Major rhetoricians & their rhetorical theories, perspectives and/or contributions. 

What is the Rhetorician Resource?

The Rhetorician Resource is a website dedicated to presenting an overview of influential people and ideas related to rhetoric and its applications.  Rhetoric is many things to many people, and is viewed differently by different disciplines. 

The field of Rhetoric is very cross disciplinary and has been influenced by theoreticians from within many fields, from classical philosophy to the modern field of communications.

The Rhetorician Resource will examine anything that seems to provide insight or context to the field of rhetoric as well as those movements and thinkers that have changed the course of rhetorical theory.

The Rhetorician Resource will provide visual examples of the key concepts when possible, so that the ideas presented are easier to grasp.

The Rhetorician Resource will also give examples of how these rhetorical perspectives are used in the practice of rhetorical criticism.


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