Rhetoric Resources on the Web

These sources are maintained or have been evaluated by subject matter experts.


Rhetoric and Composition




One of the best Rhetoric sites on the internet, first published in 1994.

Formerly known as the Carnegie Mellon rhetoric site, now hosted at Iowa State University.



 The Rhetcomp Portal



This is an exceptionally comprehensive portal site which provides links to nearly every resource

that is useful to the Rhetoric and Composition academic community. You can find links to blogs,

listservs, journals, organizations and much, much more. 



Andrea Lunsford's website for her Stanford University course


English 212A: Gender and the History of Rhetoric


Of particular interest on this site is the list of definitions of rhetoric she has compiled, seen from the     

perspective of many important rhetoricians.




 James Comas's University of Missouri Definitions of Rhetoric Page


The Question of Defining "Rhetoric"


This site is well conceived and documented, and includes dictionary definitions as well as the

specialized definitions of experts in the fields of  Rhetoric and Composition.




 Bedford St. Martin's "A Brief History of Rhetoric & Composition"


A history of Rhetoric from the introduction of "The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing"