Nihilo Zero

née.hil.oe zee.roe (from the latin: out of nothing, nothing) 

This is a page devoted mostly to the nature of the world as I see it (with plenty of links to other sites which I think offer interesting perspectives).   I've invested time in other pages which may be more or less interesting to you, but perhaps this project will coalesce into something more generally palatable and more informative than the others.  Anyway...  I'll be linking to articles that both myself and others have written on the subjects of:

  • Politics (generally of a more radical nature)
  • Philosophy (generally of a more freedom-loving nature)
  • Environmental Concerns
  • The Economy

 Obviously these things can overlap (in terms of, say, peak oil), but my point is that you won't be hearing about my poker playing or fantasy baseball team.  For a more personal look at that sort of thing you can check out my myspace page if you are so inclined.  

Here, I will try to stay focused on issues which I think the general public should take note of  &  I encourage like-minded individuals to work with me to promote certain issues.  Lately I've been working on the impeachment of Bush and the upcoming protests of the Republicrat conventions.  I use and to raise awareness about these things and I support similar efforts with buzzes, votes and comments to work toward that end.   

Here are some examples of my personal writing...

 Tactics and Prognosis for a Successful RNC Protest

An Aging Radical on Race and Politics

Twitphilia & Twitanoia: Controlling Technology (an in-depth look at Twitter from a radical perspective.)

Spoiler Alert!  The Dark Knight is an Unmasked Bush Apologist

Thoughts on the Upcoming RNC Protests

Be Prepared for Police Violence at the RNC Protest

Scott McClellan and the Impetus for Impeachment

I've written other articles, but these are a few which are current and/or which people might be able to act upon. 

The World Wide Web's Most Comprehensive Source of Information on the Current Mass Extinction

Another Way of Knowing (AWOK.ORG)
We urgently need to shift to another way of knowing the world if we are to have any hope of having any sort of decent future.

The Automatic Earth: Debt Rattle   This daily blog thoroughly dissects the collapsing economy.

In short, the transition to declining energy availability signals a transition in civilization as we know it.

Insurgent Desire :
THE Online Green Anarchy Archive

Shared Articles
This a collection or articles I've discovered and starred with Google Reader (which I highly recommmend).