Cast and Crew

Torri Webster secured the lead role of Brooke Lambert in Night Wings. Torri beat out hundreds of girls who auditioned for the part.  Torri starred in YTV's Life With Boys, which has been picked up by Nickelodeon.
“Torri was fresh, sassy, and still had that sweetness that the role required. We are thrilled and relieved to have finally found our Brooke!” 

Pascal Petardi joins the cast of Night Wings. Pascal will be playing the role of a shifty looking Romanian Diplomat. 

"Pascal’s audition was so funny we played it every morning to get us into a good mood. He is a master of his craft and possesses a brilliant wit. We are thrilled to have him on board the flight."
Kim Poirier landed the part of Audrey the beleaguered flight attendant on board our Night Wing’s flight. 

"Kim’s effervescent smile and bubbly personality made us fall in love with her. She has a passport smile and we are thrilled to have her on board."


Marat Basharov plays Sergei, Russian Playboy and Engineer of the   Night Wing's Ilyushin retrofitted aircraft.   Sergei designed the plane to include all his childhood fantasies (before the wall came down in Russia).  These fantasies are what makes this plane unusual and fun! "Marat is a high profile Russian Movie Star and Comedian. He starred in over 30 films and his audition for us was truly inspired. Marat created his own set and visual effects for the audition - he is Russian, he is  Brilliant,  and he is Sergei! "