Secure411: Check your Windows PC for Malware & Viruses

Find out why: Free Trinity Rescue Kit crushes more malware than any Windows software you now have.

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Here's why TRK has a better chance of removing any malware on your computer than whatever Windows based software you have installed - paid for or not.

The miscreants who are infecting your computer - always have control of your computer while Windows is running - they can and they have, faked images that show that your paid-for anti-virus is running, that your paid-for anti-virus is updated, and that your paid-for anti-virus didn't find anything wrong. They can replace the official update website with their own malicious one and feed you anything - so long as you are in Windows while trying to remove their malware.

We used to tell people to run their scans from Safe Mode - but now the miscreants have figured out ways to re-infect your computer the moment you go back into Windows, to hide from scans in Safe Mode and do other manipulations ad-infinitum.

TRK is Different

TRK is a temporary operating system that boots from a CD, scans your Windows hard drives using five different anti-virus / malware scanners. After checking / cleaning, you can reboot into Windows and use your computer under Windows.

TRK is not Windows. The malware won't run under the TRK operating system. The malware cannot start itself under TRK. The malware cannot alter the CDROM.

You have a totally "clean boot" with TRK.


Deletes "undeletable" Malicious Files

The scanner programs TRK provides can disinfect or delete files that would be locked within Windows. Have you ever seen that "Access Denied" error when you wanted to get rid of a virus file?
When you are outside of Windows, those files can be deleted without a problem.

Up-to-the-Minute Updates

TRK updates the 5 scanners it uses at the moment you boot into it. It is very unlikely that an infected computer would be able to update 4 programs from within Windows, much less fully benefit from an unhampered scan by all of them.

Power of Five Scanners

Most anti-virus software can't live side-by-side with three others of its kind while running Windows. But when running TRK, the command line versions of each is run one at a time, allowing you to benefit from the power of all five.

There is no anti-virus / malware on the market today that will catch every virus. But you can increase the detection rate and success rate by using multiple brands. Have a look at the Virus Total website if you want to see for yourself.

Really Free, not fake-free

TRK is free - you can use it to check your system and clean your system without cost. But the very most important reason to use TRK is that it is checking your Windows hard drives for viruses and malware - from *outside of Windows.*

Conflict of Interest? 

TRK is free and open source, and I don't sell any anti-malware or anti-virus software. The only reason I want you to use TRK is to cut down on the number of infected computers on the Internet. As a group, all the infected computers together are causing a dangerous situation for the whole Internet and beyond, into our physical, non-computer lives.