I am a sedimentary geologist living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My research interests include Quaternary sediments and landforms, archaeological sediments and soils as archives of past human behaviour and environments, and the ecological contexts of human societies through time. My main focus is on hominin evolution and behavioural change during the Pleistocene; however, I am equally interested in sediment records of Holocene, historical and present societies. 

My current work, at the University of Stirling, is mainly concerned with the timing and environmental contingencies of Late Pleistocene human dispersal and behavioural change in South Asia. In collaboration with Sri Lankan and international colleagues, I analyse sediments and paleosols from some of the earliest Homo sapiens sites in South Asia: rockshelters in the rainforest and stone lines in the semi-arid shrubland of southern Sri Lanka. 

Alongside this, I investigate sediment and soil records of dwelling and farming at the Late Neolithic-Early Bronze Age village of Tepe Sialk, on the margins  of the arid Iranian Plateau.

I teach two adult education courses at the Office of Lifelong Learning, University of Edinburgh, and work as a support worker at the Garvald Centre.

You can contact me at  nkouramp@staffmail.ed.ac.uk