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This website is the web site of the association of Japanese teachers in British Columbia, Canada known as NihongoBC: BC Teachers of Japanese.  It is designed specifically for teachers of Japanese in British Columbia or those interested in Japanese education in the province.  Educators outside of BC are also welcome to share resources and join the Nihongo BC membership.


If you have any questions, please contact Nihongo BC Chair Kathy Shannon
In Japanese please contact co-chair Akemi Takizawa ……

MEXT Scholarship Application Now Available for 2017

Application packages for the 2017 MEXT Undergraduate Scholarship are now available. The scholarship is open to high school graduates (as of March 2017) born between April 2, 1995 and April 1, 2000.

The application guide and forms can be accessed through the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver's website at The deadline to apply for the scholarship is June 3, 2016. All eligible applicants will be invited for an interview and examination on a designated date (yet to be determined) in late June or early July.

We invite you to promote this scholarship to all qualified candidates. Questions can be directed to Steve Chevalier at the Consulate General of Japan: 604-684-5868, ext. 391 or


B.C. Schools have begun various initiatives to support Japan's Earthquake Relief Efforts.  Click here to find out more.

Nihongo BC Year-End Potluck on June 25th at Martha's house



Sponsored by The Japan Foundatioin, Toronto, the B.C. Japanese Teachers' Summer Seminar was held on August 25-27, 2009 at the Nikkei Place in Burnaby, B.C.  The participants studied with the guest lecturers, Makoto Netsu-sensei from The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institute in Urawa, Japan and Ayumi Nagatomi-sensei, Japanese Advisor at Alberta Education (sponsored by The Japan Foundation).  For more photos and group project overviews, please go to the Summer Seminar page.
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Many Thanks to Kwalikum Secondary students Jill S. and Jessica H. for their help in creating this site.  
 23  Kelowna  Kelowna Secondary   *Tom Carlson  
 23  Kelowna  Mount Boucherie Sec.   Miranda King  
 23  Kelowna  Mount Boucherie Sec.   Derek Smith  
 23  Kelowna  Rutland Secondary  *Elizabeth Baerg  Obento 1-3 & personal material
 34  Abbotsford  Rick Hansen Secondary  *Terumi Fisher  
 34  Abbotsford  Robert Bateman Secondary  *Rodney Faulkner  Obento Deluxe & Supreme
 34  Abbotsford  Yale Secondary   Catherine Stewart  
 E35  Langley  Topham Elementary   Sharron Hansen  
 E35  Langley  Topham Elementary  *Beatrice Howell  
 E35  Langley  Topham Elementary   Lora Ngai  
 E35  Langley  Topham Elementary  *Jodie Reynolds  
 E35  Langley  Topham Elementary   Scott Smithson  
 E35  Langley  Topham Elementary   Kim Timoshyk  
 E35  Langley  Topham Elementary   Debbie Yeo  
 35  Langley  Aldergrove Community Secondary   Wanda Madokoro  
 35  Langley  Langley Secondary  *Richard Janzen  
 35  Langley  Langley Secondary   Denise Turner  
 35  Langley  Walnut Grove Secondary   Colin Sommerville  
 36  Surrey  Fraser Heights Secondary *Angèle Sachiko Thibault
 36  Surrey  North Surrey Secondary  *Lisa Duncan  
 37  Delta  Seaquam Secondary  *Wendy Yamazaki  Adventures in Japanese 1, 2 & 3
 37  Delta  South Delta   Neil Jensen  
 38  Richmond  H. J. Cambie Secondary   No program  
 38  Richmond  Robert A. McMath Secondary  *Grace Ho  Ikiteiru Nihongo 1 & 2, Japanese for Senior Secondary Students 2, Bob Ward's resources, own materials
 38  Richmond  H. J. Cambie Secondary     
 38  Richmond  Hugh Boyd Secondary  *Mimi Matsuo (mat.leave)
*Naoto Riku
 Adventures in Japanese
 38  Richmond  Hugh McRoberts Secondary   Paul Morrison  
 38  Richmond  J. N. Burnett Secondary   Dave Thumm  
 38  Richmond  MacNeill Secondary  *Aaron Littlewood  
 38  Richmond  MacNeill Secondary  *Julie Nishi  
 38  Richmond  Richmond Secondary  *Lisa Yasui  
 38  Richmond      
 38  Richmond  R. C. Palmer Secondary   Bill Fukazawa  
 38  Richmond  Steveston-London Secondary  Mariko Sybounmy  
 39  Vancouver  Eric Hamber Secondary  *Satoko Hashigasako  
 39  Vancouver  Gladstone Secondary  *Noriko Kosaka  Obento 1 & 2
 39  Vancouver  Gladstone Secondary  *Kathleen White  
 39  Vancouver  Killarney Secondary  *Akemi Takizawa  Speak Japanese 1 & 2, Yokoso 1
 39  Vancouver  Magee Secondary   Pierre Ting  
 39  Vancouver  Point Grey Secondary   Ako Macdonald  
 39 Vancouver  Lord Bying   Emi Nakamura  New
 39  Vancouver  Sir Winston Churchill Secondary  *Sarah Wakabayashi  Adventures in Japanese 1 & 2
 ES39  Vancouver  St. George's School  *Martha Bassett
  Bruce Wilson
 Time for Japanese (Tuttle)
 ES39  Vancouver  West Point Grey Academy (Ind.)  *Susan Kimura  
 40  New Westminster  New Westminster Secondary  *Kathy Shannon
 Obento and own materials (on leave)
 40  New Westminster  New Westminster Secondary  *Alice Kuo
 Obento and own materials
 41  Burnaby  Alpha Secondary &
Burnaby North Secondary
 *Kyoko Van der Velden
 41  Burnaby  Moscrop Secondary  *Patrick Parkes  
 41  Burnaby  Burnaby Central Secondary  *Christina Lee
 41  Burnaby  Burnaby Mountain Secondary &
Burnaby South Secondary
 *Joseph Liau

 41  Burnaby  Byrne Creek Secondary   Judy Fujiki  
 42  Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows  Maple Ridge Secondary  *Aaron McKinnon  
 42  Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows  Thomas Haney Secondary  *Michiyo Watanabe  
 E43  Coquitlam  Coquitlam College (Ind.)  *Sonia Chhabra  
 43  Coquitlam   Hazel Trembath Elementary  *Arlene Hatto  
 43   Coquitlam  Centennial Secondary  *Naoko Martin  
 43  Coquitlam  Dr. Charles Best Secondary   Shannon Joba  
 43  Coquitlam  Dr. Charles Best Secondary   Matthew Last  
 43   Coquitlam  Gleneagle Secondary  *Mika Johnson  
 43  Coquitlam  Gleneagle Secondary   Doug Mancell  
 43  Coquitlam  Heritage Woods   Melody Ferrer  
 43  Coquitlam  Heritage Woods   Alan Soiseth
  Yuri Ohori
 43  Coquitlam  Pinetree Secondary  *Colleen Lee   Own materials

 43  Coquitlam  Port Moody Secondary   Cam Fraser  
 43  Coquitlam  Port Moody Secondary  *Alison Wylie
 43  Coquitlam  Riverside Secondary  *Catherine Yamamoto  
 45  West Vancouver  Rockridge Secondary   Christy Coulthard  
 45  West Vancouver  Sentinel Secondary &
West Vancouver Secondary
 *Hana Kikawa
 *Allison Aogawa
 61  Greater Victoria  Glenlyon Norfolk School   Lance Pimlott  
 61  Greater Victoria  Oak Bay Secondary   Lana Rahn  
 61  Greater Victoria  Victoria Secondary   Dale Sakiyama  
 61  Greater Victoria  Spectrum Community School   Tom Gordon  
 ES61  Greater Victoria  St. Margaret's School (Ind.)  *Michie Habuchi  
 ES61  Greater Victoria  St. Margaret's School (Ind.)  *Sean Holland  
 ES61  Greater Victoria  St. Michaels University School (Ind.)  *Harumi Hart  
 ES61  Greater Victoria  St. Michaels University School (Ind.)  *Toshie Thumm  Own materials
 62  Sooke  Belmont Secondary  *Mayumi Kurokawa  
 62  Sooke  Dunsmuir Middle School  *Rupert Gadd  
 E62  Sooke  Willway Elementary School   Mary Helen Littleton  
 63  Saanich  Stelly's Secondary   Naomi Fitzgerald  
 68  Nanaimo-Ladysmith  Malaspina International High School   Sayuri Kubota  
 68  Nanaimo-Ladysmith  Wellington, Woodlands & John Barsby  *Ryoko MacColl  
 69  Qualicum  Kwalikum Secondary  *Brad Wilson  
 70  Alberni  Alberni District Secondary   Russ Kristensen  
 71  Comox Valley  Highland Secondary  *Dale Hallier  currently no program
 72  Campbell River  retired - TOC  *Mitzi Ogasawara  
 73  Kamloops  Brocklehurst Secondary    
 73  Kamloops  Sahali Secondary   Peter Paravantes  
 73  Kamloops  South Kamloops Secondary   John Annicchiarico  
 73  Kamloops  South Kamloops Secondary   Darren Holmes  
 73  Kamloops  TOC   Ross Humphrey  
 79  Cowichan Valley  Frances Kelsey Secondary   Perry Foster  
 79  Cowichan Valley  Cowichan Secondary   Rita Mizuno  
 79  Cowichan Valley  Lake Cowichan Seconday (Int'l co-ordinator)   Karen Kloske  
 79  Cowichan Valley  Queen Margaret's School (Ind.)  *Yoko Arai  
 83  North Okanagan-Shuswap  A. L. Fortune Secondary   Terry Shykora  
 83  North Okanagan-Shuswap  Salmon Arm Sr. Secondary   Pam Chudiak  
 83  North Okanagan-Shuswap  Salmon Arm Sr. Secondary  *Dan DeRosa  
 85    Port Hardy Secondary
 *Stacia Johnson

 Post Secondary
 UBC  *Rebecca Chau
   UBC Okanagan
 *Nina Langton
   UBC Okanagan
 *Alwyn Spies
   Vancouver Island University
 *Kimi Furuta
   Okanagan College
 *Mitsuyo Kaneda
   Kwantlen Polytechnic University
 *Seiko Roberts
   Capilano University
 *Kazuko Mito
   University of Fraser Valley
 *Yuga Collier
 Others  The Japan Foundation Language Advisor Alberta
 Mami Saito
   former Language Advisor
 *Ayumi Nagatomi
   The Japan Foundation Toronto
  Education Consultant

 *Noriko Saito
 *Ms. Kaori Tanaka
   The Japan Foundation, Rome
   The Japan Foundation, China, Beijing
 *Yoshimi Hirata
not currently teaching Japanese

 Kim Hirose  
     *Takashi Yamada
     *Sachio Jibiki
     *Eleni van Hemert
     *Ben Wang
     *Janine Collinson
   *Sachiko Renovich
     *Makoto Aihara  
   *Lucy Yoshioka
 retired teacher
   *Michi Tsurumi
 retired teacher
   *Yukiko Shiroki
 retired teacher
   *Cathrine Conings
 retired teacher
   *Bob Ward
 retired teacher
   22-Vernon Secondary
 *Debbie Parmenter
   35-R. E. Mountain Secondary
 *Wendy Sokugawa
   41-Burnaby South Secondary
 *Sawako Tsutsumi
   43-Port Moody Secondary
 *Sean Lenihan
   79-Chemainus Secondary
 *Kevin O'Donnell
     *Margaret Ritchie  retired Teacher (2015)
   Pleasant Valley High School, California
 *Michelle Martin

B.C. Schools with Japanese Programs
*teachers on Nihongo BC google e-mail list