), and more recently grasshoppers (Orthoptera). I am particularly interested in the role of sex in evolution - how sexual selection drives morphology and behaviour at both micro- and macroevolutionary scales, ultimately leading to speciation.