The Filmmakers

Lucid Dreams produces high quality, commercially viable feature films, television, and cutting edge digital content.

Deborah started her career as an award winning dancer, choreographer, actor, writer and director before launching her production company, Lucid Dreams Inc. in Vancouver BC.  Deborah has authored a slate of projects: Buried, The Way Out, La Vida Loca, and the animated musical Insect Idol developed with support from Canadian majors Telefilm, Movie Central and Corus Entertainment.

As a writer, Deborah has written for US TV series and feature length films which were produced in India, S. Africa,  and Canada.  Deborah recently co-executive produced and co-authored Sony's, Breakout, starring Brendan Fraser. In addition to numerous film and television roles, Deborah wrote, starred in and produced her play UNVME, which garnered Critics Choice Awards as well as awards for Best Writer, Best Actor and Best Production. The Los Angeles Times called her a “gifted comedian” and compared her satirical writing to that of Woody Allen.

Lucid is currently producing the theatrical teen thriller, "Night Wings", story by Paul Birkett and screenplay by Paul Birkett and Deborah Wakeham. Lucid Dreams secures financing, both equity and debt, and provides P&A to all Lucid's slate of product.   

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Sam has over 30 years experience in Production Management and Supervision on a variety of production types and sizes.  He holds dual Canadian-British citizenship (EU passport)   Sam was an advertising producer for TV commercials in UK, New York, Spain and Canada before becoming a PM and Producer.  He was the association rep at the Directors Guild of Canada and later became the rep at Canadian Film & TV Association.  He was a distribution executive at Quadrant Films/Compass Film,  Saleas, Neilsen-Ferns International and CBC Enterprises.  He then became a freelance Line Producer/Production Manager/Producer and has worked in that capacity for over 50 films, TV shows and documentaries.  Sam brings his vast experience eye for detail and supervision to "Night Wings".

ANNE E. CURRY (HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT/CO-PRODUCER) Anne penned the treatment and co-produced, with Showtime, Escape: Human Cargo based on the true story of an American businessman kidnapped in Saudi Arabia. This film led to a multi-pic deal with Showtime. The experience inspired her to travel the world with an international hostage negotiator to research stories of great escapes which Lucid is producing under banner of "Flights to Freedom".  Anne co-authored the book, The Truth Behind the Charles Mansion Trials, and produced the documentary, Creating the Future, nominated for both Cable and Ace awards. As a music producer, she produced two Billboard charted hit.  She co-executive produced rapper Trique Dik Slik’s Euphoria, leading to a multi-million dollar deal with MCA. She executive produced the rap anthem, Yo Black, Move Forth and directed the music video.  Anne brings her musical sensibilities to "Night Wings."

Dusan began his career as a director of over 100 music videos and  major brand commercials.   Dusan was responsible for setting up the digital department at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in London, where he supervised everything from story to creature design.   Dusan also helped create VFX and animation studios in Europe, Canada, USA and Asia.

Dusan continues to works in character design, sound mix, and digital intermediate.  He is an animation director and VFX supervisor on feature films, TV, and 4K interactive rides for theme parks.  Some of his credits include Prometheus, Riddick, Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, Lara Croft Tomb Raider 1&2, Narnia, Harry Potter, Blade 2, Outlander, Pitch Black and Nutty Professor 2. 

Dusan troubleshoots films for bond companies.  Film Finances, Unifi, (Film Guarantors) hire Dusan to assess their films, from script to budget, cash flow and monthly review. He has supervised the bond companies work around the world and they have approved him to direct high budgeted VFX and animation films.  Dusan directed sequences in the mega-hits: Outlander, Lost In Space, Tomb Raider and the end sequence of Prometheus. Dusan brings his vast experience as a VFX Supervisor, Producer and Director of Animation on blockbuster films to Lucid Dreams.  Dusan has created all the previs for Night Wings, including creature design. story boards, and CGI blueprints.  Dusan brings his visual acuity and sensitivity to all his work and the team is excited to get behind his vision on "Night Wings".

The HON JOHN REYNOLDS, PC. (CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD) is a well known and respected politician with 40 years of experience in government, venture capital and strategic business development. His positions range from being a member of the Legislative Assembly in Victoria, where he served as Speaker and Minister of the Environment to serving as Member of Parliament in the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada, where he served as Whip, House Leader, and Leader of the Opposition. John served for three years as vice-chair of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association-Executive Committee (the first Canadian political leader elected to that position).  Mr. Reynolds was also co-chair of the 2006 federal election campaign that elected Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada. Upon his retirement from politics in 2006, Mr. Reynolds was appointed as a member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada.   Mr. Reynolds also serves on the Board of Directors for the Asia Pacific Foundation and was appointed to their Executive Committee. His experience at the highest levels of international, national and provincial governments, and his involvement in a diverse range of cross-border business enterprises, makes him uniquely qualified to advise on corporate and business growth opportunities in markets throughout the world.  His position in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association established contacts throughout the the Associations 112 Commonwealth countries. An extensive record of private and public sector accomplishments illustrate his ability to provide strategic national and international guidance. Mr. Reynold's substantial business experience includes: venture capital development, and  consumer products marketing.   Hon. Reynolds was awarded Queen Elizabeth medals in 1978, 2002, and 2012 in honor of his significant contributions and achievements to his community and his country.  Hon John Reynolds is chairman of Lucid's board.