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Radical & Revolutionary Links:  A blog portal to the best collection of radical links on the web.   LINK & SUBSCRIBE to it!

Life After the Oil Crash:  Deal with reality or reality will deal with you.

Green Anarchy:  the web home of Green Anarchy Magazine

Infoshop News:  Anarchist news, opinion and much more.  

Independent Media Center (IMC):  Get active with your local Indymedia!


RNC Welcoming Committee:  Crash the Convention!      Sept 1-4,2008 Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN

Unconventional Action:  Our goal is to build a horizontal, inclusive framework for protests that will disrupt the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Crash the Conventions:  news on the mass protests planned for the 2008 RNC and DNC.

Thoughts on the Upcoming RNC Protests:  A basic primer on the protest with a look at past protests, reasons for protesting and tactical considerations.

Be Prepared for Police Violence at the RNC Protest: A response to some criticism the article above received around the web. 

Tactics and Prognosis for a Successful RNC Protest  This article, especially when read with the two above,  should provide a comprehensive understanding of what this protest is about.

More Random Links/Articles...

An Aging Radical on Race and Politics:                           A frank and in-depth look at the title subjects.

The Dark Knight is Unmasked as a Bush Apologist:  My review of the latest Batman movie.



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The Tao Te Ching                by Lao Tzu

One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse