Never miss an SMS or a Missed Call on Android again

posted Jun 2, 2010, 11:57 AM by Nik Bhattacharya   [ updated Dec 10, 2012, 12:49 PM ]

You love your Android phone.  But you really dislike the way that you can't quickly see the SMS message you just received or get to the call that you just missed.  SMS and Missed Call Popup Notifier app on the Android App Market will solve that problem for you.  

When you get a text message, it immediately brings the text message to the foreground.  You can see exactly who texted you, the message, as well as their picture if they are in your address book and have a picture associated with them.  Same for a missed call.  Unlock the phone, and voila.  You see the notification.

If you have multiple missed calls and text messages, you can swipe accross each of them, act individually on each missed item, and finally dismiss the dialog (or dismiss it right there after you have seen all that you have missed).

If you don't want to have either your missed calls, or your text messages show up in the app, simply turn off the notification for either one.  

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Special Thanks
Kočíř Jan for his Czech translation of the app.  Děkuju mnohokrát.
Alexandre Glaiser for his French translation of the app.  Merci beaucoup Alex!  
Markus Kümmel, Anja Wittig and Rainer Mackowiak for their help on German version of the app.  Danke schon!!

Get the SMS Missed Call Popup Notifier app on Android.  

Open the Marketplace App on your phone and search for "SMS Popup"

Launch Google Goggles or BarCode Sanner on your phone and take a picture of the barcode below

Use Google Goggles to scan the code above  Or use Barcode Scanner to scan the code above


From your phone only click the link below (this link will not work if you click it from your webbrowser on your laptop computer)

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