Story and Characters


Twelve-year-old Brandon Lambert and his seventeen-year-old sister Brooke are about as different as two siblings can be. Brandon is precocious and innately curious, while Brooke is sullen and rebellious. About to leave Romania on a redeye flight back to the States, their mother, TV reporter Kay Lambert; is called away to cover a breaking story and the two children are left to board the plane alone.

As a fierce storm batters the aging Romanian airliner over the North Atlantic, Brandon’s fertile imagination starts to run wild, sparked by his glimpse of coffins belonging to a long dead Transylvanian nobleman being loaded on the plane. Spooked by a creepy fellow passenger who seems to have an unhealthy interest in them, it doesn’t take long for Brandon to convince himself that something sinister is afoot; his sister is distracted by an obnoxious British punk band partying in the lower cabin, giving Brandon a chance to play detective.

While spying on the other travelers, he formulates an increasingly tangled web of suspicion that gradually drives Audrey, the beleaguered senior flight attendant, up the wall. When she refuses to believe his claim that there is a vampire on board, Brandon decides to take matters into his own hands. Using information gleaned from the net, he sets out to destroy the creature, only to learn that the truth is worse than he ever imagined.

Now an ancient entity has been released from its sleep and Brandon’s misguided accusations have exposed his only ally. Can Brandon stop the vampire before it eliminates the only ones who know the truth? Will Brooke’s hormones jeopardize Brandon’s efforts, or worse, get them both killed? Or will the massive jet, crippled by mechanical failures, plunge into the ocean, killing everyone on board? The night is still young!

Character Breakdown:

Brandon Lambert, 10-12

Brandon knows all the video games and all the monsters in them. He spots the Radu crest on a dirt-encrusted coffin being loaded into the plane. He warns others, but of course, everyone thinks he’s nuts. With the help of Nicolae he saves all aboard, defeats the knights of darkness, and helps the plane land safely.

Nicholae, 40-50

Nicolae’s son was Brandon’s age when he was killed by Count Radu. Nicolae is aware that the Radu Vampires are leaving Romania to attend The Conclave, a vampire ball in New York. With the help of Brandon, he fights evil in the air, and they pledge to overthrow Radu Clan.

Count Ion Radu, 40-50

The Lead Vampire, escorting other vampires to the ‘Conclave’, Count Radu is the most noble in his lineage. His family crest is on all the coffins aboard the plane; he may look elegant, but his strength could overwhelm most humans and especially a 10-year-old boy.

Brooke Lambert, 16-17

A typical rebellious teenage girl, obsessed with rock stars and bored with having to babysit her brother. When her journalist mother is forced to stay in Romania to cover a story about diplomats smuggling diamonds into America, she is forced to babysit once again. When Brooke spots the hottest band from England, The Decibel Disciples, in First Class, she abandons all duties, gets drunk, and is totally useless when it comes time to fight the vampires in mid-air.

Audrey, 30

An attractive flight attendant/playboy bunny type, is always being ogled by Sergei. She’s seen it all but never vampires before this flight! Audrey knows how to calm the grumpiest passengers, but she is about to meet her match with Brandon and the vampires.

Sergei, 40s

A Russian Flight Engineer, for Romanesta Airlines, the low cost, no frills, low income way to travel. Sergei is a hard-drinking male chauvinist of the old school, secure in the knowledge of his own superiority over women. Sergei is sure that Audrey is just seconds away from complete surrender to his egotistical charm. However, when an electrical storm hits the plane and the flight is diverted to the North Pole and darkness, Sergie unknowingly allows the vampires to stretch their wings and bare their fangs.

Sten Gun, 25

The lead singer of the Brit punk rock band the Decibel Disciples. Sten is a modern day Johnny Rotten with an insolent attitude towards all authority, and a taste for elicit substances. Sten Gun, and the rest of his raunchy group find Christianity, after they survive the horrific flight and the vampire impalements.

Constantin Pavel, 35

A shifty-looking Romanian diplomatic courier with a perpetually nervous manner. The story that Kate Lambert was after was actually on board the flight that she missed.

Vlad, 40

Count Ion Radu’s manservant, Vlad, is a large, bald, Romanian with an intimidating manner, except when he’s around his master.

Magda, 35

Red-haired Magda is Count Radu’s long-time female companion, and a classic succubus who uses her feminine allure to catch her victims off guard. While her partner is steady and calculating, she is a creature of instinct that revels in the kill.

Eric, 25

A handsome and effeminate male flight attendant.

Archie, 25

The drummer for the punk band, ‘Decibel Disciples’, Archie would probably look right at home in a British soccer after party… Vomit included

Kay Lambert, 40s

Brandon and Brooke’s mother is a hard-driving WNN TV reporter, torn between her duties to WNN, and her duties as a good mother. When a hot story breaks, she takes a one-time chance, breaks her divorce rules with her ex–husband, and leaves the children on an unsupervised flight to New York.