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I am not a  PhD student anymore at Georgia Institute of Technology  (ECE), because I graduated  May 1st 2009. My advisors were David Anderson, Alexander Gray. I have been a member of FastLab . My first venture after graduation was  Analytics 1305. Now I am working on a new venture Ismion Inc. Molham Aref has been a great mentor in the jungle of startup business. In the past I have worked with Ron Schafer and Manos Tentzeris. I am a former member of FastLab. It has been a pleasure spending some time in the ISYE corridors fishing interesting ideas and knowledge from the Gurus of Optimization Nemirovski, Shapiro, Monteiro. A nice collateral of my PhD was a sub-PhD in business and innovation I got from my friend Stelios Kavadias after 8 years of drinking coffee at Starbucks. I finished my undergraduate studies in NTUA (Greece). It was really a pleasure  and an honor for me to work with  Petros Maragos on Fractals and Iterated Function Systems. I also made a very good friend, an exceptional mathematician and a beautiful mind Alex Bacopoulos. I am very worried about what is happening in Greece right now. The only way to make it is to trust the party Stephanos Manos founded called DRASSI.
I spend a lot of time(and money) reading and buying books.  My favorite reviewer from Amazon is  DataGuru.

Personal info:

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rial Interests
  • Large scale distributed machine learning.
  • My dream is to apply machine learning in the music recommendation/radio industry. I do have ideas, I am prototyping them on the side. I am looking for partners
  • Startups are always attractive to me

Work Experience
  • HP-Labs, summer 2002
  • Google, summer 2004, where I met Shahid Choudhry a very interesting engineer that inspired me a lot
  • Google, summer 2006, I did improve my coding  skills a lot
  • Admob 2008, where I met Ayman Farahat a very sharp researcher
  • I founded with Alex Gray Analytics 1305. It is a startup for large scale machine learning applications
  • I just joined Ismion Inc a machine learning company focusing on simple solutions.
  • Along with Manos Antonakakis we have done some very interesting work on modeling Bots specially the ones that use DGAs (Domain Generating Alogrithms) at Damballa. Machine learning seems to be winning the game there
  • My long term collaboration with LogicBlox and Predictix starts generating fruits on some large scale  retail problems.
  • I feel lucky I got the opportunity to work with Lee Edlefsen at Revolution Analytics. As far as I have seen so far it is the most powerful numerical engine for big data. Lee has over 30 years experience in numerical software engineering. 
  • I have also been working with LexisNexis HPCC platform. My experience so far indicates that it is the best tool for big data. I am an official partner with them and so far our collaboration seems to go very well.
  • I found a great team to work with at Tapad.

Academic Interests
  • I have been looking lately into alternative factorizations based on minmax algebra.
  • Approximation of similarities with metrics. In general I think the cornerstone of machine learning is fast computation of similarities.
  • A very exciting but forgotten are of machine learning that I belive has great potential is
     polynomial neural networks.
  • As a former member of FastLab I am deeply into kd-trees ball-trees and everything that comes from Andrew Moore's heritage
  • I participated actively in the FastLib C++ development project for Scalable Machine Learning.
  • Large Scale non-linear optimization is another hot area that I have worked on. I am particularly interested in Semidefinite programming (Convex and Non convex). It has great potential in machine learning and a lot of algorithms have been presented on small scale.
  • Global Optimization (GoP) is the hot potato for me now. I like the branch and bound techniques, they have been quite unsuccessful in the nearest neighbor problems and it seems to me that nobody has tried GoP in machine learning problems yet.
  • The world of numerical computing would have been much better if computers were supporting interval arithmetic. I contest that this can be the next revolution in computing after GPUs.
  • Generalized Geometric Programming along with GoP can solve many interesting machine learning problems
  • My biggest love is Chaos and Fractals and this is because of Michael Barnsley and his Fractals everywhere. Plenty of ideas are rambling into my mind. After my PhD is over I will revisit some of the great ideas in Barnsley's book. I would also like to take a closer look at his more recent book SuperFractals.
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