Ganbare Nippon! Ganbare Touhoku!

On March 11th, Japan suffered the worst earthquake and tsunami in its recorded history.  Schools in B.C. have begun various initiatives to support the relief efforts in Japan. 
The Nihongo BC e-mail discussion group has been instrumental in allowing teachers to discuss ideas about different fundraising projects.  Funds will be donated through individual schools to charities such as the
Canadian Red Cross, the Japanese Red Cross Society through the Consulate General of Japan in VancouverDoctors without Borders
and Tohoku International Clinic - Stage Earth.

Sample Activities:

*1000 Origami Paper Cranes
*coin drives and collections in various classes
*singing  contest and talent shows
*food sales
*fashion shows
*Yugioh&Pokemon Contest
*collections from family and friends with pledge forms
*tea at Parent Teacher Night
*Emergency Preparedness workshop
*Soranbushi Dance and video

 "Tomodachi" Packages at New Wesminster Secondary
 Origami Cranes at Science World

 Origami Bookmarks (donation appreciation) at Burnaby Mountain Secondary
 Pocky Meter at Centennial Secondary

 Pocky Posters at Centennial Secondary

 T-shirt Sale at Burnaby North Secondary

 Bracelet Sales at McMath Secondary

 Textiles Fashion Show at McMath Secondary

Participating Schools to date:
Alpha, A. R. MacNeill, Belmont, Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby North, Burnaby South, Cambie, Centennial, Eric Hamber, Kelowna, Kwalikum, Langley, New Westminster, Pinetree, Port Hardy, Richmond, Robert A. McMath, Queen Margaret's, Rutland Senior, Sentinel, Sir Winston Churchill, West Point Grey Academy, Walnut Grove, West Vancouver, and Fort McMurray (Alberta)

In the Media
Coquitlam Now March 18 - Pinetree Secondary
24H March 25 - Science World Origami Crane Folding
Burnaby NewsLeader April 8, Burnaby Now April 16 - Burnaby Mountain Secondary
Soranbushi Dance on Youtube - students from Churchill, A.R. MacNeill, Crofton House, and other post-secondary schools
Total raised to date:
$40,317 and counting
Other Links: