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This 2-day coaching session (slides) leads Nike Lean Manufacturing trainers through the process of designing and/or revising a course in Lean Manufacturing, using the instructional design framework known as Constructive Alignment. Learners will experience, with the support of the facilitator, the process of course design/revision using this framework.

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

By the end of the session, learners will be able to design or revise a course using constructive alignment; specifically, to

  1. Describe the intended learning outcome in the form of a verb (learning activity), its object (the content) and specify the context and a standard their learners are to attain.
  2. Design assessment tasks that also contain that verb, thus enabling them to judge with the help of assessment criteria if and how well students’ performances meet the ILOs.
  3. Transform these judgements into standard assessment criteria.
  4. Create a learning environment using teaching/learning activities that address the verb and therefore are likely to bring about the intended outcome.
(Adapted from Biggs & Tang, 2011)

Assessment task (AT)

This is a 2-day project to revise an existing Nike Lean Manufacturing course using the constructive alignment framework. This is a purely formative assessment; i.e. only qualitative feedback is given throughout, with no marks or grades. Learners should aim to revise the course to demonstrate a sound understanding of constructive alignment and other related concepts (as introduced by the facilitator).

Teaching/learning activities (TLAs)

Day 1:

Learners will be introduced to the fundamentals of constructive alignment before they revise an existing Lean Manufacturing course with the support of the facilitator.
  1. They will be introduced to the constructive alignment approach to describing intended learning outcomes (ILOs). They will then use this approach to revise the ILOs of the existing course. 
  2. They will be introduced to alternative assessment methods (i.e. not timed tests). They will then revise existing assessment tasks to align with the ILOs.
Day 2:
  1. They will be introduced to some fundamental principles of developing assessment criteria. They will then revise existing criteria to align with the ILOs.
  2. They will be introduced to a selection of teaching/learning activity types appropriate for the context. They will then revise existing activities to align with the ILOs.