Vampire Facts

Dracula means, 'Son of the Devil.'

A Vampire has no reflection because 
the blood sucker is so evil that he 
does not reflect upon his wrongdoings!

How to Recognize a Vampire:

  • you will feel attracted to the eyes of a vampire. 
  • their eyes are like fish, they have a tinfoil quality to them. 
  • they drain/suck your energy.
  • they are arrogant.
  • they never apologize.
  • they appear to be intensely curious about you. 
  • they are interested in your every move and flatter you about your abilities but they are 'giving to get' something.
  • they still have a primitive aspect to their physicality. They have fangs/eye teeth, positioned right under their eyes. 
  • they like to lurk/slouch in the shadows.
  • they stay up all night and sleep all day. 
  • they avoid sunlight.  Ra is the name for the Egyptian Sun God.  It's where the word sun 'ray' comes from. Sun Rays are avoided because they represent the Divine Energy behind the sun.  The Divine Consciousness. 
  • they are very clever at getting others to work for them.
  • they are pale because they seldom exert themselves.
  • their cardiovascular systems only get a work out when they are on the hunt.
  • they do not have a reflection in the Mirror.
  • they honor Dracula and the dark side of all matter.
  • they are cowards. 
  • they can't enter your house unless you are open to them, or invite them in.
  • they are restless and never content.
  • they do not possess a soul. 
  • they have no sense of cause and effect and never feel guilty after they hurt someone.
  • they do not dream because they are not awake.
  • they are not healthy looking. Their strength comes from using you.
  • they appear to be fatherly or motherly, giving you advice, but they are trying to make you dependent upon them so they can strike you when you are as vulnerable as their child.
  • they are cold to the touch.
  • a chill wind will accompany them when they walk/glide/fly into your room.
  • they will appear in the night like a dark prince and try to pull you out of your bed.
  • a male or female vampire is incapable of having a one on one relationship.  The sons and daughters of the devil can not be faithful, honest or true, so they need multiple followers of debauchery, not companions. 
  • they only way a vampire gets to know him/her self is from the reactions of victims.
  • the sons and daughters of Dracula/Devil feel all powerful, but not beautiful. 
  • they do not have pets except for a few rodents for emergency food supply.
  • a vampire will take advantage of a weak human who still desires for another to make his or her decisions in life.
  • when a vampire is impaled his heart turns into a cowering mouse because only a coward refuses to reflect upon his actions.

When you do not honor Goodness, Truth, or Beauty, you are among the Walking Dead.

The vampire is like the common vampire bat, Desmodus Rotundus, which feeds on the blood of other mammals!

Europeans were unaware of the existence of these animals until after explorers, who voyaged with Columbus, returned from Trinidad with the first written accounts of bats that fed on blood. Little more was heard about these unusual creatures for another 50 years, until 1565 when Cortes' followers returned to Spain with reports of bats that bit people during the night. 
In 1835, Charles Darwin became the first scientist to see a vampire bat, but it took another 70 years before taxonomic descriptions of all three vampire species were complete. 

The Bat God Camazotz was said to live in caves of the underworld. 

 Vampires prefer dark damp dwellings where they can hide.

Vampire Bats

Vampire Bats - Named after Count Dracula.

Draculin (named after Count Dracula) is a glycoprotein found in the saliva of vampire bats.  It functions as an anticoagulant, inhibiting coagulation factors IX (IXa) and X (Xa), thus keeping the blood of the bitten victim from clotting while the bat is drinking. 

Draculin is a reversible, slow tight binding, noncompetitive inhibitor of FXa.

It does not act  on thrombintrypsin or chymotrypsin and does not express fibrinolytic activity. The protein increases the lag phase as well as the height of the peak of thrombin generation when in plasma, leading to prolonged bleeding.

Daily salivation of vampire bats yields a saliva that progressively decreases in anticoagulant activity. However, there is no significant change in overall protein content during this time. After a 4-day period of rest, anticoagulant activity of the saliva is restored. In addition, purified native draculin, obtained from high-and low-activity saliva, shows significant differences in composition of the carbohydrate moiety, and glycosylation pattern. Furthermore, controlled chemical deglycosylation of native draculin progressively leads to complete loss of the biological activity, despite the conditions leaving the carbohydrate backbone intact.

Draculin is currently being explored in medicine. The anticoagulant may be useful as a treatment for strokes and heart attacks. It may also be used as a blood thinner for the prevention of heart attacks. The protein has shown promise when treating ischemic strokes, which account for the majority of strokes. It is effective for up to 9 hours. However, since the activity depends heavily on the proper glycosylation of the polypeptide backbone, more research is needed before draculin can become a practical, widely available drug.

How to Avoid a Vampire:

Garlic is an ancient way of warding off vampires. 

Vampires olfactory senses are acute. They hate the smell of garlic even on their victim's breath. 

Garlic began as an Eastern European tradition in which garlic was hung in windows and from door frames and worn to bed in necklaces to ward off evil.

Scotsmen adapted this theory and began hanging garlic all around their homes on All Hallow's Eve to keep the evil spirits away. 

Throughout other parts of Europe, India, China, Japan and Asia Minor, garlic is used as protection against the evil eye and witchcraft.

According to Islamic tradition, garlic is said to sprout any place where Satan placed his left foot during the time that he was being driven from paradise.

The Greek philosopher, Theophrastus, stated that in order to keep Hecate (the goddess of magic) and her hellhounds at bay, garlic was placed at any crossroads, near tombs, and at crime scenes. Basically any place where Hecate was said to frequent. 

The Egyptians believed that both garlic and onion held divine powers.  The famous 16th Century botanist, Clusius, stated that German miners took cloves of garlic with them into the mines to ward off evil spirits. 

Garlic's Sanskrit name means "slayer of monsters".  Not only is garlic said to combat evil, it is also believed to have various healing properties according to many countries. 

In Cuba, it is believed that if one wears a necklace of 13 garlic cloves for 13 days, jaundice will be cured. 

In England, nannies used garlic to treat whooping cough by putting it inside children's socks. In parts of Europe, people believe garlic can cure smallpox, leprosy, the plague and other infectious diseases.   Also, it is said to prevent dropsy, sunstroke, hysteria and cure intestinal diseases. 

Making the sign of the holy cross with cloves of garlic will drive away many kinds of vampires and tumors and it has been called "theriac" since the second century, which means antidote to poison.  Wearing garlic on your person will prevent sickness and cure toothaches and it is also believed in many countries to draw diseases away. So it is often hung in the homes of sick people. 

In American Folklore, eating garlic in April increases success, strength and courage for the day and garlic poultices are said to cure scorpion and rattlesnake bites.

Using garlic to ward off the Dracula in your life is a gentle way of disposing the blood sucker!

Wear a Cross

Vampires hate anything that represents purity. They despise being reminded of goodness, truth or beauty.  

Hold a Bible

Hold a bible up as a shield. Vampires hate to read anything that invites them to repent and scoff at any book that doesn't honor Satan/Devil.

They believe that evil exists in all humans dead or alive and there is no immortality except for those who steal it from others!

They will recoil in anguish, when they are confronted with a book that they feel is full of wisdom or lessons.  They will shrink back into the shadows and shrivel up from shame.

Throw Sand or Seeds or Rice

Vampires are obsessed with anything that represents growth or time. They are immortal but that does not mean that they are free from pain.

They can't resist counting their miseries (they do not believe in blessings).  Throw sand or seeds at them, and they will stop what they are doing and try to count them which will give you time to run away.

Knotted Rope

A vampire will feel compelled to untie the knot before chasing the person who has thrown it. A tangled net works as well.


Vampires have amazing hearing. But they hate irritating noises. Ringing of church bells, wind chimes, or calls to prayer make them scream.  To really scare them off, have a Dog Whistle or speak in a voice so high only a dog could hear.  Vampires beware, you are not beyond the sound of our voices!