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The “Tomato Man” (dad) has a great selection again this year. We’re up to 90 varieties of both modern and heirloom tomatoes. This year we're adding the following new varieties for your enjoyment: Jutland, Fantastico, Vintage Wine and 3 of the new Heirloom Marriage Series - Genuwine (a marriage of Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine); Marzinera (a marriage of San Marzano and Cream Sausage) and Cherokee Carbon (a marriage of Cherokee Purple and Carbon).   Click on these links for a complete listing and descriptions of our 90 tomato plants.

Our vegetable gardeners enjoyed the great selection of quart tomatoes so much that  we expanded our selection of quart peppers. We now offer 42 varieties of sweet and hot peppers including the infamous "Ghost Pepper" and the even hotter, "Trinadad Moruga Scorpion" for you "Chili heads". And new in 2014, we added the newest, "hottest" pepper - "Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper".  For those of you who don't like it so hot, we've added several other varieties - Mama Mia Giallo, Inferno Hybrid, Shisito.  Yes, believe it or not, these quart peppers take so long that we actually began planting them in February. For a complete listing and descriptions. 2017 FLYER PEPPERS.pdf
Quart plants are a great way to get a jump start on your vegetable gardens! 
And don’t forget that while we are “soon to be famous” for the many varieties of quart tomatoes and peppers that we grow, we continue to have a nice selection of tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, spinach, collards, kale, swiss chard, kohlrabi, vates, brussel sprouts, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, melons, zucchini, and cucumbers available in 3-packs and flats (mix and match). 
In addition, we have bulk beans, peas, and corn seed by the ounce as well hundreds of standard seed packets! Lastly, we stock seed potatoes (Kinnebec, Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold), onion sets (red, yellow, white), Strawberry plants (Sparkle and Earliglow), Asparagus roots (Jersey Giant), sweet potato plants (Beauregard and Georgia Jets).  Tell your friends that this is the place to get sweet potato plants, again we have greatly increased the numbers available.  We advise folks to sign up in advance of the arrival of our Sweet Potato Plants to assure availability.  Just stop by, or call us at 740-862-6336 to reserve yours today.  
Also, if you'd like more information and facts about Tomatoes from the National Garden Bureau, you can download this document - "2011 Year of the Tomato"