Welcome to my personal web page!

Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at  University of Cyprus 

Founding member of UCY LExEcon, the Laboratory for Experimental Economics at the University of Cyprus.

Ph.D. in Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, under the supervision of Antonio Cabrales.


Microeconomic Theory

Information Economics

Political Economy


Experimental Economics

Industrial Organization

Latest News

(Jan 2024) New Working Paper, with Dimitrios Xefteris: "Information Aggregation by Council".

(Jan 2024) New Publication: "Optimal Influence under Observational Learning" has been accepted for publication in Mathematical Social Sciences, [wp link]

(Oct 2023) New Publication, with Dimitrios Xefteris: "The last temptation: Is group-based voting resilient to pivotal considerations?" has been accepted for publication in European Economic Review, [wp link]

(May 2023) Revised Working Paper, with Philippos Louis and Orestis Troumpounis: "Communication and the Emergence of a Unidimensional World"

(Dec 2022) News, Stay tuned! Applications for admission to the PhD in Economics at UCY are opening soon. Funded positions available!

(Oct 2022) News, Honored to have joined the scientific committee of Oligo Society!

(Jun 2022) Conference, The Department of Economics at UCY is glad to have successfully hosted Oligo Workshop 2022.

(Apr 2022) Experimental Lab, UCY LExEcon has a new lab! For more info, check here.

(Feb 2022) New Publication, with Philippos Louis, Orestis Troumpounis and Dimitrios Xefteris: "Coordination with preferences over the coalition size" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, [wp link]